What time is it? WEREWOLF TIME.

“I’m fine, jeez. Stop fussing.”

Felix isn’t lying. Oh sure, his ear sting where the monster bit him and there is some blood, but it’s not nearly as important as Adrien seems to believe. There’s no need to call the hospital.

(Beside, he’d rather avoid having to explain what he was doing out at three in the morning. Patrolling is no one but the Chat Noirs’ business.)

“What even happened to you? I haven’t heard any akuma.”

What happened?

A misstep.

A fall.

A landing on a soft, living thing.

A surprised yelp.

An instinctive reaction.

Teeth sinking in the soft flesh, then withdrawing as fast as they could at the realization that this is not an enemy, avoiding by a hair to cut off entirely the tip of the ear.

Felix shrugged. “Just another stroke of bad luck.”


Some days are fated to be smooth days.

Today is not one of those.

Felix feels sick the very moment he wakes up. The feeling only increases through the day, going from slight itchiness to urges to throw up and light shaking.

“Are you okay? No offense, but you look terrible.” Asks Adrien.

Felix shakes his head. No, he is not. It’ll probably go away by tomorrow, though.


It does not.



Felix is so not in the mood for that.

Chloe leans almost criminally against his brother, wrapping both arms around him and peppering wet kisses n his cheek. Adrien, ever-so-polite, doesn’t say a thing, but you’d need to be blind not to understand his body language.

It takes every ounce of self-control Felix can muster not to growl at her and drags his brother away.

Instead, he calmly walk up to them, pokerface on.

“Hello to you too, Chloe. I do not believe you’ve turned into an octopus during the night, have you? Would you mind let go of my brother?” To emphasize, he applies his hand on her wrist, intending to pull her away-

Only to violently yanks it away at the burning heat.


What was that????


It happens again later, at a photoshoot this time.

He puts on the suit just fine, adjusts his trousers and shirt with no problems. It’s only when he attempts to put on the silver necklace that trouble arises.

It burns.

There’s no other way to describe that feeling. It burns. The burning cold bites his flesh like a snake and weasels its way deeper like a poison. The pain only last a second (just how long the necklace’s in contact with his bare skin) but he can feel into his bones that any prolonged contact would be unbearable.

(He exchange suits and accessories with Adrien. Nobody notices anyway.)


Felix wakes up with no memories of falling asleep.

This has him confused.

He wakes up in torn-up clothes, on a floor covered of scratch marks and in a room full of misplaced and broken furniture.

This has him worried.

He wakes up to his brother in costume, breathing heavily, looking at him with wide, terrified eyes.

This has him scared.


(Adrien tells him later, of distorting flesh and creaking bones, or teeth reaching for his neck and claws digging into his suit.

Felix feels sick.)


The first thing Felix notices arriving to school that day, is that Bridgette is not here.

Good, he thinks bitterly. If anyone tried to interact with him today, he would rip them to pieces- no, no, he’d be rude, he’d get away, because he’s not equipped to play the social game today, but he wouldn’t- no. No.

These are his first thoughts anyway.

Until Bridgette actually enters the class.

His breath catch in his throat. He doesn’t care about Bridgette. Not the slightest bit.

But what on Earth happened?

A black eye decorates her face, along with a couple smaller bruises. Her knuckles cast similar wounds. She throws him an unreadable look (Bridgette! The girl who might has well has been an open book!) and goes to take her seat.

Marinette comes in a few minutes later in a similar state, apologizing profusely for the lateness.

Neither of the cousins look at the other for the entire day.


Or the one after.


Or the one after.


(This is a lie; they do talk, sometimes, when they’re forced too. But their words are so bitter and mordacious that it’s hard to believe they’re truly family.)



It’s Bridgette, obviously, who comes talking to him. In one hand, he is glad -he’d never realized he’d gotten used to her stalky antics. ON the other… She smiles, she waves, but the annoying sparkle in her eyes is still missing.

“I thought you looked tired these days.” She sounds happy. Why doesn’t she feel happy? “So I brought that for you! It’s wolfbane tea.”

… Wolfbane?

“You know what? I might actually take it.”


Marinette is talking to his brother.

Felix observes them from afar. So far, Marinette seems to be holding herself up. He’s almost impressed. Almost, because being reduced to a stuttering mess because of a crush is kind of stupid in his opinion.

Ah. There. The two bid each other goodbye and Adrien comes back to him, carrying a book.

Wait. Where did he get that book?

“Marinette wanted to give it to me. She said I’d like it.”


It turns out to be true, because Adrien isn’t a picky reader.

Felix also likes it, but for a very different reason.

Right between the pages 44 and 45, there’s a paper. A paper with an url.

