American University called police to protect its first black female student body president

  • American University spokesperson Teresa Flannery said law enforcement has been dispatched to protect Taylor Dumpson — the school’s first black female student government president — and her family after a racist incident on campus that targeted her and her sorority. Read more. (5/5/17, 6:15 PM)

4.30.17 / 4:30 pm / kai’s song- the overcoats
i had a very productive and picturesque sunday. i camped out in emissary sipping on a tiny, wonderful cappuccino whilst doing final essay prep. finals season is upon us, so it’s important to remember to relax and treat yourself with a drink or meal every so often, & there’s no better place to treat yourself than in dc!

Fun fact: when I walked at graduation today, I heard a voice yelling, “IMPALER!” It was my professor from my freshman seminar. On the first day of class nearly four years ago, he asked me if I went by any nickname or alternate name, and I said, “No… except for those who call me ‘The Impaler,’” and he continued to call me that for the entire course of the class, even on essay evaluations and stuff. I guess he remembered me. Never thought I’d tear up over being called 'Impaler…’


5.4.17 / 2:33 pm / 99- elliot moss

as you can see from the cute lil bottom of the cup in the lower right picture, i paid a visit to grace street coffee today & had the most heavenly matcha latte. if you’re ever in the dc georgetown area and you’re looking for a cup of coffee, check it out. i went there with my roommate today to get some work done after i finished both of the finals i had scheduled today, & the combination of the atmosphere, the open window, & the latte was so pleasing to my senses. i’ll definitely be going to this coffee shop again soon.

after we went to the coffee shop, we were on the bus home when we came across the coolest playground i’ve ever seen. being the spontaneous college students that we are, we hopped off the bus at the nearest stop, ran to the playground, shed our backpacks, & began acting like 5 year olds. i think finals season brings it out in all of us. the sweetest kid showed us around the playground & we entertained him for around an hour before we decided to head home for dinner.

today i finished:

- my analysis of us foreign policy final (definitely a high A; i used two blue books for the essay questions & was the only one who had to do this. the material just kind of flowed)

- my micro final (definitely a high A, an A- at the very least. i’ve never felt quite this confident about econ before. it’s refreshing)

- an essay revision assignment (i get to turn in the essay for an improved grade)

- an essay outline for my paper due tomorrow (it’s only 5 pages & not research-based. it’ll only take a few hours)

Got my acceptance into New York University today.

Holy shit. I was accepted into every single college I applied to…

  1. New York University
  2. George Washington University
  3. Northeastern University
  4. American University
  5. Emerson College
  6. Moravian College
  7. Eugene Lang College

I will definitely choose either NYU or GWU, I’m just not quite sure yet.


Albany State University Platinum Divas

A noose was found inside the African American History Museum

Why can’t we have nice things…

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So is this supposed to make me forget about the daily let downs that I experience on Metro? Because it doesn’t. Metro apparently sent these thank you emails out to riders today.