dividebyzerowned  asked:

1911 «pattern»

The design is absurdly complex for a single-action pistol and disassembly/reassembly for cleaning requires a fucking training course in itself.

They’re terrible for CCW because 1)7 rounds is pathetic when compact pistols can manage double-digit magazine counts, 2)the external hammer is just begging to be caught on clothing or something else, and 3)they don’t like hollow-point rounds.

The grip safety doesn’t buy you shit and is just one more thing that can break or fail.

It punishes proper trigger discipline by putting the slide stop pin right where your index finger goes, just begging for you to press it accidentally. 

The 1911 is the curmudgeonly old geezer that won’t let you forget about his glory days because they’re all he has left. It’s literally the Cotton Hill of firearms.