positive election news: tammy duckworth won and will be the first thai-american senator

and kamala harris won and is going to be the first black female senator since 1999. she is also the first ever indian-american senator

oregon elected kate brown and she will be the first ever openly lgbtqa governor in us history

catherine cortez masto won and will be the first ever latina us senator

minnesota elected ilhan omar, a somali-muslim woman, to the house for the first time.

washington state elected pramila jayapal, an indian-american woman, to the house for the first time.

stephanie murphy was elected in florida and will be the first vietnamese-american female in congress

High resolution poster of an Apsaalooke’ woman photographed by Cree photographer Richard Throssel in the early 1900s. As with all our posters, feel liberated to print out and wheatpaste at will!

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Edwin Lord Weeks (1849-1903)
“Water Carriers Of The Ganges”
Oil on canvas
Currently in a private collection

Orientalism is a term that is used by art historians, literary and cultural studies scholars for the imitation or depiction of aspects in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and East Asian cultures. These depictions are usually done by writers, designers, and artists from the West.

Please help me have a diverse book!!

Hello everyone!

I’m currently working on the first novel in a quartet I am writing and I desperately want to include the following characters:

• Trans male in a straight relationship with a woman

• American Indian character whose mother is white and father is Creek Indian

• An Asexual character who enters into a loving relationship with a sexual identifying person

• A character from Beijing who moves to the US but her parents are still in China.

If you feel connected to, identify as, or have a relationship with any of these identities, I would love your input.

I want to be inclusive without falling back on hurtful stereotypes- therefore I need to know what those are. Your help would be so appreciated! Please either reblog saying you can help or feel free to message me so that I can ask some questions!

Thank you, you lovely lovely people.

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Tbh it kind of bugs me that people complain in the Sense8 tags about Tina Desai’s lack of nudity on the show (the slip she wore in the Wolfgang/Kala sex scene, the fact that her breasts/ass weren’t shown in the Christmas special orgy).  Yes, I get that Sense8 is a show that’s famous for its sex scenes, but it’s not like they’re going for realism with them anyway–if you think that’s how pool sex works…  Nope.  But that’s a part of the show’s aesthetic, and it’s beautiful, and I prefer beautiful sex scenes on TV to realistic ones personally, so I’m not going to complain.

But I digress.  Do we really want actors doing things that they aren’t uncomfortable with?  It’d be one thing for Tina to be uncomfortable with any kind of sex scenes, or orgy scenes–because that’s kind of ignoring what you’re getting into when you sign onto this kind of show. But the fact is that she participated in those scenes, and her scene with Wolfgang was pretty explicit; she just wasn’t nude in it.  It doesn’t suddenly become the kind of scene that I imagine she’d wanna watch with her parents (lol) because she wasn’t naked.  It was still simulated sex.

The thing is that Kala is an Indian character; I imagine that the creators wanted an actress with a Bollywood background because Kala’s storyline is a sendup to Bollywood movies, and for that matter it’s good to employ Bollywood actors who want to make that western “Hollywood” transition because like…  Yay, diversity and that’s a hard thing to do.  Kala is more authentic because the actress playing her is a Bollywood actress, imo, not an Indian-American woman.  But the thing w/ that is that Bollywood is pretty conservative regarding nudity; if Tina wants to do a Bollywood movie again, she probably shouldn’t film nude scenes.  

And really, this works with Kala’s character.  She’s insecure about sex.  She’s new to it.  Her first big one on one scene was the first time with Wolfgang, and she’s been consistently shy around him.  Also, like…  That slip looked amazing wet, and easily added eroticism to the scene imo.  You lost zero sex appeal by having her wear that slip.

Why is there this weird push for this actress to do something that would potentially jeopardize her career in her home country–all to appeal to western tastes?

High resolution 12″ x 18″ poster of an Apsaalooke’ woman photographed by Cree photographer Richard Throssel in the early 1900s. As with all our posters, feel liberated to print out and wheatpaste at will!

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Indicating Race through Letters and Texts

I’m planning a story that would take place in a college and be entirely told through the characters emails, texts, articles (one character’s on the school paper), social media, etc. It’s basically a light hearted rom-com that takes place during a college theater production.

Do you have any idea for how I can indicate ethnicity in this format? Specifically, I’ve got a Chinese-American hero and an African American heroine. Since people don’t normally give physical descriptions of other people in casual emails and texts, I’m trying to think of things I can do in addition to character names to communicate ethnicities. I’ve also got an Indian-American young woman, some more African American characters, and some white American characters. Any ideas, or directions I should look into?

Thanks! I love your blog. I really, really appreciate all the work you do.

It’s likely your characters will talk about themselves, their family, cultural aspects and racial and/or cultural grievances that make up parts of their everyday lives. Some examples:

  • A character mentions their aunt making their favorite Chinese dish for a holiday.
  • A characters faces or witnesses a racial micro-aggression and vents to friends or social media.
  • A character feels self-conscious about their looks and/or is complimented for their traits by a friend (see how to do this tastefully here)
  • A character on the school paper writes about social issues that affect her life (or her people’s) and reflects.
  • A character plays a character in theater known to be a certain race.

Please check out Defying White as Default which is similar to your question, except the asker’s story is a journal.

