Vanilla (M) || Dom!Jimin Smut

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Genre: SmUuUuuT || Fluff (?) at the end || Dominant!Jimin
Word Count: 5.6k of pure fiLTH
Warnings: Hair pulling, light spanking, light choking, overstimulation, fingering, a lot of dirty shit okok prepare yo self

Description: Jimin is a busy guy. The idol life is not an easy one.
With you missing him for three months due to his schedule, all you wanted was to spend his first night back with him. When that doesn’t go to plan, you end up spewing shit about your sex life with Jimin – or better yet, your lack of one.

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Cancer's First Date With The Signs
  • Aries: Bowling Date
  • Taurus: Starbucks Date
  • Gemini: Karaoke Club Date
  • Cancer: Baseball Game Date
  • Leo: Horror Movie Marathon Date
  • Virgo: After School Study Date
  • Libra: Romantic Dinner For Two Date
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  • Sagittarius: Pool/Swimming Date
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  • Pisces: Bird Watching Date
To lose control

Hiya! Look who is here again! 
But srsly, this story took me RIDICULOUSLY long time to write. Have no idea how that turned into 7 pages long thingy.
Hope you enjoy it cause I surprisingly like how it turned out 
<3 <3 <3

Another Pokemon battle ended up in a make out session. It was Dan’s favourite technique – as soon as he started to lose he always made me lose as well with the help of his sweet sweet lips. He hated losing.
“One day those lips will not stop me.” I mumbled in between kisses.
“Ha-ha, really?” His lips went down to my neck.
“Possibly.” I closed my eyes.
“Very unlikely, I would say.” Dan muttered, burning my skin with his breath.
I bit my lip harder, desperately trying not to moan when he found my weak spot. We dated for 3 months already but still kept it nice and innocent if many hours long make outs didn’t count. And even though I obviously thought about something more, dreamt about something more with Dan, I was still ridiculously nervous to tell him about my desires and more importantly about the fact that I never thought of it with someone else. Not to say about did…
“Hey, if you bite it off it will be really inconvenient.” Dan put a thumb under my lip, releasing it.
“Sorry.” I snapped out of my thoughts.
“What are you sorry for?” He shuddered from a chuckle. “But I would love to hear you moan instead of looking at your tensed face. Still very sexual though.”
I laughed and saw how Dan relaxed a bit. He was always worried about what he said to me or did to me as he knew he was my first and only boyfriend. The first guy I dared to trust.
While I appeared in thoughts again, Dan slowly went down on me, biting my collarbones. Then I felt his fingers flutter across my stomach under my t-shirt (well, his t-shirt technically), slowly moving up to my ribs. And that was already too much to bear.
“Dan, wait.”
“Oh, I am sorry, I… I didn’t mean… ” He immediately sat up and raised his hands in a defending gesture. “I was just too deep into the kiss and… the look of you. You make me lose control a little.”
Lose control. I felt a wave of panic wash over me when he said those words. I could not afford it. I could not lose control. That was the biggest fear of mine. That’s why I never had anyone before Dan. I didn’t want anything or anyone to take control over me.
I looked at Dan, who was attentively watching my face. I felt guilty for what had just happened. Being my boyfriend he had a full right to want me and he clearly didn’t mean it in a dirty sense. He wanted to make love to me and I pushed him away.
“What’s wrong, honey pie?” Dan carefully brushed a strand of hair off my face.
“I am sorry, I pushed you away.” I answered looking at my hands lying on the duvet.
“Pff, nevermind. I will survive.” His laugh came out a little nervous. “But… can I ask you a question?”
“Sure.” I was too embarrassed to look him in the eyes.
“Is it just you being not ready to have sex with me now or is there something else?” He carefully covered my hand with his. “You know we should talk out everything that worries us and if there is something I really want you to tell me.”
“Dan, I…” I subconsciously squeezed his hand. “I am scared.”
“Of me?” He asked in a shocked voice, recoiling a bit.
“No, no! Of course not! You are the most caring and kind and loving person in my life, don’t you know that.” Dan smiled at me and lightly kissed the corner of my lips.
“What is it then? Do you want me to guess?” I nodded slightly, moving closer to him and burring my face in his shoulder. “So. If it is not about me I may also assume it’s not because you think that all I want is to have sex with you and then leave you on the sideway as a used toy.”
“Who could have thought that you can sound so brutal?” I muttered. “But no.”
“Is that… because you think I will hurt you? Like…” He stopped short. “Are you afraid of physical pain?”
“No!” I shook my head. “I know you would be gentle.”
“Maybe the thought of me seeing you naked terrifies you?” Dan leaned closer to me, nuzzling my neck. “Believe me, that’s the last thing on my mind. Your body is beautiful to me, no matter what you think of it.”
“No, Dan, all of that is not the case.” I locked our fingers on the duvet.
“Tell me, baby.” He carefully shook my shoulders. “I want to prove you wrong in every insecurity you have.”
“Oh god, that’s such a stupid thing…” I moaned, still not wanting to say it.
“Of course it is! That’s why I need to reassure you that you have nothing to worry about.” Dan parted and looked me in the eyes, holding both of my hands.
“Okay.” I made a deep breath. “It is my control OCD… I don’t know if I read or watched wrong things but the idea of losing control over my body and thoughts while an orgasm makes me shudder.”
