FTC Busts Walmart: Phony 'Made In The USA' Campaign Full Of Products Not Made In The USA (VIDEO)

FTC Busts Walmart: Phony ‘Made In The USA’ Campaign Full Of Products Not Made In The USA (VIDEO)

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Reeling from negative press relating to Walmart’s long and ugly history of forcing U.S. based manufacturers to relocate overseas, Walmart announced that the company would be investing $250 billion in new, American-made products. In an attempt to appeal to the 80 percent of U.S. shoppers who prefer to buy products that are made in the United States, the Walmart corporation plastered its website…

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“Ten years ago on this day in September, the last Maytag refrigerator moved down the assembly line in Galesburg, Illinois, a quiet little city of 32,000 on the western edge of the Rust Belt. Workers signed the white appliance with a black Sharpie as it passed, said their goodbyes, and left to start new lives.”

Chad Broughton discusses what happens to a manufacturing town a decade after the primary employer leaves.


An employee loads a the first skillet pattern into our new Disamatic, the machine that makes sand molds. The second photo shows one half of a a sand mold made by this pattern. Once a sand mold is made, molten iron is poured in to it, where it hardens in the shape of a skillet.

As a part of this year’s foundry expansion, we added one new Disamatic machine, bringing our count up to three.


Shinola Detroit

The Watch Factory

New Center Detroit, Michigan (Editorial) (Wedding + Portrait)
Could the USA see a manufacturing boom over the next few years?

A recent study has shown that the USA could soon experience a manufacturing boom. The Boston Consulting Group believes that manufacturers could switch production to the USA from China to cut costs.

Wall Street Journal Optimistic about American Manufacturing

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The Wall Street Journal published an optimistic article this week that shared some awesome and interesting facts about American manufacturing. Here are some key points:

- Rising exports and production in the U.S. could create 2.5 to 5 million jobs by 2020, reducing the unemployment rate, which is now at 7.4% to as low as 4.4%. (From a report released by The Boston Consulting Group)

- The U.S. deficit on the trade of manufactured goods has gone down $2 billion in just the first half of this year: from $227 billion to $225 billion. (According to Economist & Trade Expert Ernest Preeg of the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation)

- 12 million Americans are directly employed by manufacturers. Two decades ago, 17 million Americans were employed by manufactures. 

- “The U.S. is steadily becoming one of the lowest-cost countries for manufacturing in the developed world.” (BCG)

- The U.S. made only 11% of the the world’s manufactured exports in 2011. In 2000, we made 19% of them. In the same time period, China rose from making just 7% of exports to almost 21% . The European Union has stayed comparatively steady, slipping to 20% from 22%.

- One of the biggest struggles for U.S. manufacturers is finding the skilled workers to manage sophisticated, computer-controlled machinery.

WSJ article written by James R. Hagerty