My Secret Santa present for ask-cafe-family

I did not upload it on christmas and waited because I was really unsure what blog I actually entered with. I thought I entered with an other blog but I got the wishlist on a different one and this was confusing, what blog I actually entered now? where I supposed to post my art to?

I decided to wait until I get mine, since the deadline was dec25, I thought because of timezone differences, I can upload a bit late (like late for my time but in time to americans) I thought if I get mine, that blog will tag my blog so I can see which blog I entered with, but I STILL didn’t get mine.

so I upload it here now on my artblog, and wish HAPPY NEW YEAR INSTEAD!


A compilation of Sarah Paulson screaming on AHS

Evan peters collage


Please do not remove tags

feel free to request my lovelies xo