“Oh, baby…” He breathed out. “It’s not… ”
“I know, I know! But is doesn’t make me feel any less scared…” I took my hands away from his, ready to stand up and walk away from him any second.
“Maybe… Maybe for us this will be the whole point?” Dan suddenly said in a quiet voice.
“What do you mean?” I raised my head to see him deep in thoughts.
“Let me take control over you. Relax a bit. Let me be in charge of you.”
If anyone else said that to me I would start panicking straight away. Giving control to someone else… ARE YOU KIDDING ME? But somehow the way Dan said it made me want to try and I nodded. Trying not to think about anything else.
Dan smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips, taking my face in his hot palms that I loved so much. His tongue carefully touched my bottom lip and I immediately let him in. At the same time Dan started to lay me down until I was flat on his bed. I liked his bed. It was very soft and the fabric of his duvet was very comfy. I slept in his bed several times when our Game Of Thrones and American Horror Story marathons ended late at night. I felt safe in his bed, hypnotized by how his pillow smelled like him and amazed by the thought of how many dreams he saw in this bed. Because I was that weird.
“Do you know that I notice?” I opened my eyes to see Dan, biting his lip, grinning.
“I notice every time you drift away into your inner world. I like the look on your face when you do that. You look so dreamy and unreachable.” He mumbled that across my collarbones, while his fingers clutched the hem of my t-shirt.
“I am sorry. I know I do that a lot. It’s just… like a wave made of thoughts. I need it to pass before I can come back to the surface.”
“That’s one of the reasons why I love you so don’t apologise for it.” He raised his head and looked me in the eyes. “May I?”
I nodded and blushed immediately. I knew Dan saw that and I knew he smiled and rolled his eyes, but mine were closed. And through my eyelids I saw the light changing before cool air made a contact with my skin, creating goosebumps,. But heat from Dan’s body saved me. He got rid of his t-shirt as well and now I felt him, skin on skin. I sighed loudly and hugged him, wanting to feel every millimeter. I also should mention that I was left only in my underwear now. His fingers found their way to my hair, untying them, gently massaging my head.
“I like it when you wear them loose.” He whispered, his lips ghosting across my jaw line as he went further down.
I opened my eyes, looking down. I saw Dan, gently kissing my collarbones, his body towering over mine. I also noticed that I am wearing the most inappropriate bra. You know how in all the stories she accidentally has black lacy underwear on? Well, not my case. Dan got a girl in cotton black bra with glittering silver skulls all over it. I couldn’t help but closed my face with my hands in shame.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Dan took my hands off my face, smiling but obviously puzzled.
“I happen to almost have sex with you and I am wearing a bra for 12 year old scene girls…”
“I like your bra.” He chuckled and his voice sounded so painfully soft.
“It’s like you are about to fuck Sam from Danny Phantom…”
“I’ve always found Sam rather hot… And what a name coincidence here.” Dan laughed but then suddenly stopped and licked his lips, looking at me a bit unsure. “But if you are so uncomfortable with it, we can easily take it off…’
I bit my lip and nodded again. Dan leaned to my face, kissing me brokenly with his soft yet chapped lips while his hands slid to my back, unhooking my bra and carefully taking it off my body before throwing it on the floor. He was trying to kiss me all the same, while his hands returned to my front, hugging my waist. But the kiss became more and more sloppy as he got more and more distracted. I sighed and rolled my eyes.
“Okay, Dan, you can look at them…”
He glanced me in the eyes one more time before his gaze went down to my naked upper half. I attentively looked at him, restraining myself from covering up. But he looked so… adorable right now? Which sounds really wrong but he did look like a little boy in a candy shop. I swore I heard how his breath hitched before he brought his mouth to my breasts and I didn’t want to cover them anymore. And I couldn’t do it in any way, as my hands grabbed the duvet tightly as I moaned loudly, shocking myself. However Dan didn’t stop and brought his hands to assist his glorious mouth. And I started losing myself to his endearment. 
While I was drifting in the softness of his palms, his silky lips started moving downwards and I had no power to notice it straight away. And when I finally did, Dan was already kissing my hipbone. I shrugged and he raised his head to look at me.
“Dan… don’t…”
“Why?” He nervously fixed his fringe. “What are you hiding in between these fine legs?”
“A blue hedgehog…” I rolled my eyes, suddenly realizing that it’s really stupid to stop him now.
“Oh! I’ve always wanted to meet Sonic!” He laughed, getting the reference, but then his look changed and he became serious. “Did you change your mind? Do you want us to quit this now?”
“No.” I breathed out. “Just… No one ever saw me… and…”
Dan went back up to my face and kissed me tenderly.
“There is nothing I would be scared of.” He chuckled and kissed me once again, before going back down.
I shut my eyes close and felt how his fingers hooked into the waistband of my panties before he took them off in a quick motion and I gasped, feeling my cheeks blush. And then I heard Dan’s breath catching for the second time. His hands laid on my hips, his fingers stroking my stomach. He started sprinkling the skin of my thighs with tiny kisses. I don’t know how I could lie so calmly under his hot palms, I don’t know why I didn’t run away. It all was so magical and unbelievable that I just dissolved into all the sensations he gave me with his fingers and hands and…
