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Hii!!! I absolutely love your blog. Is my favorite one of Riverdale. If you're still taking prompts, I thought of a great one. Betty and Jug are best friends but both have it bad for each other but they don't know how the other feels. So one night they have a halloween party and Betty goes as she was in 1.03 and Jug (however you want but shirtless) and they're both shocked, especially Jug. They start flirting with each other until they realize they are more than friends.

Yes yes yes! I love this one.

It came as no surprise to anyone that Halloween was Jughead Jones favorite holiday, the one day a year he could be as dark and mysterious as he wanted and it was deemed socially acceptable, not that he cared what his peers thought of him, but sometimes it was easier to fly under the radar.

Speaking of Halloween, his redheaded best friend was currently trying his absolute hardest to convince Jughead to go to some Halloween party at the blossom mansion.

“Come on dude, it’ll be awesome. You love all that spooky stuff, I’m sure you can find something to creep on in that huge mansion! You’ve gotta come dude, it’s like.. a right of passage.” Archie pleaded, playfully punching Jugheads shoulder.
Jughead just rolled his eyes at his friend
“I see no appeal in hanging around a bunch of drunk and rowdy football players and half naked cheerleaders.”

“Did someone mention drunk cheerleaders?” Veronica said as she, Betty and Kevin dropped their trays at the lunch table, Betty taking her usual spot next to Jughead and shooting him her most excited smile.
“Are you guys talking about the blossoms Halloween party tonight? I can’t wait! What are you going as juggie? Just wait til you see my costume it’s a little crazy!”

He caught Archie’s eyes from across the table and he was actually smirking, he knew exactly what was about to happen
“Well actually Jughead has decided not too….”
Archie was abruptly cut off when Jughead kicked him from under the table finishing off the sentence
“Tell anyone what I’m going as, I decided I’m gonna keep it a surprise, ya know ‘tis the season of mystery and all that.” He finished lamely.
Archie snorted and jughead shot him a glare.
It was physically impossible for Jughead to say no to Betty and he sure as hell wasn’t about to disappoint her or let her down. She was his best friend after all, well after Archie of course.

Betty nodded understandingly
“I get that, well in that case I can’t tell you what I’m being! It’ll be a suprise for both of us!”

Kevin was staring at Jughead with a knowing smile and it made Jugheads skin tingle “what is it Keller?”

He just shrugged his shoulders still smiling
“Oh nothing. I just can’t wait for you to see Betty’s costume is all.”

Jughead felt the dark presence before he saw her. Cheryl blossom. How she had become part of this group was beyond him, but everyone else tolerated her so he just sucked it up.
She squeezed her ridiculously skinny self in between Kevin and Veronica and flipped her red hair directly into Kevin’s face.
“I’m sure Betty will look absolutely… darling, but wait until you guys see my costume. Veronica tell them how amazing my devil costume is.”
Jughead snorted and mumbled “how appropriate” under his breath, smiling when he heard the blonde beside him giggle.

Veronica rolled her eyes, “it’s a pretty banging costume, but it’s nothing compared to my cat woman costume, Josie actually helped me get it together. I told her I have to become an official member of the pussycats now.”

They went on to argue about who was going to look better before the final bell rang, pulling everyone apart and setting them off in separate directions. Jughead and Betty were headed the same way and she poked his side

“I didn’t take you for a Halloween party guy, don’t get my wrong I’m totally excited that you’re going, I would pretty much die without you but I figured you would rather be at home watching all the remakes of Friday the 13”
Actually he had planned on watching the Blair witch project first, but she knew him too well.

“It’s good to expand your horizons, figure one party won’t kill me, plus I get to see you in whatever silly costume you decide to wear.” He shoved her gently as she giggled
“Oh it’s silly alright.”

The rest of the day went by far too quick, Jughead was nervous about going to the blossoms, he had never been to a party let alone dressed the way he was. He stared into the mirror in Archie’s room. Said boy standing beside him dressed in army pants and some face paint, dog tags hanging over his bare chest. Archie had insisted they both go shirtless, it had been funny at the time but now? Not so much.

