amery farrow

Amery Farrow: The Dreamer
Story/Verse: TCU/Superhero verse & The Forest

Known as: Ams
Age: 19
Nationality: British

About: Growing up in Cornwall Amery is a pretty average guy, all be it a big ball of nervous energy constantly plagued by anxiety and depression. He has two passions that he uses as an escape, surfing and art, though he’s only really good at one of them (the scar on his forehead is from the time he smashed his head open on a reef so take a guess which it is). Leaving home to go to the prestigious Tea Town Art Academy, Amery dreams of one day working as as story board artist for movies and the like but his career plans are the least of his worries now that he’s started to actually see the characters he created.

Notes: The characters who occupy The Forest (Dryas & co) are Amery’s OCs, their world doesn’t exist as such except in Ams’ head… or it didn’t until very recently.

Powers: None, that he knows of.

Doll details

Sculpt: NS Migidoll Miho on a Souldoll double body
Faceup: Sleep_Pattern

Eyes: 14mm Glass eyes from Ginarolo on DoA

It’s been a long time since I did anything with Amery’s character, and since I posted that meme here and had some interested in going deeper with him I thought I’d write up a little intro… or Ams’ intro to himself I guess since it didn’t feel right just doing a bullet point list.

It’s under the cut~ Also old shot since I was gonna do a new one to go with this but I am lazy…

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