Title: The Exquisite Camel (or le chameau exquise, if you’re French)
Authors: stillscapeamericnxidioteleanorcoxarquettekyrieannesaucydivacourtknees1prof_buzzkillbowlsohardratherdanceballroom_pinkk8_26_2whimsical_ironypopgurlieliebfraumistiffleavesjncarsullen_aquarian, and spunkyar. I copy-edited a bit, but didn’t beta, per se. Just a proofread. And whimsical_irony made the lovely banner.

Rating: PG/PG-13
Word count: 6,300
Summary: I decided that we should do an exquisite corpse, because it would be fun. Then it got renamed in honor of the Parks Department’s camel. And here it is, finally! I hope everyone had fun. If so, we can do it again sometime–maybe impose a theme upon it, like for the holidays or something?