So this isn’t the first time I’ve drawn Sonic pachinkos, but I had to do it again because I’ve been thinkin’ about it lately.

I kinda wanted to draw them in the context of what race they might be, based on their species, voices, or backstory. 

So Sonic is a black American because Jaleel White, and I really wanted to draw him with a fade haha.  Also I feel like his canonical “favorite clothes” from the OVA are distinctly supposed to be ‘cool American 90s street fashion’.  (Admittedly I’ve also been thinking about Sonic as black because of a tweet from MovieBob awhile back about cross-racial voice casting.)

Tails is Japanese because he’s obviously a kitsune demon fox spirit and he’s moé as fuck, and that’s all there is to it.

And Knux is aboriginal Australian because echidnas are from Australia and he’s descended from tribal ancestors (this is actually my buddy @oldmandarin‘s idea, I would’ve made him Mayan because of the ruins in Sonic Adventure, but I like his idea way better for this sort of exercise!)

ANYWAY… have some fast boys.  And an alternate version where sanic has his hat.  Enjoy!