I felt his lips on me and he was as tender and passionate as always when we kissed. And that was too much, so much that I bit on my lip till I felt blood on the tip of my tongue.
“Mmm, baby, you are so wet already…” He mumbled against my core and I sighed louder than before. “I like your taste, sweetie.”
I arched my back and grabbed onto the pillow, practically suffocating with his name on my lips. Led by some instinct I opened my legs a bit more and as if he waited for it, he licked my folds up and down, earning more of his name, slipping out of my mouth, before he wrapped his lips around the aching bundle of nerves and pillow was not enough anymore. I grabbed a handful of his hair, while he sucked, making me almost faint. Then Dan took his left hand off my belly and I felt how he shifted upwards and I opened my eyes to look at him in the exact moment when his lips crashed onto mine and his finger started tracing around my clit making me whimper just like before.
“Oh, baby, you are so sweet.” Dan whispered huskily into my ear. “Do you like it?”
He somehow made a new movement that made me bit on my lip again as I felt a hot sensation inside, that I have never felt before, that felt so good but wanted to get out so badly.
“No, love, please, don’t keep it in.” He continued his sweet torture but by that time I was not sure what got me more worked up: his actions downward or whisper upward. “I want to hear you moan. Please, let me hear how good I make you feel.”
And I obeyed immediately as the pressure on my clit strengthened and I felt how the hot ball inside was about to explode.
“Good girl…” He cooed, catching me off guard and I moaned once again just to keep him satisfied with me.
When suddenly I felt how my thighs began to tremble and how muscles that I never knew I had clenched. I screamed in panic, grabbing Dan’s hand tightly, feeling how everything became a blur and how my whole body went numb but above all that I felt the indescribable pleasure, filling me. Every cell in my body was screaming about how good it was and only my brain panicked.
“Shh, shh, dear, it’s just an orgasm.” I heard Dan as if he was speaking to me through a glass wall, and even like that I heard a smirk in his words.
And finally I screamed in complete overwhelming happiness, clutching his hand and dissolving into the feeling, sensation, emotion. I drowned in it, feeling waves of pleasure collapsing above my body and I had to shut my eyes and hold my breath to prolong those moments of absolute bliss.
“Baby, don’t forget to breath.” I heard a voice and opened my eyes wide.
There was a ringing in my ears and the dim light of the room was blinding. I could feel my body again and all I felt was that it turned into a jelly. I turned my head and found Dan lying on his side, stroking my arm softly. When he saw that I am back to Earth, he leaned in and kissed my cheek smiling.
“So, how was your first orgasm? Not that scary?” He laid back down next to me and only then I noticed that he was still wearing his sweatpants and I was completely naked so I covered up awkwardly. “What are you hiding now?”
“I… don’t know…” I knitted my eyebrows and subconsciously pulled the duvet up to my chin.
Dan rolled his eyes and softly pressed his lips to mine, not really moving them, just enjoying the sensation of his lips on mine.
“Do you want to sleep?” Dan asked in a minute when we parted.
“Uhm, won’t we…” I said without thinking (second time in a row). “I thought you…”
“Thought I what?” He asked letting out a confused laugh.
“You know…” I pinched his arm.
“Oh! That! Uhm…” He nervously ran his hand through his hair. “We didn’t plan this. I just… I just wanted to give you an orgasm, to prove to you that you shouldn’t fear it. I thought you are not ready and I… I don’t want you to feel that I force you into it.”
“Please, shut up.” I said, placing my hand on the back of his neck, pressing him down to me, kissing him passionately.
He answered me in a moment after our lips collided. And the kiss immediately started to heat up. He crawled under the duvet as well, his hands held my waist, his chest pressed to mine. I put my hands on his sweatpants, tugging on them, signaling my intentions.
“Are we really doing this?” Dan whispered into the kiss. I only bit my lip and nodded in response.
He moved his lips, kissing my chin and then my jaw, up to my ear, down to my neck, across my collarbone, until he got me moaning softly every time he touched a new spot on my burning skin. He then parted for a bit, leaving me biting my lips, anticipating more of him, more of his scent, his touch, his everything. I turned on my side, searching for him. Dan was rummaging one of his drawers and thank god I held my tongue not to ask what he was searching for as he finally withdrew a gold square package. I felt myself blushing for the millionth time and forgot that he could see me, burring my face into a pillow.
“Hey.” I felt how bed sagged under his weight. “Didn’t you have sex ed in school?”
“I am just a stupid not adult.” I muttered embarrassed by my reaction.
“It’s fine counting you have never had such experience.” Dan kissed my shoulder. “Love, we really can postpone it. And I will be completely okay with that.”
I shook my head and turned to him. I didn’t even need to say anything. He knew that I didn’t want to stop now. That I wanted it despite what my brain was telling me.
