High resolution 12″ x 18″ poster of an Apsaalooke’ woman photographed by Cree photographer Richard Throssel in the early 1900s. As with all our posters, feel liberated to print out and wheatpaste at will!

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positive election news: tammy duckworth won and will be the first thai-american senator

and kamala harris won and is going to be the first black female senator since 1999. she is also the first ever indian-american senator

oregon elected kate brown and she will be the first ever openly lgbtqa governor in us history

catherine cortez masto won and will be the first ever latina us senator

minnesota elected ilhan omar, a somali-muslim woman, to the house for the first time.

washington state elected pramila jayapal, an indian-american woman, to the house for the first time.

stephanie murphy was elected in florida and will be the first vietnamese-american female in congress

- “Woȟpé’s brown lithe body glimmers with her oils.  She sparkles like a star. She is a star.” -

— From the novel/book ‘The REZ’s EDGE’ - “Destruction & Redemption”

by author/writer Brad Jensen

Soon to be released.  Watch for it here:

                               or here:

“FOLLOW ME… where I go, what I do and who I know, make it part of you to be a part of me.  FOLLOW ME…I’ll Follow You.”


Navajo Dancer


High resolution 12″ x 18″ poster of a Diné woman photographed during the time of Hwéeldi (Bosque Redondo Internment Camp during the Long Walk of the Diné). As with all our posters, feel liberated to print out ( and wheatpaste at will!

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VIDEO: Cast members from the JUSTICE LEAGUE have come together to support the youth of Standing Rock in their campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. You can join them by signing at:

Indicating Race through Letters and Texts

I’m planning a story that would take place in a college and be entirely told through the characters emails, texts, articles (one character’s on the school paper), social media, etc. It’s basically a light hearted rom-com that takes place during a college theater production.

Do you have any idea for how I can indicate ethnicity in this format? Specifically, I’ve got a Chinese-American hero and an African American heroine. Since people don’t normally give physical descriptions of other people in casual emails and texts, I’m trying to think of things I can do in addition to character names to communicate ethnicities. I’ve also got an Indian-American young woman, some more African American characters, and some white American characters. Any ideas, or directions I should look into?

Thanks! I love your blog. I really, really appreciate all the work you do.

It’s likely your characters will talk about themselves, their family, cultural aspects and racial and/or cultural grievances that make up parts of their everyday lives. Some examples:

  • A character mentions their aunt making their favorite Chinese dish for a holiday.
  • A characters faces or witnesses a racial micro-aggression and vents to friends or social media.
  • A character feels self-conscious about their looks and/or is complimented for their traits by a friend (see how to do this tastefully here)
  • A character on the school paper writes about social issues that affect her life (or her people’s) and reflects.
  • A character plays a character in theater known to be a certain race.

Please check out Defying White as Default which is similar to your question, except the asker’s story is a journal.

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We began from Dził Naa’oo’diłth’ii walking over 200 miles to reach Tsoodził! This journey has shown us both the destruction of our homeland in the Eastern Agency as well as the resiliency and beauty of our land and our people. We have moved one step after the other for our ancestors, family, communities, youth, future generations, and mother earth. As Indigenous Diné youth, we seek to restore hozho. This is the first complete chapter in a four part series of Nihígaal bee Iiná (Our Journey for Existence)!

On Ryder...

Someone on reddit posted the link between the dog tag with Ryder on it, and the first american woman in space Sally Ride. 

And, of course, Shepard was named for Alan Shepard, the first american man in space. 

How perfect is that? How fucking beautiful is this shit?! 

I can’t being to express how important and special it is to have someone like Ride acknowledged and recognized. And Alan Shepard, and fuck, everyone who’s taken the risk to advance space exploration. But, women in space, minorities in space - fuck yes pay homage to them!  

Someone on that reddit post said they wanted to name their new character Valentina Ryder (after the first woman in space, Valentine Tereshkova). FUckING BRING IT. I’m so ON BOARD FOR THIS SHIT. 

Svetlana Savitskaya , first woman to perform space walk

Judith Resnik , first Jewish-American woman in space, died during the Challenger disaster 

Mae Jemison , first African-American woman in space

Ellen Ochoa , first Hispanic woman in space

Chiaki Mukai , first Japanese woman in space

Kalpana Chawla , first Indian-American woman in space

Someone fight me I can name my character after Sunita Williams, my favorite astronaut, and I know I could have done that before but this is SO DIFFERENT.