Hey everyone there’s my drawing for Choi twin’s birthday…Yeah I know that I’m late for one day but my computer and cintiq wasn’t cooperative yesterday…..Maybe Saeran hack it to hindering me to draw this??? LOLOLOL

So anyway, I make it  this night till 5 A.M ( You see the dark circles coming 8D) this is the first time I drawn them. I wish it’s as your taste…I don’t know why Saeran look better thant Saeyoung but wathever it’s done.

Oh yeah…About Saeran sweater I just wanted to see him with a sweat brithday themed but who suit his mood.
Like this he seems happy/proud that’s his birthday but not too mutch.
I let you imagine any stories about this sweater as well.

♥ So Happy Choi Twin’s Day to all the Choi Twin’s fan an other MM fan ♥
Ps: at my country it was also FatherDay (I’m Belgian so I write the date like french so the americant ver. is 06.11.2017 of course)

You've Reached The Voicemail Box Of...
You've Reached The Voicemail Box Of...

Above you can listen to analise010′s wonderfully voice-acted prompt, which sent me down many delightful research rabbit holes for the fic below!

This Voicemail Box Is Full

  • Fic and Artwork Rating: PG
  • Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Relationship: Steve/Sam
  • Words: 12k

Steve isn’t great at talking about her feelings, but Sam thinks she should be taking to somebody. So she starts leaving messages on the voicemail box that she knows Sam will never check.

Created for the @capreversebb​ Captain America Reverse Big Bang

Artist: @analise010

Writer: @oulfis

We all want freedom but won’t let go of fear. Prisoners to the land of the free, home of the unfair. American Dream still just a dream to Americants. No child left out of systematic slavery is the seed that they plant. Work. Credit. Debit. Pay me. Give me more. America, America when did you become such a whore. Bend over for the highest bidder. Leave your children in the streets, no sitter. Mothers and wives, lonely and bitter. Husbands and fathers beat down, considering how backs must be broken so lives can be made. So I’m not really sure what I’m celebrating this Independence Day.
—  ShaniseThe1st

rayeoflife  asked:

First name: Ana
Nickname: Taco
Age: oh no. Um 17??? 17!!!! 
Gender: Taco
Sexual Orientation: O H N O ohno I don't know that you have a distinctive label or you've never told me but I'm gone guess somewhere around bi/pan/ace???
Nationality: American not Americant 
Relationship status: Happily married to some idiot oh wait I'm your idiot 
Likes: musicals, taquitos 
Dislikes: aesthetic space (only star charts kids only real deal space here) 
Random fact: the cutest bean that's super blind w/o 👓

AAAA 9/10 but to be fair idk my own sexual orientation either so we’d get the same score


Den 5 - Obr. 1/Aquapark, který kvůli bouřce zavřeli 2/Ranní káva 3/Americká snídaně 4/Náhrada za Aquapark
Poznatek číslo 2: Kluci v Americe jsou o dost větší gemtelemani, než v Čechách!