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My new selenite lamp from @bekkathyst arrived in the mail today!!! 😍😍😍😍
It flows perfectly with the rest of my alter! As always, her products are top of the line!! I am always happy with the purchases I make from her!! ❤️❤️❤️

This is my personal handmade witch box. You can call it whatever feels good to you; Universe box, God box, Attraction box etc. It’s filled with all the things I hold most dear; my tarot cards, my herbs and oils that I use for rituals, a cork board for notes and last but not least, my law of attraction amethyst cave crystal. I’ve been getting a lot of interest and questions on mine and was asked to start an Etsy page of some sort. If this is something you would be interested in please let me know. It can be completely customizable to you and your practice! 💜

Have a magical day!

Stardew Valley: Sebastian marriage dialogue

All of Sebastian’s dialogue from after you’re engaged/married!  This is all taken directly from game files.  My understanding is that his dialogue was changed a bit with the update that added Emily and Shane, so this reflects that most current dialogue.

Personally, while I really like how absurdly over-the-top delighted with marriage and the farm some characters are (like Alex and Elliott), I also like Sebastian’s more lowkey, snarky way of showing it.  As much as I hate to use the word “snarky”, I really can’t think of a better one for Sebastian.

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I love where i work- the most interesting people come into the shop and talk to me and often times people will stay for an hour or so just chatting or telling me about something they are passionate about.

Earlier an super sweet older man came in and was talking about how he mines and is currently trying to locate an amethyst cave closeby and all his methods are environmentally aware and he leaves as little damage as possible. he ended up giving me his number if i ever want to hike with him and he could show me some cool places close by.

Another younger man just came in and asked if he could carry his shoes and i said that was fine and so we bonded over disliking wearing shoes and then a mumford and sons song comes on from the playlist i am playing and he just looks at me and says “thank you, this song is exactly what i needed today, you are magic and a blessing to me more than you know” then just starts singing and goes from stressed to seeming so happy

Fluorite wanted to show Steven a cool cave she found, but it turned badly when a Corrupted gem seemed to be living there, good thing the Crystal Gems showed up to save the day, and also accuse Fluorite for purposely putting Steven in danger.

Steven Universe Fanart including my Gem oc, Fluorite. Shes more of an anti-hero, and not such much of a bad guy for a homeworld gem. She rather explore and mess around, then do any mission she was given.

This took me about 9 hours.



for available pieces visit

Queen of the Forest

Happy birthday, @elektronx ! I hope you enjoy! :D

A descriptive piece about an island in the middle of the ocean.

1264 words

Listen, now, to the trees. Hear how they whisper as the wind blows? They tell tales of far-off lands and magnificent creatures. Places we can only dream of seeing.

Can you not hear them speak? Now they tell tales of a land lost to civilization, too primaeval and unspoilt for this world. One might think it is nought but a yarn spun by raconteurs.

Come now, gather together and listen. I shall tell you of this place if you but lend me your ear.

There is a forest that may look like any other. The trees are densely packed, reaching for the sky - their lush leaves grasping for every bit of light they can. Dense, nigh impenetrable, shrubbery springs up in any sunlight the trees missed, while vines and parasitic plants hang from branches, taking advantage of the trees themselves.

This forest sits on the slopes of mountains encircled by ocean. Turquoise waters of liquid glass lap gently against golden sands. Emerald vegetation surrounds and clings to grey peaks.

From afar, one might call it paradise, and to its inhabitants, it is. But this is not a place for you and me - here lives a being that fiercely defends its territory. A being the likes of which you have never laid eyes upon.

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Folk names: Aetites, Echites, Aquileus, eagle stone, Thunder egg

Energy: receptive

Element: Water

Deity: The Great Mother

Powers: Meditation, fertility, childbirth

Magical uses:  Geodes are hollow concretions containing crystals. All quartz crystals, for example, form within geodes, which may be a quarter-mile long or small enough to fit in your palm. Other geodes don’t contain separate crystals but, when sliced, reveal intricate patterns of minerals.

Amethyst geodes are some of the most beautiful objects on Earth. When sliced or broken open, they reveal a mass of purple crystals growing in towards the center. Sunlight shining on them is dazzling. Elongated geodes, sometimes called “amethyst logs”, are often available and are well worth the three- to four-figure price asked. They recall Merlin’s cave as popularized in Mary Stewart’s excellent Arthurian novel The Crystal Cave

An amethyst geode, or any geode containing isolated crystals, can be held and used in meditation as a contemplative object.

Placed on the alter or help, geodes can be utilized to concentrate the powers of the specific type of stone contained within them. During magic, use your visualization to release these powers toward the magical goal. 

They can be placed in the bedroom and charges with energy to increase fertility and to promote conception. 

The psuedo-Albertus Magnus recommended carrying or wearing geodes to attract love and to avoid untimely birth (miscarriage).

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic) 


WHERE: 909 Madison Ave, New York, NY
WHEN: September 15-October 22

Curated by artist Daniel Arsham, this exhibit is one like no other. Arsham has taken thousands of sports balls- yes, sports balls- and has spray painted and crystallized them, creating an amethyst cave. There is limited lighting, adding to the cave effect and giving it a purple glow, and there is a large mirror that makes the ‘cave’ seem larger than it is. This is not all that Arsham has to offer- there is another section of the gallery that is not cavelike and instead is just a display of the crystallized sporting balls, painted blue instead of purple.

Phoenix diaries chapter 21

You’re checking if there are any problems with the islands ground you don’t seem to see anything wrong except the corruption on one side of the island. You tell Gabi you’re gonna see if you can do something about the corruption today. You fly over to the corruption which is almost reaching the cave Amethyst used to be in. You look in the sky and see corrupted clouds. You try to make a wall to protect the ice cave. You fly to the glass dessert where the psychic element used to live. You see no glass shards only corrupted pillars. You’re shocked at the corruption spreading this fast. You fly to the mansion made by the old humans that lived on the island. You don’t see anything off about it so you enter. You see the nothing wrong with it and it looks like a normal mansion.

You fly back to the realm. You immediately go to your temple room and take notes off the corruption. You go to Gabi and tell her. Gabi says if we don’t do something about this corruption problem it will take our elements away. You say I hope Rei considers giving everyone their element back. You lastly fly to the small human island. You see that it’s going worse with the village. There isn’t any food they can eat and we can’t bring them food either. You think maybe Katy can try healing the town again but then it might fail badly. You talk to your mother. She says I’m so glad you were chosen to become a Phoenix I know you’ll be able to help our town.

You fly back but before you get back you’re gonna try and confront Rei

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So i bought this rock

i was like “oh, that’s pretty cheap for an amethyst cave with nice colour like that, it must be pretty small, that’s cool i’ll take that” because literally every other amethyst cave I’ve looked at if its small is still around $150-300 US, and usually pretty pale/kinda ugg-o

anyway, this came today and its



as in, its easily the size of my entire head, and its about three or four kilograms

and now i have no where to put it because i thought it was going to be super small, maybe the size of my hand but nope.


some of the latest crystal healing pendants

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[Pearl: Allons-y!]

[ ooc // oh ym god this took entirely too long i am so sorry please have these nerds being sad and gay at each other/ Part 2 of 2 of the conclusion to the Possession Event!! ]

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