I turned on my back, looking at the ceiling, while Dan rustled with the condom. For the first time (how ironic) my brain was completely blank. Like the ceiling in front of me. I was just waiting for Dan, just waiting for him to touch me, to whisper in my ear, to hold me, to ask me if I feel good. No thoughts left in my brain, just desires.
And finally he was there again. Towering over me, smiling. He leaned in and touched my nose with his.
“Missed me?” He whispered, making me grin. Oh my god, what a nerd!
And then I realised that Dan was kissing me all the time but I barely moved. That surprisingly made me feel offended and I parted from him and started kissing every inch that I could reach. I kissed his jaw, his chin, down to his neck and, when my lips covered his Adam’s apple, he groaned and I caught the vibration with my mouth, which made me moan back. I traveled to the side, finding the fast pulsating vein on his neck, letting my tongue explore it. And right at that moment I once and forever knew what was Dan’s weak spot, as he growled lowly and arched his back before pinning me down to the bed and kissing me hungrily. He quickly left my mouth though as he decided that he wanted the revenge. Hickeys appeared all over my neck and I hissed and buried my fingers in his locks. Suddenly Dan stopped and propped himself on his arms, making the muscles tense, making me want to kiss them as well but I made myself look into his face. I have never seen him like that. Heavy breathing, cheeks bright red, a tiny wrinkle between his eyebrows, lips plump and slightly opened, almost pouty.
“Baby.” Even his voice changed. It was so deep and velvet and at the same time husky. “We will have another time to be like that, okay? Not the first time.”
I nodded, coming back to Earth. Remembering that it’s not a soppy movie where lovers mess the sheets in the most artistic way possible. We weren’t them. We were us. Here.
“Are you ready?” And then it hit me. I realised how nervous he was.
“I am yours, Dan.” I whispered in the softest tone I could afford, seeing as he relaxed a bit. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
He leaned and kissed me softly before he stretched his arm and grabbed a pillow that he then carefully put under the small of my back, making sure I am comfortable.
“If I hurt you – you tell me.” He said sternly, looking deep into my eyes. “If you want me to stop – you tell me.”
“Of course, Dan.” I brushed his hair out of his face, looking back at him.
He carefully spread my legs and bent my knees. I felt the rush of cold air and put my hands down on the bed, ready to grab the sheets if I needed to.
“Relax, love.” Dan kissed a place behind my ear. “Ready?”
It took me a second to nod and a lot of will power not to squint. Dan slowly moved his hips forward and pushed himself inside me. I hissed and bit my lip. Dan stopped.
“Give me a second.” I tried hard not to cry but it effing hurt and turned out I was not completely ready for this. “Okay.”
He slowly moved forward and I realised I closed my eyes at some point, concentrating on not crying.
“It’s not gonna work if you don’t relax.” I heard Dan’s tender but a bit tensed voice.
I tried to listen to him but it was hardly possible, he was still moving slowly and it was almost unbearable
“Dan, Dan, stop!” I somehow was already crying and I felt awful for that because I didn’t want it to end and didn’t want to upset Dan, who already looked too worried.
“Do you want this to end?” He asked, bringing his hand to my face and cupping my cheek, wiping my tears with his thumb.
“I want the pain to end.” I mumbled. “Can you do it like… in one thrust?”
“Won’t it hurt more?” Dan raised his eyebrows, probably thinking that I went insane.
“At least it won’t last.” I whispered clutching his hand and he kissed my fingers.
“Okay.” Dan let go of my palm and put his hands either side of my head. “Ready?”
I put my hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes, nodding. I felt how his muscles tensed under my fingers before he thrusted deep inside me making me yelp. 
“I am sorry, I am so sorry.” He whispered, pressing his forehead to mine.
It took me some time to adjust to him and to calm down. He was patiently waiting for any sign from me and finally I felt how my muscles started to relax and I stretched my head to kiss him.
With that Dan started to move slowly. Kissing me with every move he made. I tried to concentrate more on the pleasant sensations rather than the pain but it was a bit challenging. When suddenly I heard Dan muffling a moan, which turned into a low and husky “Oh fuck, you feel so good”. And then something happened. It felt like melting around him. And the next moment I was already panting, as he was smoothly gliding deep inside me. He surely noticed the change as his thrusts became more confident.  My fingers clutched in his shoulders and I drew the pink stripes on his pale skin, making him hiss. Being so close to him and influencing on his pleasure felt so amazing on both levels and I moaned loudly, feeling the now familiar ball of lust forming. And as it grew bigger and as Dan’s moans became more and more synchronised with my screams I start to try desperately to catch those moments. I wanted to feel more, to touch more, to kiss more. With that intention I wrapped my legs around Dan’s waist and he breathed out my name before I covered his lips with mine. The kiss was sloppy and broken as we both were suffocating in the mouths of each other. I felt my muscles clenched around him but I was not scared this time. I dropped my hands on the duvet, clenching my fists the other second and screaming his name as everything became a blissful blur. A part of me stayed with Dan and heard him groan as he fell over the edge as well, guiding us both through our orgasms, till time stopped.


