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who would be more fun to be friends with, the 2p axis or 2p allies?

after a bit of thinking not much though, i’ve decided the 2p allies!

  • 2p america is just fuckn hilarious and he’d beat up anyone who made you sad
  • 2p china would always flirt w/you and make you feel better about yourself
  • 2p france would be the introvert whom you could probably relate with
  • 2p russia would keep everyone from arguing and be like the unwilling peacemaker
  • 2p canada would seem like the only sane person in the group except he’s not

meanwhile, the 2p axis are pretty dysfunctional but they make it work by themselves. having another person in the group might throw them off cuz like

  • 2p italy’s so used to bossing around 2p germany and 2p japan, who listen to him for some reason, sometimes reluctantly but loyally, in kuro’s case. it’d be hard to get into their little circle bc they’re pretty withdrawn and exclusive, mostly bc of luciano and kuro
  • however, 2p germany would be friends w/anyone so he’d probably hang out with you when he’s not with luci and kuro
  • 2p romano would be perfect to go to for fashion advice or boy advice and it’s easy to become his friend if he likes you ^^

2p austria and 2p prussia are kinda isolated from the others but they love each others’ company so,,

  • it would be hard to get near 2p prussia bc roland is very, very protective of him and you’d basically have to pass roland’s test if you wanted to talk to gilen
  • however, gilen is always open to new friends, even if he’s rlly shy and usually worries “what if they don’t like me”
  • 2p austria is very important to him so he doesn’t mind the possessiveness, bc he knows roland is only trying to keep him from getting hurt
  • although, if roland likes you, he’ll basically force you to be his friend

anyway, my answer remains the same; the 2p allies totally win in the friend department (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

February 10, 1840 – Wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Had my hair dressed & the wreath of orange flowers put on my head. My wreath & veil were worn, according to the rough sketch. Saw my precious Albert alone, for the last time as my Bridegroom, & he fetched in Uncle & Ernest for a moment. At ½ past 12 I set off, dearest Albert having gone before, & Mama & the Duchess of Sutherland went with me in the carriage. I wore a white satin dress, with a deep flounce of Honiton lace, an imitation of an old design. My jewels were my Turkish diamond necklace & earrings & dear Albert’s beautiful sapphire brooch. I never saw such crowds as there were in the Park, & they cheered most enthusiastically. When I arrived at St. James’s Palace, I went into the Dressing room arranged for me, where my 12 young Train Bearers were waiting, dressed all in white with wreaths of white roses in their hair which had a very pretty effect. I waited a little while till Albert’s Procession had moved into the Chapel. 

I then went with my Train Bearers & Ladies into the Throne Room where my Procession reformed, Lord Melbourne, in his fine new Dress Coat, bearing the Sword of State, with Lord Uxbridge & Lord Belfast, on either side of him, walking immediately before me. Queen Anne’s Room was full of people, ranged on seats, one above the other, as also the Guard Room & all along the staircase, - all very friendly. The Procession looked beautiful going downstairs, & along part of the Colour Court, which was all covered in, & full of people, who were most cordial. The flourish of Trumpets ceased, as I entered the Chapel, when the organ began to play. At the altar on my right, stood my beloved Albert, Mama being on my left, as also Uncles Sussex & Cambridge & Aunt Augusta; on Albert’s right stood the Queen Dowager, then, Uncle Ernest, Ernest, Aunt Cambridge, with little Mary, George & Augusta & Princess Sophia Matilda. Lord Melbourne with the Sword of State, stood close to me. The Ceremony was very impressive & fine, yet simple, & I think ought to make an imperishable impression on everyone who promises at the altar to keep the vows he or she have made. Albert repeated everything very distinctly. I felt so happy when he placed the ring on my finger. As soon as the Service was over, the Procession returned as it came, with the exception that dearest Albert led me out!…

{ Queen Victoria journal entry of 10 February 1840 }

RIP Wayne England. He’s certainly one of the more surreal and interesting approaches to the Warhammer mythos which populated my imagination with this universe. We talk a lot about the hyperbolic macho silliness of the Warhammer universes, but the bit where it gets under your skin is always in the strange, and England provided that. Also, I only just realised that his Dwarf army was my model and inspiration for painting my own Dwarfs back in the day. So yes.

Here’s Realm Of Chaos’ Tag for him. 


Some omegaverse kingdom plot bunny that came by to me..

Alfred is an alpha castle guard that falls in love with the omega prince Arthur. They’ve known each other since childhood and is in a secret relationship when they’re teenager.

Anyway, they did the do on Arthur’s heat and he ended up pregnant. They decided to elope to Alfred’s village and spent time as a happy couple until Arthur gave birth.

Suddenly, some people from the palace (maybe Arthur’s brothers?) shows up and threatened Alfred and the baby. Arthur begged them to let them go and in turn he’ll return to the castle silently. He made Alfred vows to never go after him and raise their baby.

Ten years later Alfred is telling this story to his kid (boy or girl not sure, maybe Peter?) he’d never seen Arthur ever since.

What’s gonna happen next? Will they ever be reunited? Have no idea 😅 maybe just maybe I’ll color the first picture if I have time. It looks super sappy shojo hahaha