Staring into the mirror he sighed

He had on bright red suspenders pulled around his naked torso, connected to pretty low slung jeans, the bright yellow construction hat was placed on top of his head in place of his crown beanie and he was holding a hammer. He knew his body wasn’t In horrible shape, working at Fred’s construction over the summer had bulked him up and Betty was always squeezing his arms appreciatively underneath his tshirts. He knew Betty would love this costume, she would appreciate the irony of the wholesome facade. So maybe that’s why he agreed to wear this dumb outfit, Betty was always there in the back of his mind, why? Well he had no clue about that one.

“Ready to go?” Archie said from the door swinging his car keys.

Taking one final look into the mirror, Jughead shook his head, following the soldier to battle.

The party was loud and it was crowded, girls in lingerie were clinging to boys in basketball jerseys and boys in just underwear. He didn’t feel so bad about his toplessness now.

“Yo! Jug! Do you see the girls anywhere? I promised Ronnie the first dance!” Archie shouted over the thumping music and screaming guests.

Jughead just shook his head, wincing as someone dropped a red solo cup at his feet.

Kevin was the first to find them, he was already a little tipsy as he clung to Jughead
“Have you seen her yet?! Total smoke show am I right?!”
Jughead looked down at him confused
“What are you talking about?”
Kevin looked to his side and his smile got even dopier as he pointed a finger

Following his hand, Jughead nearly dropped the boy to the ground.

Walking towards them, almost in slow motion was Betty and Veronica. Veronica was dressed in a ridiculously tight black latex suit and cat ears but she could have been wearing a full transformers suit and he wouldn’t have noticed his eyes were drawn to the girl standing beside her.

Betty Cooper was not Betty Cooper, she was something else entirely. Her long blonde hair was tucked away into a short black bob that accentuated her high cheek bones and rosy pink cheeks, she was wearing no top at all just a black lacy bra and a tiny little black skirt, her long tan legs were bare only lacy garters topping her thighs, the sky high black stilettos made her ankles look even tinier and her lips were covered in ruby red lipstick while her bright green eyes were lined with black, her long eyelashes heavy.
As she approached the three boys she bared her teeth, revealing realistic looking plastic fangs.

Veronica instantly grabbed onto Archie’s hand and pulled him away “first dance! You promised.” He was only happy to oblige following her leather clad booty.

Betty wasn’t speaking, her fiery green eyes trained on his bare chest occasionally alternating to his exposed arms. He couldnt say anything he wasn’t speaking either, having her this close he had a much better look at her ample chest in her barely their bra.

“Earth to bughead? As fun as it is to see you two ogle each other you might wanna move out of the middle of the floor!” Kevin shook them both out of their staring contest, Betty blushing bright pink as Jughead rubbed the back of his neck.

Putting his hand on her lower back he brought his lips to her ear so she could hear him over the music “wanna get a drink?” He asked
She nodded a little dazed by his proximity

As soon as they reached the kitchen and he handed her a beer, she was grinning
“I love your costume, who are you supposed to be Archie Andrews?”

He laughed out loud “well who wouldn’t want to be Archie Andrews? Americas golden boy, football captain, every girl in the world wants him. I could only dream of being such a guy.” He put his hand over his heart, fake swooning.

Betty laughed before looking down and playing with the top of her beer bottle
“Well just for the record. I would take Jughead jones over Archie Andrews any day.” She smiled at him.

He felt his cheeks heat and he couldn’t keep the smile off of his face. “So a vampire huh? What inspired this little number?” He reached a hand out to tug on her wig.
She shrugged smiling

“I like it, it’s dark and mysterious and fun! It’s what I wish I could be, ya know minus the black hair. I kinda like my blonde hair!” She giggled

Jughead tugged on her hand, pulling her closer to him “well for the record.” He smiled imitating her previous declaration “you are fun. and you’ve always been a mystery to me Betty cooper.” They both vaguely realized how close they had gotten. And Betty whispered inches away from his lips, smirking
“So you don’t like the costume?”
He laughed out loud and brought his lips to hers
“Oh no I love the costume.”