Most of the time Dan woke up earlier than me (that should give you an idea of how much I love sleep). He never dared to wake me up. Sometimes he stayed in bed playing Nintendo or went over to his iMac and waited till I wake up. But today I woke up in an empty not only bed but room.
I lazily opened my eyes. Dan never opened the curtains so I could do that without the fear of going blind. I turned on my side, ready to see his face, but was met by an empty pillow. A cold empty pillow.
I shuddered and immediately sat up… before falling back with a painful groan. My whole body hurt so much. I knew sex involved some kind of physical effort but OH GOSH. I buried my face into Dan’s cold pillow and then carefully tried to sit up again. I noticed blood stains on his bed sheets and blushed. I needed to wash them before I had to leave… I also realised I was still completely naked. Which made me blush even more even though there was no one in the room. I reached over and grabbed Dan’s T-shirt that I wore yesterday and which was so carelessly thrown on the floor. It was his Game Of Thrones t-shirt that he always gave me when I came over, just in case I needed pajamas. Which I always did if it was this t-shirt. 
I stared blankly at the thin stripe of light between the curtain and windowsill. It was surely past noon. I hugged my knees, noticing few bruises on my legs. Where the hell was Dan? Why did he leave me this morning? Did something go wrong yesterday? I didn’t even want to think about it. It would only make me more ashamed. I really wanted to get into the shower but also I wanted to see Dan. But walking out of the room involved using my aching/non-functioning limps and it didn’t seem too likely.
When suddenly I heard familiar heavy steps. I turned to the door and saw Dan carefully opening it, balancing a tray on his free arm. When his whole body was already in the room, he sighed with relief and turned to bed.
“Hey.” I smiled.
“Oh, I thought you will be asleep for a couple more minutes. You ruined my plan! Rude.” He walked over to me and placed the tray in front of me.
There were orange juice and pancakes and few strawberries in a little bowl and also a single white rose in a glass. I made an excited noise and hugged him before turning back to the tray.
“What is this?”
“Welcoming to the not-virgins club.” He laughed and I punched his arm. “How do you feel?”
“As if I was hit by a train.” I answered honestly, before taking a bite of the delicious pancake.
“Shower will wash that away.” Dan said, sitting down on the bed in front of me. “I am very sorry it all… was not as smooth as I wanted.”
“Can you shut the hell up, please?” I moaned with my mouth full. “Everything was great. I am very happy it was you and you didn’t freak out because of my reaction. Seriously, I appreciate it.”
“Awh, you are welcome.” He leaned in and kissed me sweetly. “I love you.”
“I love you too. And those pancakes make my love even stronger.” Dan laughed and kissed me again, making my head light.
In the end of it all, losing control was not that bad.

