Thrillist created this hilarious map of what DC’s Metro stations are actually like. To see a more detailed version of the map click here

“Since World War II, the deadliest war in human history, we have used our power to try to bind nations together in a system of international law. We have led an evolution of those human institutions President Kennedy spoke about—to prevent the spread of deadly weapons, to uphold peace and security, and promote human progress. We now have the opportunity to build on that progress. We built a coalition and held it together through sanctions and negotiations, and now we have before us a solution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, without resorting to war. As Americans, we should be proud of this achievement. And as members of Congress reflect on their pending decision, I urge them to set aside political concerns, shut out the noise, consider the stakes involved with the vote that you will cast. If Congress kills this deal, we will lose more than just constraints on Iran’s nuclear program, or the sanctions we have painstakingly built. We will have lost something more precious: America’s credibility as a leader of diplomacy; America’s credibility as the anchor of the international system.” —President Obama on the Iran deal

American University Alumna Develops Advice Blog for Recent College Grads and Young Professionals

After graduating from the American University with a Master’s degree in Public Communication at the age of 22, I quickly realized that ‘life after college’ was not as glitzy and glamorous as I’d so desperately hoped. Upon initiating this conversation, with many of my friends, I’d discovered that they, too, had come to this sudden realization. Nevertheless, despite the obstacles we face as millennials entering the professional world, our level of ambition, determination and willingness to make sacrifices, I believe, is bound to propel us forward. In fact, it was these specific qualities, which I noticed in myself and my similarly aged peers, that prompted me to create my first personal blog, “My Freshman Year of Life,” intended to capture the early stages of the journeys of today’s “Young Professionals.

Although I know that I’m not alone in my journey, I hope that I can inspire and be inspired by the individuals that I will introduce you to.

 When I’m not helping others, killing the streets with my fashion sense,  or having conversations about my future, find me updating my blog.

“Worry looks around, fear looks back, guilt looks down, faith looks up and I look forward” –  Unknown

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VETEMENTS / Leather Pant

Robert Clergerie / Kross Pump

Limi Feu / Flutter Sleeve Dress

Y’s / Shark Sole Shoe

Jacquemus / La Robe d/Enfant

MHL by Margaret Howell / Monkey Boot

Limi Feu / Short Cardigan

Comme des Garçons SHIRT GIRL / Quilted Skirt

Margaret Howell / Great Coat

Woman by Common Projects / Chelsea Sneaker

Hachung Lee / Wool Coat

MHL by Margaret Howell / Single Pocket Shirt

Hachung Lee / Asymmetric Wool Skirt

Guidi / Lace-up Platform Boot

Maison Martin Margiela Line 1 / Tie-Back Bib

Zero + Maria Cornejo / Lina Rollneck

Introducing Atelier No. 2: American University, 1983. 

An homage to the refined academic, a studied approach to the imperfect. 

-La Garçonne

11 Actual Signs You Go To American University

Y'all know the Buzzfeed “15 Signs You Went to American University” listicle? The one that made the most bland and stereotypical AU jokes? Well, here’s a list of 11 actual signs you go to American University.

1. You’ve stopped complaining about the AU Shuttle because you should’ve left AU’s campus by now and you’ve learned that WMATA is much worse.

2. You complain about the people who monopolize classroom discussions with their personal politics-

External image

3. -but let’s be real you probably do it all the time.

4. You laugh when people complain about 8:55 classes because you’ve got a real job or internship and need to wake up at 7 in the morning.

External image

5. You’ve stopped trying to pick up guys in MGC. In fact, let’s face it, you’ve probably stopped trying to find someone to date on AU’s campus at all.

6. You’re actually offended someone made an AU-themed listicle and didn’t make a West Wing joke.

7. Or a House of Cards joke.

External image

8. Seriously, not even a Newsroom joke? We’re obsessed with our TV shows.

9. You’re over the supposed SIS-SPA-Kogod rivalry.

10. The only thing more annoying than all the political discussions are all the people complaining about the political discussions.

External image

11. Finally, you’re embarrassed and a little bit ashamed every time an AU student publishes something that is rife with spelling and grammar errors.

External image

This is the Cleveland Park metro station today due to the storm! Courtesy of DC Metro Connection