Then they were kissing. It was everything he never knew he needed. Her body fit perfectly into his and the way she nibbled on his bottom lip, sent him into another world. She tasted like strawberries and beer. His new favorite combination. Pulling away he smiled at the sound of her whimper.

Finally opening her eyes she raised a perfect brow
“I thought we were just friends Jughead Jones?” She grinned evilly.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her into his side
“Oh bets, I don’t think we were ever “just friends”

She nodded against his side before turning to him and smiling, holding out her hand
“Okay than on the topic of firsts, how would you like to dance with me?” She was grinning mischievously and he sighed, smiling goofily

He could never say no to Betty Cooper.

Just a Lil Crush

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

As requested by anonymous:  Can you write a stevexreader where she broke her arm on the last mission so he helps her with everything and the other avengers tease them cuz steve has a massive crush on her❤

The mission was an absolute success…well…sorta. You disposed of the chemical weapon and you saved millions of lives! But you came out with a broken arm. You were going against a Hydra agent. When he got you on the ground, he stomped on your arm thus breaking it. Luckily for you, America’s Golden Boy, aka Steve, came and knocked the guy out.

He immediately picked you up bridal style and started heading for the roof where Tony and Clint were waiting for you and the rest of the team.

“My arm’s broken, not my legs, Steve.”

“It’s okay, I got ya.”

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The Accords... Again

So, I was discussing the accords with @kenobi-and-barnes and their friend, who’s a Steve stan. I realized something though. 

Even if the accords were morally deplorable, Steve’s method of stopping them ultimately failed. The only winner at the end of Civil War was Zemo, and maybe Ross considering Steve’s methods fostered a fear of the enhanced which supports his agenda. 

At the end of the move we have Rhodey paralyzed. Tony and Vision both heart broken, and physically attacked. Bucky is back in cryo. Clint and Sam are separated from their kids. Wanda went from being trapped in the compound to being trapped in Wakanda. They can no longer work to protect the world at all because if they leave Wakanda they will be arrested. 

Well then the question needs to be asked, how could Steve have opposed the Accords and won? I think I have an answer, Civil Disobedience. (Now this would be a very boring movie, but it would be a much better plan of action.)

Now, if anyone is wondering what Civil Disobedience is, civil disobedience is when you break an unjust law, but then face the consequences of breaking that law in court in order to challenge it. (Examples include Rosa Parks, and MLK) 

What would this look like?

Steve would sign the Accords, and he would work under them until they actually made it so he couldn’t do hi job properly, until they kept him from saving people. Once that happened Steve and whoever wanted to with him could break the Accords in order to save people, and then accept the consequences of doing so. 

Now nobody is a fugitive, nobody is dead, nobody is injured, and you have Captain America, america’s golden boy, and a hero being persecuted for saving people. I have a feeling that would not be a hard court case for a Stark Industries lawyer to win, and in doing so the Accords would either be changed or gotten rid of entirely.

So at the end of the day, the Avengers are still together, Steve would most likely recieve a slap on the wrist (and a lot of public support) at worst. The Accords may or may not have been repealed. There was no needless destruction of an airport. No fight between friends. 

The hero and the dreamer

Allegro & Staccato part 4 - Annie celebrates 700+ lovelies


Warnings: Some angst and some fluff y’all.

Word count: 3.696

Summary: Steve comes back from a long mission and you’re there to pick up the pieces.

A/N part 1: It’s the third part to the followers celebration: the meet-up. It’s based on two songs. The lyrics are from this song and the other scenes are inspired by this song. I highly recommend you listen to both of them.