Fantastic Foursome Preferences #7 Sleepovers


✿ pillow fights

✿ cuddling

✿ LOTS of junk food

✿ disney movies

✿ food fights

✿ building forts

✿ an all nighter

✿ forehead kisses 


❤ action movies

❤ jumping on the bed

❤ movie marathons 

❤ loud music

❤ dance offs

❤ piggyback rides

❤ slow dancing 

❤ onesies 


★ long hugs

★ american horror story marathons

★ video games

★ youtube challenges

★ building forts

★ cheek kisses

★ you wearing his clothes

★ eskimo kisses


 ✘ soft kisses

✘ laughing

✘ trying to teach him to cook

✘ bear hugs

✘ playing with his hair

✘ selfies 

✘  reading together

✘ all over face kisses 

Midnight Nash Imagine

“OH MY GOD! ZOMBIES!” I yelled out shocked and in horror as the creatures chase after Kit, Grace, and Lana. Nash is laughing behind me at my reaction, “Excuse you but I did not ask you to judge my life I simply asked you to protect me from bloody face!” I snapped my fingers sassily but squeezed his arm more in excitement than in fear.

“I thought being able to judge was a perk of my job,” He smirked pressing his nose to my cheek. I smacked his chest with the back of my hand shaking my head furiously.

“Well you, sir, thought wrong.” I stated turning my head to place my nose to his now his hands had stayed around my waist since we started our American Horror Story marathon tonight. We were laying comfortably on his bed a bowl of cheese popcorn on the floor some scattered around the kitchen downstairs from our little war on one another. I wriggled myself back into him as he lie behind me trying to shelter myself in his embrace from the images. He kissed my cheek lightly emitting another light chuckle.

“If you move anymore those pants are going to fall off you; you’re too tiny.” He shook his head at me. I shrugged focusing on the television; I had scraped myself out of my skinny jeans and traded them for a pair of his sweatpants. I squeezed my eyes shut upon the sight of Shelly’s amputated legs shivering into Nash. “Okay that’s enough horror for you tonight, y/n.” He shook his head turning off the TV, I whined in response wanting another episode. “You’re scared shitless!” He points out poking my ribs making me whine again because I knew he was right. “And it’s almost two in the morning.”

“Fine.” I stuck my tongue out and he poked it with his own tongue making me laugh and roll my eyes at his immaturity. “I’m brushing my teeth, will you go get me a bottle of water?” I asked sitting up from the bed. He groaned in response but when I laid back down and batted my eyelashes against cheek I knew he wouldn’t resist, “Pleaaaase, Nashly?” I begged.