Felix is curious. He has to check it.


That url,; is a godsend; it’s full of tips on how to deal with his… furry problem.

(That, and the blogger seems to have beared that curse for a long time. Years. Maybe even a decade.

It’s possible to live like this. He can live like this.)


“How did you know?”

Felix is not stupid. He is not dense either.

The girls look uncomfortable. They avoid his gaze, lips sealed.

Eventually, Marinette pulls up the hem of her jeans.


“I’m sorry.” She whispers, his eyes still locked on the wide bite mark on her ankle. “I’m sorry. it was me.”

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*takes forever to choose* ...♐?

Centaur AU

In a world ruled by the four horsemen, Death, Pestilence, Famine and War, there is nowhere safe. You can chose witch one you’ll serve but while each have their advantages, all are a different form of hell.

But hidden from the eye of the rulers is a organisation working to save their kind from the cruel clutches, centaurs of all four quarters working together. A dangerous thing for even the smallest mistake could have them all locked up and treated as traitors were, with unspeakable pain and torture.

Kagami knew that well, and it was there lurking in the back of her mind as she waited for her partner to show up. Glancing around and shuffling her hooves, in anticipation for her first mission.

Pulling her hood back a little, she grinned as she spotted someone who looked like how her partner was described, Trotting over to them and tapping them on the shoulder.

“Hello, are you Alex by any chance?”

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"EXCUSE ME YOUNG MAN do you have a sec? I'm running a survey. It won't be long, I swear."

“Hmm? Sure, I don’t mind…”

Kaito trailed off when he saw who had called out. He might not remember every random person he met, but someone who’d said he would be able to figure out who Kid is wasn’t the type he’d forget… But it did make him wonder if they really would be able to.

He smiled at the other, putting his hands in his pockets as he completely turned to face them.

“I’m not doing anything right now anyway.”


He was horribly, horribly lost. This wasn’t an area he’d been before and unlike normal he was without any companions… the amount of relief he felt when he spotted someone that didn’t give him the creeps was unreal.

“Um excuse me? Sir…or Ma’m?” He called out. Jogging up to them and hoping his inability to tell their gender wouldn’t be insulting. “Do you happen to have a map..or something like that?”

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white rose, werewolf (whoa, so original)

“I told you I’m not a werewolf, little girl." 

Ruby had found a lost human child wandering around in her forest. 

The small one had snow white hair and bright sky blue eyes. 

"Then what exactly are you? And my name is not little girl, it’s Weiss!" 

Ruby looked down at the huffing girl who held her hand. There wasn’t a single glimmer of fear of her situation in Weiss’s pout.

"I’m a faunus, little girl, a beast descended from the monsters of Old."  


Her heart was pounding, hands tearing at the rocks beneath her as she scrambled to her feet. She almost fell back down, legs threatening to give out beneath her as she stumbled around…trying to find something…

‘Where was Xie?’

She was looking for a while when she finally found them. Running over and collapsing to her knees by her dazed but alive friend.

“Alex!” Without hesitation she full out decked them, fighting the tears in her eyes as she glared angerly down at them. “You IDIOT! How could you do something so reckless?!? You could have died! You would stay dead…your body isn’t just a vessel like mine…”

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YOU! *panting* Jesus fuck you're fast...You're that Kaito Kid the newspapers won't shut up about, aren't you? I don't know what you stole but give it back right now you half-assed macaronian llama douche!

Half-assed macaronian llama douche? Quite the… unique insult….

The thief looked around to make sure no police cars were speeding around nearby before slowing, turning to the person behind him.

“Erm… I am… However, I’ll have to apologise about not giving my target to you, as I’ve made arrangements for the jewel to be returned already.”

Not that he would have just handed it over anyway. Even the detectives had to at least catch him at the heist to get anything back, not just happen upon him in the street afterward.


72. Bodyswap!AU

There was something wrong.

That was the first thing that crossed xir mind when xie opened xir eyes. However, it was only when xie got up than xie really understood what was the problem.

Xie was tall.

Well, xie’d always been, right. But now xie was. Really tall. Taller than usual, at least. That was not normal.

Then, xie noticed that roughly half of xir sight was missing. A quick pat taught xir that xie was wearing an eyepatch. That…Wasn’t normal either.

Third thing was xir arms. Not only they were, err, let’s say beefier, than they should be, but there also was a tatoo -and a cool one, xie’d have to say- on one of them. And xie was 100% sure that xie never got any.

What really settled it, thought, was xir hearing. Xie could hear just fine, don’t worry. It’s just that..How could xie say it….

Oh, right. People’s voices had no colors.

