amethyst nails

Day 6- Violet

Besides, an Amethyst Vidalia party don’t end til’ the sun come up.

Colors Used:

Sinful Colors- Black On Black, Snow Me White, Ardoise, Mod About You

Chin Glaze- Light As Air, Giver’s Theme, History Of The World (mixed)

KBShimmer- My Life’s Porpoise (mixed)

Morgan Taylor- Tokyo á Go Go (mixed)

Butter London Matte Finish Top Coat

Bundle Monster star vinyls


Generally the hand designs of Steven Universe characters do not include fingernails.

Young humans don’t have them.

Old humans don’t have them.

Gems don’t have them.

Except when they do.

So wait a second! Why does Sugilite have nails? Is it a Fusion thing?


A Garnet-specific Fusion thing, then?

Sorry, no.

Uhm, is it … a scary Fusion thing, then?


So why does Sugilite have fingernails? Is it just part of her design?

Well … apparently, only SOMETIMES.

Hm, but at this point Sugilite wasn’t attacking anyone. She wasn’t being particularly scary. Do they sometimes use fingernails to increase perceptions of brutality in this cartoon?

Turns out yeah, they do.

Jasper normally doesn’t have fingernails.

But she does in “Crack the Whip” when she’s shown about to shatter Amethyst.

And Amethyst doesn’t normally have nails, but when she was changing her form a lot in “Reformed,” she had nails on the big bulky arm and NOT on the normal one.

And even THEN it’s still only SOMETIMES.

Do they use this as a shortcut to imply violent intent? Seems like if that were the case, they would have given Bismuth some when she was about to try to kill Steven. But they didn’t.

But never fear. This Steven Universe nerd has found a pattern.

All of the above episodes that picture nails on characters sometimes (”Coach Steven,” “Reformed,” “Crack the Whip”) were storyboarded by the same team. Raven Molisee and Paul Villeco.

Interesting, though, that they don’t do it very often. Very scary and/or intentionally brutal-looking designs often do not have fingernails even when these two are on board, such as the Fusion Experiments in “Keeping It Together” and “Nightmare Hospital,” and Amethyst’s Purple Puma form in “Tiger Millionaire.” It seems to be primarily a glitch that one of them defaults to sometimes.

Still, Sugilite’s fancy nails are so cool when she’s got them, and they’re such an intricate design that it’s hard to imagine they aren’t supposed to be there.

I’ll just headcanon that this is Amethyst having fun with shapeshifting when she feels like it. Yup. That’s it. 

Doesn’t cover why Jasper has nails one second and they’re gone in the next, though.

And now that I’ve literally analyzed characters’ fingernails on this blog, it’s time to stop writing for tonight.