i’m now taking commissions! this will only for be an extended period of time, most likely extending into next year. i’m pretty new to this so please don’t yell at me

each category of what you purchase starts at the lowest. like if you’re purchasing a doodle of amethyst its 10 bucks

the rules are stated in the top stickynote of each commission poster, and i’m willing to do either! for traditional, things may take a while, especially for colored since i use copic markers and i haven’t bought all of what i need yet

try to keep the requests for commissions simple!

after discussing with me what you would like, please pay me asap. i won’t start until you pay because im scared of being scammey boy

please check my twitter on available slots. i don’t want to clog up my tumblr ment for art only

if you’re wondering why the pricing is a bit high, look under the cut

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