amethyst ocean


Based on a fic I love! .D

Synopsis: Sam Manson, new to Amity, is being bullied by the school’s elite, including golden boy Danny Fenton. Her only comfort in is the ghost boy who saved her after a vicious ghost attack. As Sam falls deeper into the web of Amity drama, she is just struggling to keep her life afloat.


Basado en un fic que me encanta! .D

Sinopsis: Sam Manson, nueva en Amity, está siendo víctima de bullying de la élite de la escuela, incluyendo al chico de oro Danny Fenton. Su único consuelo es el chico fantasma que la salvó después de un voraz ataque fantasma. Mientras Sam se enreda más en la red de drama de Amity, ella está luchando por mantener su vida a flote.


Sentence Prompts

1. “I don’t hate you.”
2. “Maybe there’s more to me than what meets the eye.”
3. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”
4. “It wasn’t supposed to be this way.”
5. “Anything for science.”
6. “Some say I have mixed morals… when, in reality, I just follow logic.”
7. “Why are you stealing my clothes?”
8. “It’s nothing personal.”
9. “The blood’s just from a nosebleed; don’t worry about it.”
10. “Give me the computer, I need to look up cute penguins.”
11. “I hope you die in a hole filled with spiders.”
12. “Don’t touch my food.”
13. “You’ve got that whole drunken-sway thing going on.”
14. “You think this shit is simple?”
15. “Tell me what you want me to say.”
16. “There was a time I thought I loved you.”
17. “No matter how bad things get, I’ll always be here for you.”
18. “I’m just as fucked up as you are.”
19. “This is bad, right?”
20. “You may think your secrets are well kept, but I know everything.
21. "Why isn’t anyone listening to me?”
22. “This is damaging my self-esteem, I hope you know.”
23. “I am here to grace you with my presence.”
24. “You’ve gone too far when the other one can’t walk away.”
25. “I honestly don’t think you’re like me at all.”
26. “Sometimes I feel like I’m tearing myself apart and I can’t stop.”
27. “I never knew you could bend like that.”
28. “You’re like a giant cinnamon role.”
29. “I don’t want to ruin you.”
30. “Aww, who knew you were such a cute kid. I always assumed you would’ve resembled a donkey.”
31. “I just want a hug.”
32. “You should be very, very scared of me.”
33. “It’s funny; I used to think anything was possible when I was a kid.”
34. “My entire universe is/used to be you.”
35. “I’m sick of feeling so useless all the time.”
36. “You won’t scare me away.”
37. “I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I believe in hate at first sight.”
38. “Get your hands off of my stuff.”
39. “When I was told I was going on a blind date, I never thought it’d be you.”
40. “I don’t even know who you are anymore.”
41. “We need to talk.”
42. “I don’t understand why you feel like you have to keep stuff from me.”
43. “I never knew you were a cat person.”
44. “Did you seriously get a tattoo?”
45. “How’d you get so good at first aid?”
46. “You’ve never seen Lion King?”
47. “Are your nails painted?”
48. “I really don’t care what you think.”
49. “Because that’s not weird at all.”
50. “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.”


Woah so you say that ship names in Danny Phantom suck and they should be based on characters’ names okay that sounds good
I know they could be done better but you know I did it just for the laughs XD

I feel sorry for Tucker, he is just freaking doomed because of his name
Just imagine if someone’s first name was starting with a letter F :^) 

DannyMay Day Twenty Five: Aliens/ Cryptids

…It still baffles him. He knows that the portals are unpredictable. Imagine his surprise when it took him half way across the country, thankfully in his own time. He recognizes this city, and a childish sort of giddiness overtakes him.

Danny Phantom emerges inside the Titans Tower.

Breathtaking. That’s how he would describe the interior. An amazing headquarters for an amazing team. He’s read all about them, even memorized their powers and abilities. They are his favorite superhero team. He’s on the verge of fanboying when the state of the art sliding doors open.

