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What happens next at Standing Rock?

  • On Sunday, a historic victory was declared when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers declined the permit request for the Dakota Access pipeline.
  • Energy Transfer Partners, the oil company behind the pipeline deal, has been vocal in their public criticism of the Army Corps’ decision.
  • With a stroke of a pen, Trump could allow ETP to continue with their pipeline construction plans.
  • This is precisely why Standing Rock Tribe Chairman David Archambault II has taken the initiative to arrange a meeting with the president-elect
  • Now, the Army Corps of Engineers has to submit another assessment — called an Environmental Impact Statement — of the pipeline before any further action.
  • The statement is made up of three phases — scoping, draft and final — and is open to public input before the statement becomes finalized.
  • This process could take several months past Trump’s inauguration, according to Andy Pearson, an environmental activist. Read more

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The first Somali-American woman elected to public office was subject to virulent Islamophobic harassment this week when she went to DC

When Ilhan Omar made history by becoming the first Somali-American elected to office in the United States, she told supporters that they represented “what we as a nation want to be: united in our diversity.” This week, the 33-year-old refugee experienced firsthand just how much work we have to do to achieve that goal. And the way she’s handling the terrible attack is admirable.

To whatever is the name of the man who wants do make a American version of Skam:

Are you sure that you still want make a American version of Skam after this clip? Do you really think that you’ll be able to produce something as beautiful and emotinal as this? Because I’m fucking serious when I say that NOBODY has the right to mess with this scene that is now one of my favorites.