A/N part 2: This is also a part of the song challenge as hosted by @mrs-squirrel-chester.

Part 1: the chance encounter

Part 2: The fighter and the lover - Bucky x reader - ANGST

Part 3: The make-up aka “The sinner and the saint” – Tony x reader – FLUFF

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Happy Birthday, Darling (StevexReader)

Happy 4th of July!!!! And Happy 99th Birthday to (my darling?) Steve Rogers💕💕💕 Here’s a new oneshot just for today!!!

July 4th. Independence Day. The day our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. And also the day America’s “golden boy” was born.

You woke up to the sun shining in your eyes. After stretching for a minute, you feel an arm snake around your waist and pull you closer.

“Good morning, babe,” Steve mumbles as he buries his face in your hair and begins to place kisses on the back of your neck.

“Good morning,” you reply, turning around to plant a kiss on his lips. “Happy Birthday, Darling.”

A smile creeps onto his face. “Thanks, doll. What’s on the agenda today?”

You sigh as you sit up. “You have press and ceremonies all day, while Fury decided to keep me busy with a bunch of meetings and briefings that I would rather eat dirt than go to. I’m sorry we couldn’t do something better for your birthday.”

“At least we have tonight,” he reassures. “That’s all I need.”

You smile and grab his hand, bringing it up to your lips. “Be at the tower by 7:30 and we’ll go to dinner, okay? I made reservations.”


He plants a kiss on your lips and walks out of your room to get to his. Making sure he’s far enough so he can’t hear you, you grab your phone and call Bucky.

“Everything set, Barnes?”

“It’s 11:40, the guests come at 7, Steve gets here at 7:30. Assemble the team.”

You press a button on your bracelet that signals the team, something you helped build with Tony. Luckily, Steve’s was disabled for the day. Soon, Bucky, Sam, Tony, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, Wanda, Pietro, Vision, Scott, Peter, T'Challa, Thor, and Loki file into your room. They all pile on and around your bed as you stand in front of them.

“Alright, you guys. Steve’s gonna be back at 7:30 so we need all hands on deck for the entire day. You all have tasks, and there are already cars outside for each group. Tony, Scott, and Peter, you three are in charge of getting the fireworks together. It’s the 4th of July, so make sure they’re unlike any other fireworks being displayed today.”

Tony rolls his eyes. “I’m Tony Stark, for god’s sake. I was born being the best.”

“Then make sure these fireworks are Stark-level awesome.”

The three of them nod and run out.

“Wanda and Pietro, you’re in charge of food. Check in with the chefs and make sure the meal is gonna be amazing.”

“May I tag along with them?”, Vision asks. “I shall enjoy seeing other people cook so I can improve my skills.”

“Sure, Vis. You three, get going.”

The twins, along with Vision, race out of the room.

“Thor and Loki, you’re in charge of the cake.”

“Why would it take two of us to get a cake?”, Loki questions. “I could get it myself without having this oaf in my way.”

“It’s a big cake, and I don’t trust just one of you to get it. No offense, but you might do something to it.”

“Very true.”

Thor and Loki walk out.

“T'Challa and Sam, I’m leaving you guys with the entertainment. The band I booked has to do sound checks, so make sure they’re prepared and give them the song list.”


“No buts, Sam. You two have to learn to work together. Now go!”

T'Challa smirked. “Yes, let us go bird man.” He walked out of the room, a grumbling Sam following behind. Only Bucky, Natasha, Clint, and Bruce were left.

“The rest of us are gonna go get the decorations and make sure this place looks amazing. Me, Nat, and Bucky will take one car and Clint and Bruce will take the other. I’ll text you what you need to get. And since we’re the remaining people and technically in the same group, I managed to get us something a little better than regular cars.”


You hear Sam shout as the five of you pile into the two limos you ordered.

“MY GROUP, MY RULES,” you shout back as your limo starts to move.

You, Nat, and Bucky drove all around New York, buying any decorations you liked (which was hard, due to the fact that some places were closed for Independence Day).

