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The hand made toy soldier

post-AoU  headcanon

everyone is all over the idea of natasha taking wanda under her wing and being hardcore supergirl besties and it’s practically canon that clint elects himself as her father/older brother figure, but I personally see her being really close to steve too??? y’all are forgetting that wanda just lost her brother, best friend, and partner in crime all at once, and the only avengers who have been through something like that are steve and thor (because he really did love loki for most of their lives ok) but thor has asgard stuff to deal with so that leaves steve

steve finds wanda curled up in the corner of the training room with tears running down her face and he kind of sits next to her and is like, “did I ever tell you about my friend bucky?” and he spends the next hour telling her stories of all the dumb things they got up to together, and at one point wanda even snorts out a laugh and then stares at him with wide eyes because no one but pietro could ever make her laugh, and although she doesn’t ask what happened to bucky, she understands that steve lost him and is comforted by the knowledge that steve is able to look back and remember the good times

sam and natasha are looking for steve several hours later and accidentally walk in on wanda telling him embarrassing baby stories about pietro and she looks happier than she has since they met her, so they quickly duck out of the room before they get caught eavesdropping. 


Album Aesthetic: Folie à Deux 

“fo·lie à deux” - delusion or mental illness shared by two people in close association; French for “madness of two”

Fourth studio album by American rock band Fall Out Boy

Tony: All right, look… if you won’t do it for me, do it for my father, okay? You guys worked together a long time. You had a real bond.

Hank: Your father was a psychotic.

Tony: You spoke at his funeral.

Hank: I loved him. You I can’t stand.