The Hudson River School Painters

During the 19th century, American painters created extremely large landscapes that represented vast open spaces of the American countryside. These vast open spaces were often oriented towards the top or left hand side of the painting. Does this orientation have any relationship to the perspective of those Americans eager to expand America westward at this time? 

Asher Durand. Dover Plains, Dutchess County, New York 1848

Albert Brierstadt San Rafael 1875

Thomas Cole The Oxbow 1836


There are plenty of fascinating documentaries about the global financial system and its impacts on the world at large however I have found this to be one of my favourites.

We are, without question, living in the end times of the American Empire. Resources are being exploited in an unsustainable way, the financial system has become a parasite syphoning wealth out of the entire global economy and Capitalism has been replaced by a Plutocratic system rooted neo-classical economic ideas that are divorced from reality.  

It should be something that is openly discussed but economics is not something well understood by society at large. In fact, the prevailing meme is to see economics as dull and too complex for the average person to understand.

I would say the motivation for creating this documentary is to change that perception and to share knowledge that is currently underrepresented or misrepresented in society.

The Renegade Economist YouTube channel puts it this way:

“By interviewing the world’s best thinkers The Renegade Economist reveals facts that are not available from the mainstream media.

This means you can make up your own mind on the decisions that will affect your future.”

Its the last line that sums up the value of this documentary for me. It is hard to watch the entrenched interests talk about the importance of Capitalism while at the same time implementing policies that use state power to enrich private interest. Its also hard to watch those opposed to the current system lobby for Socialism when State-based socialist systems have been equally if not more destructive than our current one. The documentary provides a basic overview of the current system that we take for granted without suggesting conspiracy theories or courses of action doomed to failure (like the Zeitgeist series, for example) and that, in my mind, makes its content a useful addition to my knowledge base.
Noam Chomsky is right: It’s the so-called serious who devastate the planet and cause the wars

“With Ahab, Melville looked to the past, basing his obsessed captain on Lucifer, the fallen angel in revolt against the heavens, and associating him with America’s “manifest destiny,” with the nation’s restless drive beyond its borders.  With Amasa, Melville glimpsed the future.”