‘Cosmic Clam’ …

“Like a musician lost in the playing of the music, I can sit still for hours, blissfully focused, arranging tiny granules of gold into beautiful patterns. I try to find harmony in even the minutest step of the process, whether it’s the positioning of a single granule, or shaving off a tenth of a millimeter of gold to get a perfect line. This is the foundation and integrity of my art” …

Ring designed by Kent Raible in 2006 for 'Secret treasure’ Annual Design Project Collection from the American Jewellery Design Council (AJDC)

18K yellow gold, 900 platinum, chrysacolla, diamonds, sapphires and pearls. The clam can be worn closed as a ring, or can be opened to reveal a removable inner ring.
Image: AJDC


The Emberá people, also known in the historical literature as the Chocó or Katío Indians are an indigenous people of Panama and Colombia. In the Emberá language, the word ẽberá can be used to mean person, man, or indigenous person, depending on the context in which it is used. There are approximately 33,000 people living in Panama and 50,000 in Colombia who identify as Emberá. 

 (First photo is by pupi3000 on Flickr)

Bella & Chloe jewellery // Meadowlark // Fall ’15 lookbook
Photographer: Bliss Katherine
Muse: Amber Wilson
Styling: Free People / Cointrelle


NOW SHOWING by Jordan Hall

Flyer for a Contemporary Jewelry sales exhibition in 1947 at Alexander Girard’s shop in Grosse Pointe, Michigan with iconic artists such as Harry Bertoia and Alexander Calder. Graphic design by Girard with references to Calder’s jewelry. / Instagram

Robert Spangle

“One thing I really have come to appreciate about the fashion world is its stateless embrace of culture. I love how you can find so many different nationalities embracing so many different cultures through dress, all under the shared creed of fashion. Seeing so many people’s excitement over Paulo Roldan’s mix of Japanese shibori, African batik, and Native American jewelry, all in the heart of Milan, was very gratifying.”