American University of Paris (Round Two)

AUP is the most diverse school on the planet.

We come from 100s of different places, speak 80 different languages and dialects, and form a 3rd space where cosmopolitanism is normal and nurtured.

The downside? America is taking over the world. At AUP we speak english, have an american style bar and sports program, have Friends streaming on the flatscreens, and if you don’t want to leave the “America-in-paris” the school caters to, you never have to.

7th syndrome is described by students as the unwillingness or inability to ever get out of the 7th arrondissement, where AUP as well as La Tour Eiffel, Invalides, cute boutiques, starbucks, and all types of cuisine are located. It’s beautiful, its bourgeois, it has everything you need. Only downside is that you will leave Paris feeling like you missed well….everything.

I think the major problem at our school is that, the Americans particularly, don’t learn french sufficiently or the french culture because they’re not getting involved beyond the borders of AUP. Other nationalities are wayyy more prone to multi-culturalism or cosmopolitanism because they speak like, 5 languages already, live in other places than the 7th, and are learning daily in english which may be their 3rd or 4th language.

Personally, I clung to AUP’s 7th network my first year here, lounging at the champs de mars with my fellow english speakers… But I think that support was really what I needed my first year, especially without Edy or any family in the city. Training wheels. But in the spring of my first year I wanted more girl friends, and let me tell you french girls circles are not easy to break into.

I joined The Dolls as a way to dance and meet new friends and it forced me to use french conversationally several times a week, go to the gyms outside the 7th, and grow a little…not as an american living in Paris, but as a cosmopolitan living in Paris.

Anyway, now that my love Edouard is back in the city this second year I’m here, I’ve grown even more. I converse at dinners with his family, go out sometimes with his friend group, feel more integrated than ever on my cheer squad, and run around the city with my navigo like never before (lol)

Even being a peer mentor and student adviser helps you recognize your capabilities to branch out in the city and socially, you learn so much more when you bust out of the damn america bubble.

Moral of the story…AUP advertises that it is the most diverse, cosmopolitan school on earth. That’s true, but that is definitely what you make it. Americans should avoid 7th syndrome by reaching out with their interests (sports…hobbies..boys) in a purely french way.

Quick Tip #1

• While at AUP, take a look at the art history courses that are offered. If you find one you like, take it! The bonus being that the special student ID card you receive will get you into (almost) every art museum in Paris for free (or at least for a reduced price), including the Louvre, the Musée D'Orsay, L'Orangerie, and others. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a junior in high school and I am currently interested in AUP. I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not it's required to have an interview with admissions at AUP to get accepted? Also, is there a work study available at the school? Congrats on your acceptance!

Hello :)

No, it is not required to interview, but I can tell you from experience it does help. I met with my admissions counselor about a month prior to the Early Admissions cut off date and she said it helps them put names with faces and gain a better sense of understanding of who the applicant is. Yes, there is the option of work study at AUP and I highly suggest it so you can “save” on tuition costs. If you have any more questions, just ask!

Merci et bisous x


I was not this excited for my first college.  AUP I really did not expect to end up this happy with my choice to spend my next three years with you.



Sorry for the long pause you guys. I can’t even start to recap the last few weeks without sounding incredibly cliche and dropping a big ol’


in the obvious good and bad ways.

Orientation started 2 days after I got back from the south, and of course my apartment was a giant mess, dusty from unuse, and the hotspot I had used as my internet connect had suddenly disappeared. No time for all that - I had 10 hours a day of meeting new students, giving tours, answering questions, and going on housing visits! Luckily, I made new friends and got to run around the city I love in the late august sunshine…Best part? Dinner out with the advisees was up to the Marais on a sunday night - Falafels, vintage clothes shopping, and a bus ride on the beautiful Quai de Louvre at sunset…Fed me on many different levels.

Breathe. After the 2 weeks of Orientation I was exhausted and hugely frustrated because during that time I had zero opportunity to get done the errands that punctuate my every day. 

Had to get a new phone contract, set up internet at my place, get tons of documents from various places for my Carte de Sejour appointment, buy a new straightener, make doctors appointments, take care of peer mentor responsibilities, and oh yeah and learn SIXTEEN ROUTINES for the various cheer performances on the weekends.

Needless to say Edy was getting really sick of me (grumpy tired..) and my parents were getting worried because I hadn’t emailed in so long..

SO NOW Classes have begun, my errands list is dwindling, thank god, and I think MAYBE the dust is settling. Not to say I dont have an ounce of stress - I do you should feel my shoulders - but I’m ready to come back to you, my beloved, my blog.

I got rejected from the American University of Paris literally a day after I submitted my application...

They haven’t received my SAT scores and probably didn’t take the time to read my common app essay or see my extracurricular activities. 

Sorry, but what a shitty admissions process.  Especially after they claimed to have “carefully reviewed my application.”

No, you glanced over my transcripts and probably didn’t take the time to see the school I go to or that I’m probably the most experienced film applicant that applied to your school…

I didn’t even want to go there and I applied as part of a mistake on Naviance’s part–but seriously so irked at how in less than a day after my app was submitted they sent my rejection.  Can’t they even pretend to look over my application? So irritated. Glad it wasn’t a top choice college. I’m sure it’s a great school, but it doesn’t have a great admissions process. 


Ah Paris <3 Take me back!

Quick Tip #2

• Like the NYC monthly unlimited metro card, Paris has the monthly Navigo pass. If you know you are going to be using public transportation often, make it a point to get a pass. However, you will have to get one from a booth. If you cannot speak French, bring along a friend or student adviser who does and who can help you get one - you’ll save yourself money and a few headaches!