There standing in the threshold were the Teen Titans. They stared at each other. He was equal parts exited and terrified. On the one hand they were his heroic inspiration. On the other he was definitely trespassing and will probably be obliterated on the spot. After an eternity, Beast Boy shattered the silence.

“DUDE! You’re Danny Phantom!”

Holy crap! They knew his name! Ok. Ok. Calm down. Be cool. Gotta act professional. Just because he’s fantasized about joining them on a mission doesn’t mean anything. He’s got this.

“Ohmygosh You’re the Teen Titans! This is so cool! I’m a huge fan of you guys! Will you sign my Thermos?”

He internally cringes. Smooth Fenton, now they think you’re a total dweeb.

“Dude no prob! But only if you sign my belt!”

No way. The Beast Boy wants his autograph. He has only ever dreamed of this moment. As they’re exchanging signatures, Starfire approaches him and engulfs him in a bone crushing hug.

“Hello new friend! It is very nice to meet you. My name is Starfire.”

“I’m Danny, um you’re kinda breaking my ribs.”

Starfire drops him, spouting apologies. Cyborg helps him up while Robin asks what brings him into the tower.

“Um, sorry for barging in on you guys, I was floating through the Ghost Zone and a random portal opened up and kinda dumped me here, hee hee…”

He’s not very good at this first impressions thing. They tell him it’s fine. Actually inviting him to stay as long as he likes. They’re actually really cool people. He’s especially intrigued by Starfire. She came from SPACE! How cool is that!? He asks her ten thousand questions. She giggles at his enthusiasm. Her infectious cheer reminds him of Jazz. They would actually be the best of friends.

He spends the whole day with the Titans. Playing video games with Beast Boy. Brushing up on his combat skills with Robin. Learning new techniques on how to build equipment with Cyborg. Even dark poetry exchanges with Raven. The rest of the Titans were flabbergasted by how taken she is with him. They would never peg him for the darkness loving type. He explains that his girlfriend is a gothic ultra-recyclo-vegetarian with a major attitude, but he loves her anyway.

Starfire suggests they go for a flight. He jumps at the chance. They zoom around the city, she shows him around and they even get to hang out like normal teenagers. They went from music stores, to comic stores. They even got pizza on the way back. The more time he spent with her the more he was reminded of Jazz, but, without the nosiness and overprotectiveness.

Finally as the sun is setting, he and Starfire watch from the roof. All the while asking her all about space and her home planet. She in turn asks him about the Ghost Zone and his home town. They exchange stories and struggles. They end up finding solace in each other, both feeling like outsiders even among their friends.

He feels so welcome here. In this band of misfits he fits right in, he feels normal. Finally feeling like he belongs. Not having to worry about people shooting him on sight, or what would happen if people found him out. He hears her giggling.

“What is it?”

“You appear to be much more relaxed than when you first arrived. I am glad”

“Yeah…your right. I do feel a lot more relaxed. Guess I really did need a vacation. Thanks, for everything”

DannyMay Day Eighteen: Green/Nature

…He’s not sure how to feel. He’s never seen her act like this before. Never heard her talk like this before. Sure he’s noticed her, like, noticed noticed her, but this is too much too fast. He doesn’t know what to do. She’s too alluring. He almost gives in.


His brain stops working the moment she emerged from the purple rose. He’s never seen her in anything other than black and purple. Green is such a good color on her. Then she speaks and he’s grateful his legs don’t have to support his weight. Her voice is the smoothest silk. He’s never heard her talk like that. It was a kind of enticingly dangerous tone. He didn’t know how to feel, but he knew he felt something. Of course saving the town came first. He could puzzle over his teenage feelings later. He escapes into the portal and begins his training.

Finally getting some semblance of control on his ice powers, he crosses the threshold of the Ghost Portal. It’s dark. He lights his hands with ectoplasm and gasps at what he sees. In the eerie green glow of the portal and ectoplasm, vines cover the entirety of the lab. Dread hits him like a freight train. He makes his way outside.

