amethyst lakes

Ok but hear me out

Trolls and the gems meeting and amethyst is like “more rock buddies (shapeshifts into purple puma)“

Blinky loving that connie reads the books. Connie getting on with claire. Jim summoning his sword and shield Steven smirking while he fuses with connie and they summon their shield while pulling out roses sword.

Garnet staring strickler down without looking away all the time.

Greg and Barbara talking and worrying about their sons.

100 Words a Day - Love Like You


“Yeah, Pearl?”

“Do you think Rose would be proud of us?”

It was a beautiful sunny day, and Greg and Pearl were sitting at a picnic table. The Gems had gone out for a picnic by a lake.

“Well,” shrugged Greg, “What do you think?”

Pearl looked over at the other Crystal Gems. She saw Steven and Connie playing their instruments together by the lake, while Amethyst was teaching Peridot to swim nearby. Ruby and Sapphire were holding hands and walking down a grassy trail, and Lapis slept peacefully under a tree.

“Yes,” said Pearl, “I think she would.”

Amedot Headcanon

I hear alot of people saying that Lapis will be Peridot’s wingman, but I feel like she will be Amethyst’s instead and here’s why:

I think that this was foreshadowed when Amethyst lent Lapis her book. I have a feeling that they will bond through Peridot and that Amethyst will consult Lapis when trying to get through to/impress Peridot, seeing that she lives with her and the two are great friends.

Now that I think about it, it ties in with the foreshadowing we got in Log Date when there was mention of something to the effect of ‘retrieving a friendship bracelet from a lake’. Amethyst might want to make Peridot happy by returning her limb enhancers to her. She knows where they are, and she might seek Lapis’ help when trying to retrieve them for her, seeing that Lapis has hydrokinesis and all.

Idk I just think that it would be super cute if they built a friendship between the characters through Peridot.

Just a headcanon though lol, tell me what you think.