He must love you very much,’ Gavril said once I had my footing.
I couldn’t look at him. ‘What makes you say that?’ Gavril sighed. “I’ve known Maxon since he was a child. He’s never stood up to his father like that.


The Queen’s of Illea

Queen Bethany Illea- 1st Queen of Illea. Wife of Gregory Illea. A One.

Queen Grae Lowell-Illea- 2nd Queen of Illea. Wife of Damon Illea. A Two

Queen Abby Tamblin-Illea-Schreave- 3rd Queen of Illea. Wife of Justin Illea and Porter Schreave. A Three

Queen Amberly Station-Schreave- 4th Queen of Illea. Wife of Clarkson Schreave. A Four

Queen America Singer-Schreave- 5th Queen of Illea. Wife of Maxon Schreave. A Five.

Queen Eadlyn Schreave-Koskinen- 6th Queen of Illea. Wife of Eikko Koskinen. A One


books read in 2k16. black iris by leah raeder

if i was gay, i wouldn’t need an asterisk beside my name. i could stop worrying if the girl i like will bounce when she finds out i also like dick. i could have a coming-out party without people thinking i just want attention. i wouldn’t have to explain that i fall in love with minds, not genders or body parts. people wouldn’t say i’m ‘just a slut’ or 'faking it’ or 'undecided’ or 'confused.’ i’m not confused. i don’t categorize people by who i’m allowed to like and who i’m allowed to love. love doesn’t fit into boxes like that. it’s blurry, slippery, quantum. it’s only limited by our perceptions and before we slap a label on it and cram it into some category, everything is possible.