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It's so disappointing to see the price hike. I'm from the US and have almost no hope of getting to see a game there, but the fact that football there seemed so surrounded around the fans drew me into it. I hope it doesn't turn into American football. To get a season ticket for a mediocre team here is usually around $20,000 and decent tickets for a game are closer to $300 now.

Fucking hell! Are you serious? That’s like what, £200 a game!? Oh my god. I know nothing about American football other than what I’ve seen when they’ve shown the games at Wembley, but don’t they last like hours? Still that is way too much. I don’t understand it.
Football here has always revolved around the fans, Liverpool especially, which is why it’s such a big issue. And Liverpool has always been a city built on its hard working people, to make them pay so much to watch a team of millionaires play like we’ve been playing at home recently is absurd. It’s just not right

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Give Up The Ghost/American Nightmare - AEIOU

Sitting only cause I couldn’t stand to
Walk much further under black skies with watered eyes
I was watching the tide rolling in
And I was thinking I should move from here and start again
My legs barely hold all of my heart and soul
My ears hardly hear, only our sound is clear
My mouth merely moves, the words just disappear
My eyes see so clear, a reason to care

Maybe we weren’t supposed to wake up today
Leaving the room only to celebrate that nothing’s changed
If I was there, if you were here
The world could end, I wouldn’t care
So wake me up never, please
Lock the door and lose the keys

To set the record straight- I never could relate and
Just when it all went wrong, you sang a different song
Never knew someone that knew how the years had been
And I never thought that I would ever end up like this
So hidden, for and gone, I’m so crowded alone

And I hope you understand, you fixed my broken plan


I was counting all the good things about this city, and the only good thing is you are not here.


American Nightmare - AM/PM

Tonight is an American Nightmare night.

russia post is weird.

i was checking the russia post website to see what is prohibited from being mailed to and from russia, and most of the shit was pretty standard fare.

most of these rules are similar to usps rules (of course russian laws are different than american laws, but nothing too weird yet). 

there was something on the last paragraph though that fucked with me. 

sending information about the earth’s interior to or from russia is a federal crime. putin believes in hollow earth