Xie couldn’t feel their emotions. Xie couldn’t hear there honesty. Xie couldn’t, really, hear anything but the most basic thing: their voice, their tones. Nothing else.

And that was the thing that freaked xir out.

So xie ran. Xie dashed through the streets, dashed pass the shops and their windows that kept reflecting something that wasn’t xir body, dashed to the nearest cabine call and called xir own phone at xir house.

Come on, whoever is in my body now, please answer….

Senri opened heavy his eyelids, which immediately made his groggy eyes widen as he realized he had open two eyes and had batter vision than he could remember ever having. He sat up, noticing the red hair that appeared to be hanging from his own head. He looked down at his new pale much more fragile arms with dainty fingers. He let out a shaky deep breath as he tried to remain calm, which was futile, as nothing about the situation was okay.

He snapped out of his horror as he heard an odd ringing, it wasn’t like a doorbell though. He stood up, promptly finding he was much shorter than he’d been in years. His eye scanned what seemed to be a home, although there were many unknown objects that could be found in it. Items that looked like they belonged in Frye’s laboratory. He stopped when his eyes fell on the object the ringing was coming from.

He couldn’t see a bell on it, and it didn’t look like anything he had ever seen in his life. He furrowed his brow as he stared at all the buttons, whether they had letters or numbers engraved in them was a mystery to him. He pressed down on the green button that had been insistently flashing. “What…What is this?” He thought aloud, dumbfounded by the situation.

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6. chained to my muse for three days. 

she had been warned. years ago her siblings, her parents, and everyone who was actually smart, had warned her not to play around with handcuffs. but did she listen? no. one moment she was showing off for Alex, next moment, shes handcuffed to xir. and the situation wouldnt have been that bad either if it werent for the fact that she had misplaced the key. 

she figured she would have to find it fast, though, because her not being able to find it, meant alex following her everywhere she went. she couldnt go to the bathroom, sleep, or even shower without xir being there next to her. Sera didnt take this that seriously at first, but she would soon find out how awkward things would get quickly. for she would be chained to Alex for the next three days. 


“Hey Alex, is that you?” She called out, remembering how xie’s had described xir costume. “Your costume looks great. ”

Jogging up to xir she pulled the rim of her hat back and smiled.

“It’s me, Kagami! I have a new body -though I don’t know how- and I can taste human food!”

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"EXCUSE ME YOUNG WOMAN do you happen to know where is Beacon academy? I kind of got lost."

“Beacon Academy?” Yang smiled. “The gate actually isn’t that far from here.” Lilac eyes scrutinized the stranger. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around Vale before, which is weird. I knew pretty much everyone at Signal. I’m Yang. What’s your name?”

Run From the Fear-College AU+Alex Shoutime

It had been a long flight- almost twelve hours from Osaka to Los Angeles- but Kazuha had finally arrived at and settled into her dorm at USC. Now, she had to tell everyone back home that she’d gotten there safely.

She sat down at the desk, turned on her computer, and opened her email. The first message went to her parents, the next several to Ran and a couple other close friends. Those were the easy ones.

The hard part came when she had to decide what to say to Heiji. She sat for a long time, debating on a simple ‘hey I’m here, I’m tired from the flight but otherwise fine,’ like the others, or an explanation.

He seemed to have been thinking of her at the same time she was thinking of him, as a message from him popped up in her inbox.

The subject was the question he’d probably had in mind for months, since she told him she was going to America for school.

Why did y’ leave?

She sat for a minute, debating whether to read it, delete it, or ignore it. She decided on the last, pseudo-responding with a message like all the others, then turned off the computer and went to lie down on the bed.

Aho. I left because o’ y’. Because I don’t wanna be around t’ see y’ fall in love with someone else. Selfish, I know, but-

Her thoughts were cut off when a redhead- her roommate, she assumed- entered, carrying a suitcase that they proceeded to dump on the vacant bed.

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"Oh, hey, Sera! Didn't expect to run into you in the middle of the night."

“uh.. A-Alex??… what.. are you doing out here?… at 12 am…”

sera held her breath for as long as she could to try to avoid smelling xir. at most she had eaten a squirrel that night. the odds were not in her favor. 

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And now his face was burning, red stretching across his cheeks and all the way to the tips of his ears as he, slowly, hesitantly, and incredibly reluctantly moved his hands down. 

His fingers hooked into the waistline of his boxers and he glanced up, for the briefest of moments, before swiftly averting his gaze again and, after a beat or two, slid the final article of clothing down. He kicked them off to the side into the pile of the rest of his clothes, before promptly dropping onto the ground and pulling his knees to his chest in a small attempt to cover himself up.

“…There.” He crossed his arms. “Happy?”