our americanization continues:
watching the sunset in bodega bay - while sitting in our car

when we first came here i was really astounded to see so many cars parked at the edge of california’s several cliffs, with people in it watching the sunset. why did they not go to the beach and really soak it in, feel the breeze, smell the ocean?! 
the american concept of doing everything with and IN your car was very foreign to me.

but after two years in california living on a steep hill (biking? forget it!), driving even the shortest distances (the whole traffic system is made for driving your own car, there are very few sidewalks and public transportation is pretty rudimentary), parking our car six feet away from the living room (aaah, the luxury of a garage) and witnessing people really living in their car (eating whole takeout menus while talking on the cell, applying makeup and heck, i even saw plenty of people shaving during their morning commute!) we…..kind of adapted.

i don’t really like how lazy this made me, but: i suddenly get it!
it’s sooo convenient to stay in your warm and cozy home on wheels that takes you everywhere and shields you from the elements. why go out and set foot into the(sometimes cold and stressful) reality if you can see all of it right through your window?

in this very moment i tried to capture here i just got out for two minutes to shoot a bunch of pics and happily returned to the car to munch the salad we brought with us. i just did not want to be bothered by the cold pacific breeze…and this was after a whole day spent in the car (roadtrip y'all!).

now i actively have to try not to get too accustomed to this. even if the whole USA seems to be accessible by car - you really miss out when you don’t step out, brace the elements and move your ass! the experiences you really lived through with ALL your senses (and a litte effort) are so much better…going out, hiking and soaking it all in may seem wearisome at first - but it’s so rewarding in retrospect! 
i don’t want to become one of those peeps that drive through all the national parks without ever experiencing the breathtaking country on their own, without a machine surrounding them.