“Only you…” He shoo his head and pecked my lips. I grinned and repeated, “Only me.” Pecking his lips in return. He rolled out of bed stumbling downstairs as I brushed a kernal off me and walked into the bathroom rinsing my toothbrush humming as I began brushing. I swayed my hips a bit enjoying myself in the mirror-I stopped though when I swore I heard something brush the wall to the bathroom or something. I frowned placing one hand on my hip holding up Nash’s pants the other gripping my toothbrush. “Nash?” I called out a bit obstructed with the toothpaste foam and brush in my mouth. “N-Naaaash?” I whined. I heard it again and gripped the counter frozen in fear.

“Y/N!” Cam yelled loudly pushing the bathroom door open scaring the daylights out of me. I fell back into the wall my heart nearly stopping as  yelled out in fear getting a bit of toothpaste foam on myself. He laughed at me as I tried to gather myself and pushed him with one hand in the chest as he nearly doubled over. I spit out my toothpaste trying to assure my breathing.

“I hate you!” I declared trying to push him all the way to the floor but failing. “Cameron Dallas you’re the worst!” I yelled trying not to crack a smile as he laughed. The door was thrown open and Nash came running in-

“Y/N! W-Cam what the hell did you do to her?” He sighed noticing I was fine.

“It was funny!” He defended standing up. I shook my head fiercely in denial at him crossing my arms tapping my foot grumbling, “It was not…” making him grin again Nash shook his head. “Aw, you know you’re the best though!” Cam continued grinning booping my nose with a finger lightly making me smack his hand again as I went to Nash for protection.

“Make him go awayyyy,” I groaned burying my head in his chest as his arms wrapped around me in reciprocation. He kissed the top of my head and looked at Cam. “Out.” He commanded making him get off the bathroom counter. “Gooood night guys,” He chuckled once more trying to mess up my hair before returning to his bedroom. I crawled into the bed with Nash once more he turned off the lamp and kissed my nose as I laid my head beneath his arm closing my eyes he mumbled in the dark, “I love you you know I’ll protect you,” making me mumble an “I love you Nashly,” in response before drifting to sleep.

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Your eyes were glued onto the screen, completely engulfed, waiting for Fiona to make her move on Madison. You watched as Fiona pushed to knife against Madison’s neck ad… crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Swallow.

You blinked a few times and looked at Dean, who was halfway through the pie you had bought for you two to split throughout the American Horror Story marathon. Then you looked at the table. All the snacks you had bought were pretty much. “You’re supposed to be watching this with me, not eating everything.”

He looked at you with a small mischievous yet innocent smile. “Pie.”

Lazy Day – Preference #143



You and Dan had a perfect relationship, but the fact you were two of the biggest procrastinators made accomplishing anything nearly impossible. Couples typically encourage their significant other to get something done but not Dan and you; no, you two would distract one another from anything that needed to be done. Dan said in his most recent liveshow that he would upload a video later this week, and instead of forcing him to film one, you convinced him to spend the day with you watching TV while in your pajamas. “I really should start filming,” he mumbled to you once the end credits to yet another episode from yours and Dan’s American Horror Story marathon finished. “But Dan,” you whined, cuddling into him more. “You’re horrible, you know that right?” he joked while smiling. You faked a pout for a minute before smiling as well, “But you love me.” “That I do,” he answered while kissing the top of your head and focusing back on the television playing the next episode.



Typically, you and Phil would try to go out at least once a week to dinner or just to spend time together, but this week neither of you could bother to leave the flat. Alternatively, you two decided to stay in at Phil’s flat, just hanging out with music playing in the background. For the past hour, Phil had been scrolling through his tumblr while you read the newest book you got, neither of you leaving your spots on his bed. Your favorite part of the relationship you and Phil have had for a year now is that neither of you feel the need to keep pointless conversation going when unnecessary; instead, you felt comfortable enough with each other to enjoy the comfortable silence. “Phil?” you said out of nowhere once you finished the chapter you had been reading. “Yeah?” he asked, looking up at you from over the screen of his laptop. “I love you.” “I love you, too,” he replied leaning over to kiss you sweetly.



Sorry if these are a bit eh; I had a bit of writer’s block.

If senior year is going to be as stressful as my junior year has been, then I am so done with school. Sorry it’s a bit late, I’ve been, uh, procrastinating on doing anything tonight.