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That last episode of Steven Universe had me in tears!!! T_T I can't wait to see where the show is going!

Maximum Capacity went to some really dark places in my opinion. I never thought the show would have the balls to explore these characters like this. It was pretty fucked up that Amethyst turned into Greg’s Dead Wife.

My best guess to what is going to happen is that The Gems from Gem-world (I think they never gave us an official name for that place), will find another way to get to earth. They want the minerals on Earth’s land so they can reproduce and therefore multiply, giving more power to the great DIAMOND AUTHORITY. 

But killing the life of their planet on the process.

But I do honestly think that the true story won’t be revealed that easily. Something I do love about Steven Universe is that it let’s their characters breathe and explore themselves in this Gem-Human interaction. It doesn’t jump right into saying “These are the Gems! This is Steven! This is Greg! This is The STORY AND THIS IS THEIR OBJECTIVE!”. That would be just dull and uninteresting.

It started slow because it takes its time to introduce what is most important in a show/movie/comic/Video games. THE CHARACTERS, If you are not interested in the characters then why should we care in the plot that they are in?

There is still so many characters in Beach city to explore. So much we can know. New things to explore and think about.

I often say this but Steven Universe respects so much their viewers. IT is not afraid of telling viewers the story not immediately and just let characters be themselves for some time. It is asking the viewer to please be patient and instead look at things from another perspective. This is something that I think Rebecca Sugar learned while working on Adventure Time.

Many used to not think much about SU after a few episodes in. Some people even hated it. They were mad that there was this laid back feeling in the first stories of the series. There was no rush to tell its story it was only driven towards character development, giving a few hints about the over arching story that it has.

That is why we can really say that Steven from episode Gem Glow:

Isn’t  the same as the Steven in Ocean Gem:

We learned to stick for the characters and to feel something something for them. That is why I think that whenever they decide to give us more plot or even some situations that explain something from the past, WE ARE GOING TO FEEL FOR THEM EVEN MORE.

Because Steven Universe deserves our attention. Steven Universe deserve our Care.


Doodled this portrait of Opal, from Steven Universe, before I go out and socialize this evening.  She’s so fun!  Really, one of the best cartoon character designs ever, in my opinion.

And I don’t go slingin’ “best ever” around often.  :)

This was made using my custom brush set, which you can purchase on my Gumroad store!





  • 7A cover artist - Amber Rogers
  • 7B cover artist - Becky Dreistadt
  • 7C cover artist - Hellen Yoon

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