By the time you got back to the tower, it was 5 and you were tired as hell. Clint and Bruce got back at the same time.

“Alright, you guys. I know we’re hot and tired and sweaty, but let’s get everything decorated so we can go change our clothes.”

The five of you worked as fast as you can, ensuring that the place looked amazing. There was red, white, and blue everywhere. The tower practically screamed “Star Spangled Man With A Plan.”

At 6, the decorations were done and your group raced to your rooms. You quickly dawned on a red, white, and blue dress with red heels and a matching red clutch. Your hair was already curled so you just tamed the (many) flyaways and wiped off your makeup, reapplying it so it looked better. You finished getting ready at 6:30.

You got a phone call from Sam and quickly picked it up.

“Hey Sam, what’s up?”

“Big problem. The band can’t play tonight.”

You froze. “What? Why not? What the hell happened?”

“Their lead singer lost her voice and they don’t have a backup,” T'Challa replies.

You closed your eyes to think for a moment. Then, you got an idea.

“What if we do karaoke? And then we’ll have F.R.I.D.A.Y. play music when everyone is partying.”

You hear Sam and T'Challa mumbling something to the band. After a minute, Sam says, “they said they could do it, no problem.”

You let out a breath. “Thank god. Now get their asses to the tower. The guests are coming in half an hour.”

“We’ll be right there.”

As soon as you hang up, you get another call from Thor.

“Lady Y/N, I’m afraid there’s a problem with the cake.”

“What is it?”

“They’re giving it to someone else.”

“What? Why?”

“They’re claiming it’s their cake.”

You rummage for the receipt in your dresser and snap a picture of it, sending it to Thor.

“I just sent you the receipt. Now FIGHT FOR THAT CAKE.”

You hang up and bury your face in your hands. After a few minutes, Thor texts you a selfie of the cake, Loki, and himself with the caption “WE GOT IT”. You couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

You press the button on your bracelet to assemble the team. In ten minutes, they were all here.

“Okay, everyone. It’s 6:50. Guests are gonna be here in ten minutes. Is everything ready?”

“The band is set up.”

“The fireworks are prepared.”

“The cake is downstairs.”

“The place is decorated.”

“The food is delicious.”

You beam. “We did it! Everyone, hands in!”

Everyone puts their hands in the middle.

“Cap on three!”

“One, two, three, CAP!” You all throw your hands in the air.


The party was in full swing by 7:10. People were laughing and having a good time. You were at the bar nursing a drink, drowning out the crowd. You didn’t even hear Jane and Thor come up to you.

“Everything alright, Y/N?”, Jane asks.

You sighed. “I-I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not,” Thor says. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Steve’s birthday gift.” You quietly tell them what it is. Jane takes your hand.

“It’s an amazing gift, and you’re so
fearless giving that to him. Don’t be afraid. He’ll love it.”

“Steve is a very lucky man,” Thor adds. “You care about him very much. He’d be a fool to give that up.”

You smile. “Thanks, you guys. You’re honestly amaz-”


Bucky runs up to you. “Steve’s outside! You need to get into places.”

You grab a mic from behind the bar. “EVERYONE, PLACES! STEVE’S COMING! F.R.I.D.A.Y., KILL THE LIGHTS.” All of the guests find a hiding place and the lights turn off. You walk over to the entrance, waiting for Steve.

After a minute, you see him walk up to you. “Hey, doll,” he says, giving you a light kiss. “Ready to go?”

“Actually, I was thinking we should stay in.”

“Oh, I thought you were excited about dinner?”

“Yea, about that…”

The lights turned on instantly and everyone popped out. “SURPRISE!!!!”

Steve looked taken aback, but soon had a big smile on his face.

“Happy Birthday, Darling!”, you squeal. Bucky runs up to the two of you.

“Happy Birthday, Punk,” he says as he hugs Steve. “This little missy right here planned the whole thing.”

