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#OnThisDay: Spice Girls released ‘2 Become 1’ in the United States, 20 years ago today on July 25th, 1997! The single peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which gave the group their third consecutive Top 5 hit, selling over 700,000 copies in 1997 alone!✌🏼️🎤🇺🇸 #spicegirls #spice #girlpower #2Become1 #Billboard #chart #music #UnitedStates #America #Baby #Ginger #Sporty #Scary #90s @biffco @billboard @riaa_awards @emmaleebunton @therealgerihalliwell @melaniecmusic @officialmelb @victoriabeckham

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“This was an actual game played at circuses & carnivals, mostly in celebration of “INDEPENDENCE DAY”, all over America from the late 19th century well into the early 1940s. 3 balls cost them a dime to hit a grinning Black CHILD peeking through a platform painted to resemble an African jungle while the child’s head appeared through the open mouth of a crocodile. This is a part of our history that you will NEVER see in any textbook or any class. Get in tune my people, to be ignorant of the past is to be blinded going into the future…. “

Friendly reminder Steve Rogers is one of the youngest Avengers out of the group.

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers was only 21 when he went through the super soldier experimentation.

Friendly reminder that when Steve Rogers was awoken in the modern century, for him it had only been a few weeks since he had lost Bucky.

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers is only in his mid-twenties and still does everything he can to take care of those around him. 

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers has PTSD and severe depression, as shown in several of the movies and comics per his suicidal tendencies. 

Friendly reminder that almost everyone Steve Rogers knew in 1943 was dead when he woke up, and he was faced with the ideal that he had outlived everyone he loved.

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers still needs to make mistakes and be selfish, and still deserves to be loved and cherished. He isn’t like Iron Man or Hawkeye, he’s not lived any sort of life only battle and carnage. He deserves to have someone look after him everyone once and awhile.