‘I miss you,’ he admitted.
‘I’m here,’ she said.
'That’s when I miss you most. When you’re here. When you aren’t here, when you’re just a ghost from the past or a dream from another life, it’s easier then.’
—  Neil Gaiman, American Gods

Direct action is happening RIGHT NOW. A Native man has locked down on oil equipment as an act of peaceful resistance against Dakota Access Pipeline. Natives on the front lines surrounded him to help protect and were being told by police they were not aloud to protest. Police are making things up as they go saying things like “you’re distrubing a government function”. They are on a power trip, this whole operation is a violation of sovereignty and civil rights.
Please go to¬if_t=live_video¬if_id=1472500173445396
and watch the most recent live feeds.
After that you can check out the ongoing livefeed on

Please send Standing Rock your support and spread the word about what is happening, because the media is trying to ignore this! The only way we will get the truth out to the people is through word of mouth.