amethyst confessions

We really need more garnet, amethyst, lapis, Steven, Connie and lion episodes. Pearl and peridot are great, but I’m tired of them owning the spot light. There are so many dynamics being overlooked because of pearl and peridot. Garnet and lapis, amethyst and lapis, garnet and connie, garnet and Steven, even lapis and lion. Garnet and amethyst haven’t had an episode exploring their relationship yet, it’s been over 100 episodes, they’re 2 of the main characters, come on crewniverse.


I really want a Garnet and Amethyst solo episode and the return of Sugilite. Sugilite was always misunderstood by fandom. Her default isn’t this “out of control angry gem.” She was pissed that her teammates abandoned her and the poor girl had to walk all the way back home. We’d all throw a fit if that happened to us, you’d work up some real anger between all those steps. - Anonymous