George Washington University no longer requests SAT or ACT for admission

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Fun fact: when I walked at graduation today, I heard a voice yelling, “IMPALER!” It was my professor from my freshman seminar. On the first day of class nearly four years ago, he asked me if I went by any nickname or alternate name, and I said, “No… except for those who call me ‘The Impaler,’” and he continued to call me that for the entire course of the class, even on essay evaluations and stuff. I guess he remembered me. Never thought I’d tear up over being called 'Impaler…’

Got my acceptance into New York University today.

Holy shit. I was accepted into every single college I applied to…

  1. New York University
  2. George Washington University
  3. Northeastern University
  4. American University
  5. Emerson College
  6. Moravian College
  7. Eugene Lang College

I will definitely choose either NYU or GWU, I’m just not quite sure yet.


New video!

In which we explore Washington, DC’s vast and diverse collection of landmarks, museums, and galleries - ranging from institutions like the Hirshhorn to the art-worthy metro system. Let’s take a trip through Washington, DC.

Featuring the Renwick Gallery @americanartmuseum, @aumuseumatkatzen@freersackler, @hirshhorn, National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Phillips Collection, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Hemphill Fine Arts, Adamson Gallery, Transformer, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


Black students at American University say rotten bananas are being thrown at them

A black student at American University reported that someone threw a banana at her dorm room door earlier this month. Another black student says she found a rotten banana outside her room the same night. The school is reportedly investigating two white male freshmen. The school’s Black Student Alliance is protesting and calling for the students’ suspension. The university has responded to the incident with a fairly boilerplate statement. 

11 Actual Signs You Go To American University

Y'all know the Buzzfeed “15 Signs You Went to American University” listicle? The one that made the most bland and stereotypical AU jokes? Well, here’s a list of 11 actual signs you go to American University.

1. You’ve stopped complaining about the AU Shuttle because you should’ve left AU’s campus by now and you’ve learned that WMATA is much worse.

2. You complain about the people who monopolize classroom discussions with their personal politics-

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3. -but let’s be real you probably do it all the time.

4. You laugh when people complain about 8:55 classes because you’ve got a real job or internship and need to wake up at 7 in the morning.

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5. You’ve stopped trying to pick up guys in MGC. In fact, let’s face it, you’ve probably stopped trying to find someone to date on AU’s campus at all.

6. You’re actually offended someone made an AU-themed listicle and didn’t make a West Wing joke.

7. Or a House of Cards joke.

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8. Seriously, not even a Newsroom joke? We’re obsessed with our TV shows.

9. You’re over the supposed SIS-SPA-Kogod rivalry.

10. The only thing more annoying than all the political discussions are all the people complaining about the political discussions.

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11. Finally, you’re embarrassed and a little bit ashamed every time an AU student publishes something that is rife with spelling and grammar errors.

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