“In 2006, Congress passed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, a bill conceived of and advanced by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate-sponsored conservative think tank and lobbying group that champions pro-"free market” legislation. The new law criminalizes actions aimed at “damaging or interfering with the operations of an animal enterprise,” including First Amendment activity such as pickets and boycotts. The legislation was crafted explicitly to empower law enforcement to squelch hitherto legal, above-ground animal rights advocacy, after a group of activists called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty nearly shut down an infamous multinational animal testing corporation through purely legal means. Activists charge SHAC’s target, Huntingdon Life Sciences, with killing hundreds of animals a day through their toxicity testing business, which involves practices such as injecting puppies with pesticides. Undercover footage has shown Huntingdon technicians punching beagle puppies in the face and dissecting a live, conscious monkey. Under the AETA’s predecessor, the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, six SHAC activists were convicted as terrorists for posting publicly available information on a website. They were sentenced to a combined 23 years in prison. The new law was created because the animal enterprise lobbies felt that those penalties did not go far enough.

This year, laws were passed in Iowa and Utah that make it a crime to take a job at a factory farm for the purpose of shooting clandestine video footage of animal abuse. As with the AETA, these laws were a direct response to the success of an animal advocacy group using legal means to expose industrial cruelty – in this case an undercover video by Mercy For Animals. The FBI has already recommended prosecuting undercover investigators under the AETA as terrorists.“

Just in case you still believe these people have nothing to hide. 


The TPP and the American Legislative Exchange Council are perfect example why we should demand transparency in government from politicians and our political leaders (regardless if it’s a Democrat or a Republican). How can we trust that the decisions being made behing closed doors is the correct decision for the rest of us? Who really benefits from those decisions being made being closed doors?

It just looks shady when there’s no transparency becuase decisions are being made behind closed doors.

Undercover investigations have exposed patterns of horrific animal welfare abuses on factory farms and slaughterhouses, and led to criminal convictions and public health investigations. Rather than addressing these problems, a powerful organization called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) wants to criminalize anyone who brings animal abuse to light…

This bring us to “ag-gag” bills which target whistleblowers, undercover investigators, and journalists. They have been introduced in 9 states this year, and last year they became law in 3 states. Some go so far as to criminalize anyone who “possesses” or “distributes” photographs and YouTube videos. As NPR reported, this isn’t just about animal activists: these bills put journalists at risk.

Who is behind this? Big Ag corporations, working with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC has a model bill that labels whistleblowers, investigators, and those who share the footage as “terrorists.”


Petition | ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council): Exposing animal abuse is not a crime! |

Even if you care nothing about animals, you have to understand that this will make your food unsafe to eat.
'Smart' ALECs running Richmond - Inside NoVA

…one particular pro-business group exercises what seems to be a huge amount of influence over pro-business lawmakers. (Of course, if we ever spot any “anti-busi­ness” lawmakers out there — something that hasn’t been located since the beginning of the republic — we’ll be sure to let you know.) The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is generally described by its members as “pro-business” and “free-market.” And lawmakers who support their priorities, it turns out, also can be ALEC members — and no less than 115 cur­rent or former state lawmak­ers have such ties, according to the study. In fact, akin to the revolving door of con­gressmen­turned-highly­paid lobbyists in Washing­ton, ALEC leaders in Virginia have been known to go on to legislative leadership posts in Richmond, and vice versa. They may be totally different jobs, but they in­volve all the same group of people.


ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is a right-wing corporate-funded lobby which seeks to overturn the “socialist” policies of our current president by “working with” Republican state legislators.  They’re bringing high-powered Washington lobbyists to state capitols.  Wanna know why so many states all of a sudden and all at the same time started attacking public employee unions?  Or simultaneously filed lawsuits against Obamacare, oftentimes with bills using the same language?  It’s our friends at ALEC.  Too bad local news programs are too busy showing fires and crime stories to let viewers know where their state’s Republican legislative bills are actually coming from.

Florida Republican state representative Rachel Burgin – here showing her love for black children and her concerns for their education – recently introduced another anti-Obama bill which was actually written by ALEC.  Nothing unusual there, except she forgot to take ALEC’s mission statement off the top of the proposed bill ALEC had written when she introduced it as her own.

Awkward, but not embarrassing to people who have no shame.


Get Smart About ALEC For F29.

Food, Foodstuffs, Soda, and Civilians

Wow, I just had 1 (one) conversation with 1 (one) friend and I feel like it just balanced out about a years’ worth of the influence of about everyone else I know.
She was talking about her new tendencies of diet, in particular her persuasion away from soda.  According to this friend, soda is to pancreatic cancer as cigarettes are to lung cancer and, again according to my friend, pancreatic cancer is perhaps the most deadly form of cancer, the symptoms of which one experiences only once it’s to late to treat.
This very same friend long ago quit smoking cigarettes, eats very little red meat, and etc. etc.

