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Ohhh my gohhhhhd American Woodcock in movement. This shit is adorably hilarious. Just watch just watch, you will not regret it! I so have to make gifs later :’)

beewulf  asked:

tell me about your woodcock

ohhhhh my god my woodcock

well, woodcocks

im not kidding when i say they’re a shorebird that got lost, their closest relatives are sandpipers and snipes, so the fact that they live in the woods of all places is absolutely fucking amazing

their eyes are placed really weirdly on their head because it gives them 360 vision while they hunt for worms, so while their beaks are shoved down into the mud, they can keep an eye on everything around them

and their beaks have an extra hinge so that when they go for the worm, they can tweeze it out of the ground instead of having to open their whole beak

you can see that extra hinge in action above, see how his top beak sorta curves up?  yeah there’s a hinge there for super worm tweezing action

when the males fly, and you hear that weird chirping noise, that isn’t a vocalization, that’s the wind through their wings

its just





The American WoodEch

It’s well known for the “ECH” sound it makes.

I wanted to draw a simple fluffy chick…and it got a bit out of hand. This is an American Woodcock mom and her chicks. They can walk around and forage on their own right after hatching, but they stick close to their mom. The coloring of these birds is what’s known as “cryptic,” which means they just blend in with their surroundings.