Fic writer retreat
  • Mom:are you going on any trips this summer?
  • Me:uh, yeah. Actually I'm going to a writing retreat in Toronto next week.
  • Mom:oh good! Then when you come back you can finish your great American novel and I can read it.
  • Me:um....

I can’t wait to be done with grad school so I can use all my new free time to start writing the great american novel (which will be gay, obviously)

I know New York. I need New York. I know I need unique New York.

Back in New York!! The city will have to be a Saturday afternoon thing, but I spent Thursday night not sleeping over at my awesome writer friend’s place. Hopefully he’s moving closer to the city soon and we can hang out ALL THE TIME. We watched the movie We Are Still Here because we watch horror movies together and also because it was filmed in central NY and we were in central NY so it seemed appropriate.

Then I drove over to hang with @unforth-ninawaters (also a writer, maybe it’s a not NYC thing that my writer friends have congregated here) and the potato. We had lunch and then went back to @ramblingandpie’s amazing nachos and Tales of the Arabian Nights. It was fun all around.

And now I’m having a NY diner breakfast because if there’s a way to celebrate being back in the greatest state in the country it’s with some kick-ass diner food.

And when I’m done I’m probably going to find a park to read before heading over to one more friend up here and then rambling back to the city… (the greatest city in the world! And I was totally not singing Hamilton again).

10/10 would do again.

anonymous asked:

I read a little of the knife thrower's daughter but didn't understand much. Then I tried to read the end and it seemed to me that it has not a happy ending. Am I right?

I think your enjoyment of The Knife Thrower’s Daughter could depend on how interested you are in historical fiction. There’s definitely a lot of information to process, but it is probably the most well researched and well developed Brittana fiction that exists. It is a true work of literature. I’ve explained and recommended it to people outside of fandom, because it honestly could be one of the great American novels. JJ is absolutely brilliant.

As far as the ending, I will go to my grave convinced that the story in the epilogue was Brittany and Santana, and that they lived happily ever after, the childless couple who had each other, and who needed nothing else. Even though JJ once let Brittana die in an apocalypse and traumatized me for life, I don’t believe for a second that she would will them at the end of The Knife Thrower’s Daughter.

If you have the time to set aside and really focus on the early plot setup, I would highly recommend it. There’s really no other word to describe it but stunning.

Q: What’s the book you’re working on now?

A: I’ve been working on a longer novel for about two and a half years. I’m thinking it will be done, at least ready to edit, by the end of the year. Right now I’m kind of punching above my weight with it so it may take longer. Might do another slim book like Locust House and give it another couple years. It’s a very ambitious idea, this one, and maybe a bit too difficult for my current skills but I’m going for it and working hard every day.

As far as virtues go, the virtue in hard work is satisfying and strong and feels good at the end of the day. I want to get better with each new thing I release and with this one I’m hoping to take a giant leap forward. As cheesy and dated as this sounds, I want to write the Great American Novel and I’m going to get there or die trying. Of course I know I won’t actually die because of writing a book but I guess there are other kinds of deaths when you push yourself too far. Irrelevance, burn-out, loss of audience, loss of the essential perspective it takes to write truthfully, something like that. I don’t know if I’ll get where I want to go but I’m going to try like hell.

-From Juliet Escoria’s interview Conversation with Adam Gnade in THE FANZINE. Read the whole interview here.