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Headcanon#31: Army Bros

Sam and Bucky learned all the lyrics of Kanye West gold digger just so they could singing it in Steve’s and Tony’s wedding. Later Steve did the same thing with Sam for Bucky’s and T'challa’s wedding.


My favorite villains/antagonists + the moment I fell in love with them.[x] 

  1. The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes ~ Captain America 2
  2. The Joker ~Batman: The Dark Knight
  3. Loki ~ Thor
  4. Harry Osborn/ The Green Goblin The Amazing Spiderman 2
  5. Prince Nuada Silverlance ~Hellboy II:The Golden Army

High school Victory Corps. By the time these boys are old enough to join America’s fighting forces they will be toughened to commando standards. Flushing High School, Queens, New York, has expanded its physical education activities to include the type of training made necessary by wartime. 1942.

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Question? And I understand its your own personal opinion. In that post where you tagged “they just keep proving me right” do you really have a disdain for Americans? Because some of your followers are Americans. I look up to you. You’re funny and I love your blog, but what’s your personal issue with America and not American Media and Journalism? I understand the disdain, but the OP used an umbrella term and everyone jumped on board saying fuck America (armys included) (1/2)

(2/2) like we made the interview questions. I’m just saying, the media really doesn’t speak for us and what we want for BTS. Actually, it never speaks for us anyway and is entirely skewed with the orange oompah loompah in office as president right now. (I am far from patriotic but this is where I was born and live) Fans legit want better for BTS and better questions. American or not. I’m just saying for Army to come down on all of us, it’s really not fair.

When I say I hate America (also i mean usa when I say america - that’s an issue for another time) of course I can’t mean that I hate every single person living there,,, or even every aspect of the country. For me I dislike USA a lot because how it’s boasted here in my country. Like people I know always say how much they want to go and how it’s better than here and blah blah blah. Some even say how they want to move there…while here we have free medical care, college (I mean I’m not that excited about my country either but…ya feel me). I hate how they put usa on a fucking pedestal and bash the place where we live in just because we don’t have victoria seacret or something stupid like that..And on top of that other problems pile up (like trump ect.) and I just keep getting more and more angry about the whole thing…so when I say I hate usa I don’t mean people or places but the idea that usa stands for, it’s representatives or the media = the things that I actually come in contact almost every day. So I don’t hate you any other people living there (y) Hope I explained everything well lol