americas sweetheart

Therapist: This letter, Tony, is a very important part of the healing process. By writing to Steve, you afford yourself the opportunity to thank him, or forgive him, or to ask him why he did the things he did. Now we don’t mail the letter, but the simple act of putting it on paper frees you, allows you to let go. Now… what did you say to your former friend?

Tony: [reading] “Dear Cap, Fuck you.”

Therapist: Okay. We’ll try the letter some other time.

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Omg I adore all of your writing! For the prompt can you write Bucky bailing Steve out of the b99 holding pen?

Jake MISSED IT. Stupid drug dealers stupidly showing up exactly when they were supposed to instead of blowing off the deal that he had spent stupid months tracking stupidly down. 

He had remembered to set his phone to silent, and once the bust was over he turned it back on and the group chat had 119 notifications, Amy had texted him 3 times, Charles 82 times, and Rosa once. 

So just judging by his lockscreen Jake was pretty sure someone was dead. 

He read Rosa’s first. It would be the most brutal, but bad news coming from her was the most comforting. 

Your boy Captain America got arrested during the protest in Prospect Park, he’s here in holding bc Barnes won’t post bail. Barnes is here. 

“Oh. My. Gawd,” Jake gasped. 


“Oh. My. GAWD,” Jake gasped even louder when he got back to the precinct because CAPTAIN AMERICA was still in holding, and Bucky Barnes was in Holt’s office, and the captain–

“He’s been smiling for the past half hour. I almost called Kevin,” Amy said. 

“I’m sure he and Kevin have, like, those lists, of celebrities you get a pass for. I mean, Holt probably had Bucky Barnes on his list like, before we even knew Bucky Barnes was still alive and heyyyyy, Sarge, hi, how’s it goin’?” 

Bucky Barnes was a beautiful man who looked like old ladies everywhere must adore him, and who moved faster than any human Jake had ever seen. He also had really impressive murder eyes for someone who wasn’t, you know. Rosa. 


Jake was saved by a patriotic voice, carried on the wings of an eagle’s…wings.

“–the unions have been incredibly undercut in this modern era, which is a travesty, because when the workers are empowered–”

“Are you fucking turning criminals into socialists?” Bucky Barnes snapped, and Charles, Gina, the eight or nine criminals in holding, and CAPTAIN AMERICA all started. CAPTAIN AMERICA recovered first, but instead of looking like the moral fiber of a country he sort of looked like a pissed off kid wearing a Captain America costume.

“Unions are gutted–”

“Yeah, the union did you a big favor in ‘38.” Bucky Barnes snorted, folding his arms over his chest.

“Collective action is–”

“How long can you keep him?” Barnes asked Holt. 

“Legally, 24 hours, of which only 5 have passed,” Captain Holt said, solicitous. Oh god, Amy was right. Bucky Barnes was ABSOLUTELY on Captain Holt’s free pass list. 

“Jesus Mary and Joseph,” Bucky Barnes muttered. “Alright, I’m posting bail, you won’t get anything done and your criminals will think they can collectively act or something.” 

“I appreciate your civic-mindedness.” 

CAPTAIN AMERICA narrowed his blue, blue eyes at Holt, then dropped them to the firm handshake he and Bucky were having. 

Oh. My. Gawd., Jake realized. CAPTAIN AMERICA and Sarge were wartime sweethearts. 


Album Aesthetic: Folie à Deux 

“fo·lie à deux” - delusion or mental illness shared by two people in close association; French for “madness of two”

Fourth studio album by American rock band Fall Out Boy