The amount of soda I’ve taken in in the past is ridiculous.  It’s been a running joke amongst my friends.  I’m like some cute loveable tv character with a severe, endearing, and deadly addiction to sugar.
To offer a bit of background, the way it appears to me is:  Historically, since around the age of 17-18 I’ve had little to no money and therefore have been unable to transport myself conveniently to actual grocers.  Instead I relied on say, the vending machine in the front hall at my first studio.  Soda (or “juice”) and candy or chips with barely a thought on actual food.  Even amongst my peers who weren’t savagely ravaged by the pre-packaged garbage that stocks the shelves of the vending machine, actual food was and continues to be rare.
Let me back up a bit.  If it comes in a package, it is not food.  It is food like substance or “foodstuffs."  If it doesn’t grow from earth or water it isn’t food.  Again, it’s "foodstuffs.”
Yes “food like substances, it’s what’s been for dinner the past many years!" 
Even in loving homes made and kept by caring parents who truly have no priority above the safety and happiness of their children, actual food is sometimes entirely absent.
No, with an influx of legislation (largely from the American Legislative Exchange Council) aimed at basically outlawing the small farm and even family gardens, we are perhaps watching our freedom to choose actual food over food like substances disappear.
When I did a web search on ALEC. Small Farms, and junk, Alex Jones’ "Infowars” was all over the place.  I was careful to avoid those links.
Just the thought of congress toying with these ideas, and the hubris of doing so in the name of protecting the health of Americans reminds me of the elephant in the room.  The elephant in the room that’s been in the room since the before our records begin.  The elephant in the room that, if we don’t start to address is just going to go ahead with business as usual and that’s what ALL this mess is.  Business as usual.
This elephant, it has a name.  It’s name is Sociopath.
The #ALEC Loyalty Problem - #ALECexposed #occupy

We all have a problems when politicians are representing the shady/corrupt interests of front group known as ALEC instead of the people. This makes government unreliable, ineffective, corrupt, and dysfunctional when corrupt corporate interest are calling the shots in government legislation.

We The People

We The Corporations

Witch hunter Joseph McCarthy would be proud of ALEC. So proud! Like McCarthy, the shadowy corporate lobby group wants oaths of allegiance.

McCarthy demanded loyalty pledges to the United States. ALEC, by contrast, wants its lawmaker members to vow first allegiance to ALEC.

ALEC (All Legislation Enhancing Corporations) asked the legislators it appoints as state directors to raise their right wings and swear: “I will act with care and loyalty and put the interests of the organization first.”

ALEC first. Before the lawmaker’s constituents. Before the interests of the lawmaker’s state. Before the constitution of the United States. ALEC asked its lawmakers to forsake their oaths of office and swear fidelity instead to the organization that wines, dines, indulges and indoctrinates them with buckets full of corporate cash. The ALEC loyalty oath clarifies the allegiance of the 1,810 state legislators that ALEC claims as members. They see their primary duty as serving corporations, specifically the corporations that give millions to ALEC.

It wasn’t not too long ago when a Florida lawmaker got busted when she forgot to delete the wording in a tax law written by corrupt corporate interest shown in this YouTube clip:

It’s one Classic example serving the interest of a shady/corrupt front group and the people.

Why the loyalty pledge?

The obvious suspect would the Koch brothers who happens corporate members of ALEC and are waging a long/loosing fight against renewable energy when it affect their dirty bottom line.

The Koch brothers want to make sure political members of ALEC are 100% committed to keeping the public addicted to fossil fuel. If not then they get forced out of office.

ALEC documents leaked to The Guardian newspaper reveal the shadow group’s latest campaign to enrich corporate members at the expense of citizens. ALEC wants homeowners who have bought and installed solar panels or wind turbines to pay utility companies to accept the excess electricity they generate.

When utilities get power from oil or coal-fired generators or nuclear plants, they pay for it. But ALEC’s energy industry members want homeowners who produce renewable energy to be treated differently. They want homeowners who produce green electricity to pay the utility to take it, and then the utility would sell it.

The utility gets paid by both the energy producer and user! It’s a win-win, where the utility wins twice. For green energy producers and consumers, it’s a lose-lose.

Such legislation is the reason ALEC needs that loyalty oath - to get lawmakers to swear to serve corporations and ignore constituents.

ALEC claims it didn’t adopt the loyalty oath. But citizens have no way of knowing if that’s true because ALEC’s meetings are clandestine affairs, no reporters or citizens allowed. Documents leaked to The Guardian newspaper reveal that ALEC proposed the oath at its August meeting. It’s contained in a massive list of duties for state legislative coordinators, a list so long that it’s not clear when coordinators would have time to work for the citizens of their state, a list complete with an agreement signature sheet where the coordinator would swear to complete the work for ALEC.

We all have a right to know and ask as to who’s interest are politicians representing. Corrupt corporate interests or we the people? Our tax dollars goes into their pay check and pension so it’s a fair and legitimate question to ask.

Voters have a right to know where the allegiance of their lawmakers’ lies. They should be asking if their elected representatives have sworn to serve ALEC first. And if so, those should be the first to go.

Any politician that represent the interest of corrupt corporations instead of the people doesn’t have a legitimate reason being in public office in the 1st place