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Pearl Tears
Pearl Tears

so everyone is posting stuff for today’s episode and i thought i would finally chip in! this piece was originally meant to be uploaded for stevenbomb 2.0 to illustrate pearl’s conflict in “sworn to the sword”, but i feel like this episode portrayed that happy-but-tragic, bittersweet feel a little more!

(use headphones for the best experience!)


One of the more interesting things about the Crystal Gems has to be their lack of social graces.  I feel like the Crystal Gems are just woefully inept with human customs and etiquette. So little stuff like standing in front of an open screen door doesn’t really register to them as ‘awkward’ or ‘weird’. The Crystal Gems seem like they have never bothered to really understand human culture and their norms until Steven came along. Steven was probably the first human (or at least half-human) they’ve interacted & connected with on such a personal level.


all of my stevenbomb art in one handy dandy photoset!
there’s a drawing for each ep, plus a bonus garnet hug because gosh darnit she needs a good ol’ hug after all that cluster mess

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