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This may seem like a weird question, but if there was a musical about your au what would it be like?

((I’m still not much of a musicals person so I can’t really answer this well xD I guess it’d be really fun and goofy? And there’d be at least one samsie duet… I dunno, that’s all I’ve really got.))

i was supposed to substitute this student and when she came in her mom took one look at me and went to the reception desk like “UM excUse me are you sure she can teach? she looks too young”

halfway through the lesson she leaves the room and tells them she wants her kid to switch to me permanently



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every time i hear the song dead hearts by stars it makes me think about theon and get super sad :( do you have any songs you heavily associate with theon?

HAHAHA OMG THAT SONG IS THEON INDEED *CRIES* that said eeeeeeh I do, I do *opens playlists* in random order, the ones more relevant in bold:

  • the WARREN ZEVON LIST OF DOOM: accidentally like a martyr, prison grove, poor poor pitiful me, dirty life and times, bed of coals, bad karma, rub me raw, my shit’s fucked up, renegade, hostage-o
  • adam raised a cain, bruce springsteen
  • mae, the gaslight anthem
  • the mercy seat, nick cave (or johnny cash, both work)
  • mr. tambourine man, bob dylan
  • thistle and weeds, mumford & sons
  • dustbowl dance, mumford & sons
  • affection, little steven
  • jesus doesn’t want me for a sunbeam, nirvana
  • i am mine, pearl jam
  • disarm, smashing pumpkins
  • stuck in a moment you can’t get out, u2
  • the rescue blues, ryan adams
  • (others from ryan adams that might also work: come pick me up, save me, kindness, anybody wanna take me home)
  • man with no country, flogging molly
  • mercy me, alkaline trio (also warbrain though that one is more ME thinking he’d like it, and help me and calling all skeletons for throbb)
  • i’m still here & always know where you are, john rzeznik
  • here he comes (confessions of a drunken marionette), the wallflowers
  • rattling locks, josh ritter
  • the ocean doesn’t want me anymore, tom waits
  • if I should fall from grace with god, the pogues
  • then there’s the JOHN FRUSCIANTE LIST OF SONGS ie: dissolve, hope, everyperson, chances, a corner, the mirror, unchanging, what I saw, emptiness, regret, the past recedes, a name, i’m around, a firm kick (can work with both theon/robb and jon)
  • lucky you, the national
  • lost and found, chuck ragan
  • this must be the place, trevor green
  • loverman, nick cave and/or metallica (okay this… fairly… t/ramsay to me but IT WORKS SDLGJKLSG I HATE MY BRAIN)
  • like a stone, audioslave
  • all of guns n’ roses’s appetite for destruction is the theon concept album to me but especially it’s so easy and my michelle, plus estranged from use your illusion
  • behold the hurricane, blood loss and black betty and the moon - the horrible crowes (the last is fairly more throbb but shhhh)

aaand that’s like my main playlist but I prob. have more that I don’t listen to as often

the year is 2084. ben platt has won his fiftieth tony for starting as his own original character in the fourth falsettos revival. hamilton is now the longest running show on broadway. lin manuel miranda has written eight more musicals and starred in six of them. denee benton and andrew rannells are no longer robbed and they lounge amongst their twelve tony awards. nic rouleau is still somehow in the book of mormon as elder price on broadway.