americans saying things in japanese

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wait but aren't people of euro descent also europeans?? bcs if they're not then what abt asian americans who lived in us their entire lives? would u consider then not Asians but only if Asian descent?

r we actually gonna have a debate about this, like is that what we’re gonna spend our time doing today jfc… white people in America consider urselves American or “European American”, bc ur only fuckin there bc Europeans went over and colonised it and murdered the natives
We sent prisoners to Australia in like 1750, nearly 300 years ago, and they colonised and killed out aboriginal people, but 300 years on they don’t call themselves “European Australians” bc their ancestors 3 centuries ago were from Europe, they’re just Australian

i hate this website

Thanks to a thread on /co/, i have now fallen for a short french cartoon thingy called Les Kassos (aka The Dorks in French) Supposely it makes fun of various things in European pop culture, as well as some American and Japanese things. I have to say, it’s actually not that bad.