Your name is the AMERICAN HORROR STORY FANDOM. Even though you’re smaller than the Sherlock or even the Hetalia fandoms, that doesn’t mean you don’t have people that care about you.

Though, to other’s that don’t know much about you, you come off as rather intimidating and, let’s face it, a little mentally unstable. How can you blame them? You love things all bloody and gory. Weither it’s ghosts, nymphomaniacs, deranged family members, or psychopaths, you still give off the impression that there is something in them for you to care about. Not to mention, that your favorite characters are played by the handsome EVAN PETERS for that matter.

You tend to wear a lot of face-paint as you prepare for the noble war. Some people think you’re crazy. Do you? Of course not. You’re just someone who enjoys getting entertainment out of surprising people, and maybe even scaring them slightly in your grotesque ways, But you’re also sensitive, especially when others bring up touchy subjects that you can directly relate to.

You don’t quite know many other fandoms, but you’d like to. The thing is, normal people scare you. That’s why you’ve taken flushed feelings towards the Supernatural Fandom. Now, they know how to give a good scare or plot twist every now and then as you do. Even though they’re more of a successful series than you, you just hope that you can one day have the courage to say something to them without pointing a gun directly at a person’s face..