Steve pulls you into a hug. “I fucking love you, you know that?”

“Language, Captain,” you reply with a smirk.

You could tell Steve was having a blast the entire night. He always loved hanging out with you, Bucky, Sam, and the rest of the team. In fact, everyone was getting along. Sam and T'Challa were rapping the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song for karaoke, Thor and Loki were having an arm wrestling contest while Jane was rolling her eyes at them, Nat and Bruce were flirting (again), Scott was fangirling over Steve, Peter was talking to Tony and Pepper, Clint was joking around with Maria, Bucky and Steve were playing pool, and Wanda and Vision were by the bar as Pietro was making them drinks.

Halfway through the night, you managed to grab Steve and take him to the terrace for some alone time. Your heart was pounding.

“Is something wrong, Y/N?”, he questioned. You took a deep breath and grabbed his hands.

“Steve, words can’t describe how much you mean to me. Before I met you, I was lost. I didn’t know who I was or what I would become. When you stepped into my life, it was like a beacon of light shining down on me. I’ve loved you even before I knew what love was. And I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

You shakily open your clutch and pull out a small box, tossing the purse to the side. Steve’s eyes widen as you get down on one knee. You open the box to reveal a silver band.

“I know this isn’t the traditional way of doing things,” you say with a nervous laugh. “But, Steven Grant Rogers, will you marry me?”

A smile creeped onto his face as he kneeled down to match your level. “Of course I’ll marry you.”

You started tearing up as you took the ring from the box and placed it on his finger. You set the box down on the ground as he pulled you into a kiss, and you can tell he was tearing up as well.

At that moment, the firework display begins. You and Steve stand up and hold onto each other as you gaze at the beautiful sky. Red, white, and blue fireworks light up the night, illuminating the city. Tony, Scott, and Peter really outdid themselves.

“Happy 4th of July, Y/N.”

“Happy Birthday, Darling.”

I'd like to clarify something

I love Tony Stark, adore him even.

I don’t like Steve Rogers. At all.

But I don’t have to HATE Steve to like Tony.

To me, Steve Rogers is a man who isn’t in the right place. I don’t think he should lead the Avengers because, let’s face it, the man is literally out of his own time. He doesn’t know how the world has changed, he hasn’t seen how the politics of being an icon work. Mentally the man is only 26 (I think?) and so he’s pretty young himself, especially compared to most of the other Avengers. People put Captain America on a pedestal and made him seem perfect despite him being just a man and so he’s held to a higher standard; he’s America’s Golden Boy.

He had just lost his best friend and figured he was going to die saving his country only to wake up and realize all his friends were gone and that the woman he loved was an old woman he wouldn’t have for long. Steve Rogers had a lot of shit on his plate and now he has to navigate a brand new century with aliens and technology he never imagined so he’s going to make a few mistakes and bad calls.

Tony Stark has been in the spotlight all his life, from a naive child, to an ungrateful, spoiled rotten teenager, to a narcissistic weapons dealer who knows he’s smart and handsome and uses it to however he can, to what he is now; a man trying to redeem himself.

If Afghanistan and Obadiah had never happened do I think Tony would’ve stopped dealing? Honestly I don’t. If he’d never had to face what his weapons had caused I don’t believe Tony would’ve become a better man. But he did see what his weapons did, he saw his weapons being sold to terrorists and he was tortured. When he came back Tony had obvious PTSD, gee I wonder why!

You get Cap and Tony’s first meeting and it’s already going south.

Tony heard all about Steve Rogers all his life. Howard told Tony stories about how great he was, about how perfect, Tony was neglected by Howard while Steve was so important to Howard. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Tony resents Steve and he is petty when he calls Steve those names and acts like he does.

Steve on the other hand, can’t figure out how Tony is related to someone like Howard because the Howard he knew was so different to the one Tony knew. He thinks Tony is this narcissistic bastard (which to be fair…yeah he kinda is) and he is pretty much repulsed by the guy because there’s no way his friend’s kid should’ve ended up like that.

