Accept No Substitutes

While Steven is stuck waiting for his court date on Homeworld, the Crystal Gems debate how to break the news to Greg. While Garnet and Pearl think it would be best to simply be truthful, Amethyst offers to shapeshift and pose as Steven until she can come up with a better plan. Elsewhere, Peridot and Lapis award Jamie the title of “Stunt Steven” to fill in during their their adventures.


This is for the @gemsonaresources Gemsona prompt event!
This is Bloodstone~
The prompt included some traits, which I used in her design. She needed:
To have pigtails
To live in a cave on Earth
Have a astronaut suit based outfit
To like drawing little doodles
Bloodstone was a fighter pilot for the rebellion. (Her pilot suit is loosely based off of the paladin armor from Voltron Legendary Defender, giving it a more sci-fi than irl astronaut look) Her small fighter craft was captured by a homeworld ship in one of the final battles, and she was imprisoned in an isolation chamber to be questioned. The corruption bomb hit as the ship was trying to leave the atmosphere in the final battle, and the homeworld crew was corrupted. Due to her protective confines, Bloodstone was spared. The ship fell (due to its nephrite pilots turning into centipeedles), shooting right into the mouth of a icy cave in northern Greenland. Bloodstone survived the crash, and lives in the cave, and has befriended her corrupted captors. She enjoys sketching pictures of her adventures on the walls of the cave, drawing being one of the easier ways of communicating with the centipeedles.
Bloodstone’s fighter craft survived the crash as well, and she enjoys speeding it around her icy tundra and seeing the human towns Bloodstone is pretty calm most of the time, and it takes a lot to set her off. She’s a tad slow, and is a bit oblivious to social cues, but she’s a big sweetie. Her touch can calm, and she can heal similar to Steven, but it takes longer. If you had a broken arm, she’d rest her hands on it for a few minutes (and maybe draw on your arm) until it healed up. Thanks for the prompt! I had a TON of fun designing her! I think this is some of my better art lately too, so thanks for inspiring it!

my first crystal grid 🙊🙊 and oh man. i am feeling it. for the new moon i’ve included moonstone, labradorite, smokey quartz, quartz, selenite, and amethyst. and even though i am bothered by the fact that i do not have 4 selenite wands of similar sizes 😔😔 i am very content with this and am loving the energy it is giving off.


Here is my Homeworld Alexandrite! She consists of my Black Pearl and sapphire, an Amethyst, and Doc Ruby. I’ve noticed that when people make their own fusions that are canon in he show and consist of their gemsonas, that they usually stick with the same color placement with no variation. (I.e. Alexandrite usually has green hair and a lighter skin tone. Here the skin tone is darker and she has blue hair.) But yeah, here she is and enjoy!