What he sees is gut wrenching. The entire town is covered in vines. No sighs of human life anywhere. His heart is pounding. What could have happened while he was away. Then he hears a voice. It’s calling his name. It sounds familiar. He follows it to a giant tree.

Out of the leaves emerges a figure. His face pales. It’s Sam. Looking even more dangerously beautiful than before. Woah, where did that come from. Well she’s always been beautiful, she’s gorgeous. Damn it focus Fenton! He prepares for the oncoming fight. Undergrowth emerges and they begin the tango of battle. Undergrowth appears to have the upper hand. However, thanks to his newly harnessed ice powers he makes quick work of the overgrown weed.

Everyone is back to normal. The town is saved. He sees her in the distance. She’s back to normal. He’s having mixed feelings. A small part of him wishes she was still in the grass dress. He shakes his head, face heating up and blushing a neon green. He makes his approach.

“Woah, what happened to you?”

He can’t help but stare at her a little longer than he should. Memorizing every contour of her face. The depth of her eyes. The slight amusement there along with the concern. He realizes he’s stared too long. He shows off his ice powers in an attempt to center himself. He gives her an ice crystal. All the while feeling something warm buzzing around in his chest. Something has changed within him, and it’s not just the ice core.

“I’m…glad you’re ok…”

DannyMay Day Twenty Three: Forgotten/Remembered

He was very doubtful that she was sane. Hell, she was practically foaming at the mouth talking about being best friends and fighting ghosts. He’s never met her before today, and he’s terrified of ghosts. There’s no way he would go anywhere with this crazy Goth girl.

But a part of him says otherwise…

This is so stupid. Why would he listen to her. All she’s proven is that she’s crazy enough to break into his locker and photoshop herself into his pictures. Then again, he has this feeling that he would trust her with his life. He goes along with it.

It’s strange. As he’s putting on the jumpsuit, there’s this sense of deja vu that won’t leave him alone. Like he’s already done this before. That everything worked out in the end. He’s always been curious about the portal. Maybe now he’ll get to see what it’s like. Though something tells him he already knows, and it sucks.

She’s messing with some dials on the control panel. Muttering under her breath. As he’s about to go in she replaces his dad’s face with a wispy looking letter D. When he asks what it’s for she asks him to trust her. Shrugging his shoulders he steps into the would be Ghost Portal.

It’s dark, and a little musty. Making his way further in he trips on a cable. In an attempt to catch himself, he slams his hand on the portal wall. Under his palm he feels a button. The pain is instant. A light as bright as the sun blasts his entire body, burning him from the inside out. His skin is melting and reforming. He can feel his organs shifting. His head feels like it’s gonna explode. Then it all stops.

He stumbles out of the portal. Black spots dancing in his vision and collapses. He can faintly hear her cheering. Was she actually trying to kill him? Looking at his hands he’s stunned as they flicker in and out of existence, giving him a clear view of his bones. She tells him it’s his ghost powers. Oh my God! He has ghost powers!? at that moment his dad is making his way downstairs. They panic.

She’s yelling at him to change back. How’s he supposed to do that!? His dad is less that ten steps away from discovering them. He doesn’t have a good excuse why they would be down there in the first place. He looks at her. He notices she’s actually quite pretty. Beautiful even. Something stirs in his chest. A weird feeling, but a nice one. He knows what to do.

Changing back, he reaches out to her, grabs her wrist and pulls her in close. Dipping her back he plants his lips on hers right as his dad steps off the stairs. It was the best kiss he’s ever had. Her lips were so soft, albeit a bit tense from the surprise attack. She smelled like lavender and clean laundry.

He’s not sure what possessed him to kiss her. This strange Goth girl he’s never met. But it feels so right. Like this was meant to happen. Like they were destined for it. He actually might like to get to know her better. Something tells him he already does. They part for air.

“I call that a fake-out make-out”

“Yeah, I know”