Then we get into Tony hacking SHIELD because he’s Tony and knows something isn’t being explained. Steve is a military man, he follows orders, you don’t go hacking the higher ranks because you don’t like what you hear. Tony is being smug because he knows Fury needs him and Banner to track the Tesseract while Steve is basically useless. Steve can’t believe that Tony is blatantly doing stuff like this but once he hears how Fury is the top spy and his secrets have secrets he gets suspicious.

Because they work together (to spite each other so does it count as working together??) they figure out why Fury is so desperate to get the Cube back; that’s Steve’s first big slap in the face that humans haven’t changed and that people are still trying to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Then come Ultron.

To be honest I don’t think Tony and Steve ever got away from those first impressions because they never really trust each other.

When they get Loki’s staff, and after Wanda has played with Tony’s head, he asks Thor’s permission to do tests and research on the staff to which Thor says yes. When Tony and Bruce realize the stone is, essentially, a very advanced AI Tony realizes that these specs could be the key to unlocking Ultron, a world wide defense. Bruce says it sounds like cold world but agrees to help him research. Bruce was there people!

As they go to the party they say they are nowhere close to an interface. The gem, which is an alien artifact with intelligence, is what creates Ultron; Tony didn’t set up the program, he wasn’t even close to it. But Ultron comes to life and kicks the Avengers’ collective asses.

This is where my first major problem comes from.

So Steve and team grill Tony (but not Bruce at all who cowers and hides back while Tony takes all the heat) and get in his face about SECRETS and how they’re dangerous. Tony tried to explain how they weren’t even close and he doesn’t know how this happened but then Thor, a GOD, attacks Tony who is OUT OF HIS SUIT, but no one makes a move to help him. Cap doesn’t say a word to intervene he just lets Thor hold Tony by the throat. Okayyy but he’s the team leader right?? Aren’t leaders supposed to, I don’t know, step in at this point?

I get it I’m Tony biased, but Tony is a civilian and not trained like most of the other people in the room. SOMEONE should have stepped in, it didn’t have to be Steve but as the leader one would expect him to wouldn’t they?

Then Tony is blamed for Ultron the entire time and, yes the program was his idea, but he didn’t create Ultron, the gem did and that’s explained even. By the end of the movie Steve takes in Wanda, who he sees as just a kid, and brings her in without a word to anyone else. This girl invaded their minds, including Steve’s!, and unleashed the Hulk on civilians and let herself be turned into a weapon but Steve willingly takes her into TONY’S home and she never, that we saw, apologizes for her actions.

That’s my first big problem.

Civil War was a cluster fuck, there’s no way around that. With the grief of Peggy and his mind constantly on Bucky yeah, his judgement is gonna be a bit clouded. He’s grieving the love of his life and his last tie to his time; I don’t blame him.

Tony is trying to lay low after Ultron because he blames himself and others blame him as well. When the Accords come up he’s trying to stay on the law’s side on this one because he’s already on thin ice.

But look at it this way. The Avengers burst into countries, take out the bad guy and half the city, and then leave. Tony takes care of the damages, not them. In the beginning scene they were in that country trying to stop Hydra agents and Wanda lost control her powers. She didn’t mean to buy the resent is the same; people, innocent civilians, were killed.

Countries probably feel a bit…annoyed that the superheroes cause so much damage while saving them. Yes they get saved but look at the aftermath of it most of the time. 117 countries say they want to be able to bring in the Avengers, not let the Avengers just waltz in. These aren’t just rules to tie them down people are actually voting this way! They want the Avengers to back off.

Steve says no because it ties their hands and they can’t help everyone despite telling Wanda earlier that ‘sometimes people die and you just have to keep going’ and I get the sentiment but I still think that was the wrong thing to say, it made him, to me, sound so self-righteous. Steve wants to help and doesn’t trust the government because look at how deep Hydra was!! Ross is bad news and everyone knows it.

