americas next top model

America's Next Top Model Logic

Tyra: “The judges see this beautiful girl..but she can’t translate that in her photos.”

Model: “I know but I broke my leg and fractured my sku—”

Tyra: *shakes head* remember that photo shoot I did? I was chased by a fire breathing dragon the day before and got hit by an eighteen wheeler and I STILL looked fierce.” 😒

Why I think ru Paul's drag race is a better influence on young girls than Americas next top model

Antm: contestants come in one body type: skinny and tall
Rpdr: contestants come in all shapes and sizes, from violet chachki with her teeny tiny waist to ginger Minj who’s big and beautiful
Antm: focuses primarily on looks
Rpdr: focuses on creativity, confidence, and personality
Antm: some people can be beautiful
Rpdr: ALL people can be beautiful. You can be a 6'4" 40 year old gay man and be beautiful.
Antm: “you wanna be on top?”
Rpdr: “if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

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