~Mod Colette

A HUGE congratulations to these amazing Asian American women:

Kamala Harris, the first Indian American senator and the second Black woman to be a senator.

Stephanie Murphy, the first Vietnamese American woman in Congress.

Pramila Jayapal, the first Indian American woman to hold a seat in the House of Representatives and the first person of South Asian descent to be elected to the House.

Tammy Duckworth, the first Thai American woman in Congress and the first female senator to have seen combat.

Celebrate Asian people, especially Asian women, making history.

I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!



Astronaut and United States Navy officer Sunita Williams holds the record for spacewalks by a woman, as well as the record for most spacewalk time by a woman. She has been on a total of seven spacewalks, which combine to add up to 50 hours and 40 minutes overall.

In April 2007, Williams became the first person to run a marathon while in orbit, finishing the Boston marathon in four hours and 24 minutes. Five years later, she would become the first person to complete a triathlon in space, utilizing the International Space Station’s treadmill, stationary bike and Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (for simulated swimming) to finish the Nautica Malibu Triathlon with a time of one hour, 48 minutes and 33 seconds.

Williams had previously set the record for longest single flight by a woman with 195 days, logged from 2006-2007 on Expedition 14/Expedition 15 to the International Space Station. However, her record was broken as of this year by Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. She has, overall, spent a total of 321 days, 17 hours and 15 minutes in space, placing second to only Peggy Whitson for most time spent in space by a woman.

To add to her impressive list of achievements, Williams became the commander of the International Space Station in September 2012 - the second woman in history to earn this title. She also follows the late Kalpana Chawla as the second Indian-American woman to travel in space.

On Ryder...

Someone on reddit posted the link between the dog tag with Ryder on it, and the first american woman in space Sally Ride. 

And, of course, Shepard was named for Alan Shepard, the first american man in space. 

How perfect is that? How fucking beautiful is this shit?! 

I can’t being to express how important and special it is to have someone like Ride acknowledged and recognized. And Alan Shepard, and fuck, everyone who’s taken the risk to advance space exploration. But, women in space, minorities in space - fuck yes pay homage to them!  

Someone on that reddit post said they wanted to name their new character Valentina Ryder (after the first woman in space, Valentine Tereshkova). FUckING BRING IT. I’m so ON BOARD FOR THIS SHIT. 

Svetlana Savitskaya , first woman to perform space walk

Judith Resnik , first Jewish-American woman in space, died during the Challenger disaster 

Mae Jemison , first African-American woman in space

Ellen Ochoa , first Hispanic woman in space

Chiaki Mukai , first Japanese woman in space

Kalpana Chawla , first Indian-American woman in space

Someone fight me I can name my character after Sunita Williams, my favorite astronaut, and I know I could have done that before but this is SO DIFFERENT. 

so i’ve seen a lot of people making posts that express their negative opinions about the mindy project as it is currently. i completely respect all of those opinions and i really get why people are feeling disappointed by the turn the show has taken in regards to mindy and danny’s relationship. however, i still seem to have an unpopular opinion, so i thought i’d share it, as well. first of all, let me start by saying that i miss mindy and danny’s interactions soooo much. their relationship is one of my favorite elements of the show. i mean otp, obviously. however, mindy and danny’s relationship alone is not what makes the mindy project so important to me. rather, mindy kaling is what makes the show so important to me. the mindy project is literally a direct result of mindy kaling’s disappointment at the lack of adequate Indian representation in the media, and her determination to be a successful actress and writer who is portrayed as a complex, beautiful woman. mindy literally took it upon herself to create her own show to fulfill this significant purpose. mindy has broken so many boundaries for women, and men, in so many ways. she has represented Indian-Americans in the way they deserve to be represented, in the same ways that other main characters (mostly of white and black races) have been represented on TV: as complex, intelligent, messy, but ultimately loving, good people. she has employed various Indian actors and actresses, all of which represent a variety of personalities and aspects of Indian culture. mindy herself not only represents a successful indian-american woman, but also defies expectations of successful women in general, in her portrayal of an intelligent doctor who also loves pop culture and having fun. so, to sum up, these reasons are why this show is so so important to me. even though i absolutely love and fangirl over the mindy and danny relationship, it will never take dominance over my appreciation for all the boundaries that mindy kaling has broken for women and for minorities through the mindy project. and for that reason, i will always support and love and appreciate the show with all my heart. because it is truly such an important and extremely rare part of television history. and it would be such a huge shame and loss for everyone that the show has so beautifully represented if people stopped supporting it because they don’t like the status of mindy and danny’s relationship right now (which im 90% sure will have a happy resolution - read literally any of mindy’s quotes about it). it would be a huge mistake if you stop supporting this incredible, ground-breaking show. please don’t. on behalf of myself and everyone the show, and mindy kaling, means so inexplicably much to.

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did u see that the cw bought this new show called "make divya great again" ? its about an indian-american woman who conjures up a fake-but-perfect indian boyfriends to get out of an arranged marriage! the writer and co-producers is also an indian woman! (she worked on black-ish too!!!)

oh that’s sweet! i hate straight indians and their relationships so i’d never watch it but damn i hope it’s a good and cute show.