Tony knows this, he understands. But he also knows you can’t make change if you don’t compromise. He’s been in this game all his life and he knows how to play it; Steve doesn’t. He just will not listen and thinks Tony is just trying to save his own ass. And maybe he is but 117 countries are telling the Avengers that they have a major problem with them.

Then comes Bucky and that’s Steve’s blind spot.

Okay no one knew Bucky was innocent. All we saw was a tape and it showed the Winter Soldier, or at least a look alike. Steve rushed in because they wanted to take him out but Steve wouldn’t allow that. Look at all the damage he caused trying to get to Bucky. He’s his friend and he wants to help him but look at all the damage he caused! That only brought more trouble in. When they bring him in Tony almost got Steve to sign and Bucky would’ve gotten help but once he hears about Wanda the deal is off and I’m sorry but being confined to basically a mansion with the man I’m in love with after accidentally killing people? I can think of worse!

Steve was idiotic to shut down that offer because of something like that. Tony should’ve explained yes but Steve should’ve thought it through, it was a miscommunication.

Then Bucky breaks free and hell breaks loose. We have the battle and Spider-Man and no Tony shouldn’t have brought in a kid to fight but Steve dropped a fucking tanker said kid so sorry boys but you both lost points with me there!

Only later did they find the proof needed to show that Bucky was innocent but Steve never told anyone! He kept it to himself even when it could’ve helped! Steve what are you doing? Then Tony shows up in Siberia willing to help only to find out that Cap knew his parents had not only been murdered but by the hand of his best friend he’d jeopardized everything to save.

Tony should not have gone off like that because it wasn’t Bucky, it was the brainwashing!! But this all caught Tony by surprise, he’d never known any of this!! And Steve had kept this whole thing SECRET. This could’ve been if Steve had told him. A lot of people say 'well why was it Steve’s job!?’ okay but didn’t Steve get in Tony’s face about secrets and how they can damage things? If Tony had already known these things Siberia would never have happened.

(And let’s not go into TWO SUPER SOLDIERS VS A CIVILIAN because that’ll get ugly so no)

My point is; yes I’m Tony biased but I don’t think he’s perfect.

Tony Stark made a lot of mistakes!

Steve Rogers made a lot of mistakes!

I just happen to agree more with Tony’s decisions than Steve’s.

but actually he'd probably be the most fun to party with

steve rogers’ idea of a solid 4th of july birthday extravaganza: he screams “SO LIGHT ‘EM UP” and proceeds to set off about 50 fireworks from stark’s landing pad.

all at once.

and then runs down the stairs, stumbling and laughing while tony shrieks in the background and sam swears loudly and natasha and bucky are half-laughing, half-coughing because of the smoke. clint can be heard yelling “HOLY FUCK” because the explosion is so loud, even without his hearing aid. bruce is nowhere to be found because he saw this coming- why didn’t tony listen to him when he said, “steve’s totally going to mess with those. you know that, right?” and thor is clapping and shouting, “a good show, captain! shall we have another bout?”

the next day rhodey and pepper have to march up to the tower and deliver a letter from the mayor that asks something along the lines of “what the hell was that last night?” and the avengers have to make up some lame excuse that the good ol’ captain didn’t realize the fuses these days were electrical (bullcrap and all the avengers know it) and accidentally set them off all at once. how could anyone yell at captain america, the golden boy of the nation? and they get off scot-free.

tony asks jarvis, “did you get that all on tape?” and of course jarvis says yes. they spend the next hour watching it over and over, laughing until their sides hurt. “holy shit did you see sam's face?” "why would you ever think that was a good idea, cap?“

and steve swears that that’s the best birthday he’s had in a long time- and they’re going to do it again next year (no matter what the government says- he’ll just bat his eyelashes at them and play the part of the "star-spangled man with a plan” again and have shield nudge them a bit).