the 20s are soon upon us

things to include

  • flapper dresses
  • jazz music
  • sex positivity
  • women’s rights
  • renewal of arts & culture
  • increased immigration & cultural sharing
  • sequins
  • eyeliner

things to leave behind

  • racism & nativism
  • consumerist culture
  • white guys writing “the great american novel”

Here is a list of things that I am including in this book. Please send me my seven-figure advance.

• affluent family lives in suburb. The husband (who is a professor but also a novelist) is cheating on his wife, but he thinks it falls into a moral gray area because he is a Great Man

• they expected that their lives would be different than they are, and this makes them snap at each other with words that cut deep and carry a history, which they did not used to do when they were young and in love and the world held out its hand to them and said “COME!”

• wry aside

• several paragraphs to show that the author has read Proust or Kierkegaard

• much younger student somehow really wants to sleep with this professor novelist guy. That’s cool, great, she is the aggressor in this scenario

• sex scene containing one bizarre detail that makes you worry a little bit about the author, not in a judgy way, just in a does-he-actually-think-this-is-how-that-works?-how-has-he-been-married-for-six-years? way

Everything I noticed when I listened to the DEH cast album for the first time without seeing the show in person

- For forever is so pure
- Nervous, adorable Evan during if I could tell her was the highlight of my life
- Disappear makes you feel like you can write a 7 act opera and win the olympics whilst writing the great American novel
- You will be found builds into this big chorus that is so TREMENDOUS AND AMAZING
- I heard the title good for you and I thought it would be angsty aND I WAS RIGHT
- Mike Faist The God™
- The harmonies in requiem killed meeeee
- Words fail didn’t FAIL at making me cry
- So big / so small requires tissues
- All I see is sky for forever in acapella was everything I needed and more

Weights & Measures Pt 1 [M]

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 5k+

Triggers: swearing, drinking, sex

A/N: This fic is inspired by the song Weights and Measures by Dry the River. It’s v depressing so be warned if you decided to listen to it. 

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“I was prepared to love you and never expect anything of you
And there’s no patron saint of silent restraint
Baby there ain’t no sword in our lake
Just a funeral wake”

-Dry the River

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Final Epilogue

Two Years Before

Your boss had been riding your ass for months, but when he walked into your office and demanded you get some sleep you weren’t about to argue with him. Scrambling, you packed up your desk for the day and ran out the door for the night. You didn’t to take the risk that this was all a big joke and you were the butt of it.  You can’t remember the last time you were home before dark and the cool early evening breeze felt like a welcome home present.

It had been a few weeks since you and Jinyoung, your fiance, had been able to actually sit and eat a meal together. He used to always leave a plate for you in the fridge and a sweet note telling you that he loved you, but that had changed in the past few months. You were now used to coming home to a dark apartment. Jinyoung would already be fast asleep when you padded into the bedroom. Most of your meals consisted of microwaved dinners or rice. After Jinyoung stormed into the kitchen one night while you were cooking yourself dinner, you didn’t want to risk another fight.

Stopping by his favorite noodle shop, you hoped that tonight you would be able to close the ever growing distance between the two of you. It had been months since the last time you had sex. It’s not like you didn’t try, but any time you would initiate it, he would shut you down, saying he was too tired or that he wasn’t in the mood. You missed the way he would say your name and look at you like you were the most beautiful creature on the planet. But every time he looked at you now, it was like he was looking at nothing. The light had gone from his eyes, and you wanted it back so badly.

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Write What You Know (Not Necessarily What You’ve Experienced)

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I’ve recently written a post about the true meaning behind the quote “good writers borrow; great writers steal.” 

Well, another piece of writing advice has come under scrutiny lately, so I’m here to explain the meaning behind “write what you know.” 

“Write what you know” really means “write what you understand.”

Many people interpret “write what you know” to mean “write about what you have experienced for yourself,” but that’s obviously silly advice. If everyone followed it, libraries would be much, much smaller. Writing is about using your imagination to explore worlds of possibilities. Bits and pieces of your personal history will of course come into play, but they should always be presented in new and interesting ways. Otherwise, writers would be too bored to actually finish their stories.

When people you think you should probably trust tell you to “write what you know,” they aren’t telling you to fictionalise your own memoir. They’re telling you to write about the things that you understand

A novel may be a great series of lies, but there must be truth at the centre of it all and that truth is a direct result of, and in correlation to, the author’s understanding of their subject matter. 

For an author, this means a couple of things:

You should always be able to empathise with your characters. You should be able to tap into your emotions, your passions, your relationships to inform their emotions, their passions, their relationships. 

If you’re writing a scene about two people walking along the Seine at midnight unable to admit their true feelings for each other, you don’t need to have traveled to Paris or walked along the Seine or talked about the moon on the water when really all you wanted to say was that the same moonlight was making the other person look very pretty that night. 

What you need is to know what it is to take a walk in a place that is romantic no matter if romance is taking place there, to have wanted to say something but been too afraid to say it, to be filled with hope and fear and misery and joy all at the same time. 

You should always be able to feel the heart of the scene, instead of simply imagining it. 

If you can’t put yourself directly into your character’s shoes, they’ll wind up saying or doing something that won’t quite ring true.  

You should always be both interested in and knowledgable about the topics and settings that find their way into your stories. 

You don’t have to be an archaeologist to write an Indiana Jones novel, but a healthy fascination with people like T.E. Lawrence, Roy Chapman Andrews, and Gertrude Bell should probably come into play.

You should always not only be knowledgable about the topic you’re writing about, but care for it. You should be able to understand why Indy says it belongs in a museum!!” You should understand why your characters feel passionate about whatever they’re engaging in, because you share some of that passion. (Even if you wouldn’t dream of digging around in a desert yourself.)

It’s okay if you don’t know very much about a topic when you first get an idea for a book, but after doing some research about it, you should connect to the material in some way. 

As long as you’re interested in a topic or place, you’re not breaking the “write what you know” rule by taking the time to understand something you hadn’t when you first imagined your story. 

What’s more: write the kind of story you enjoy reading.

That sounds a little obvious, but people try to write stories they wouldn’t actually enjoy reading themselves all of the time. 

If you love reading YA fantasy novels, but feel compelled to write the next Great Literary American Novel, you’re not writing the sort of story you’re familiar with–that you’re passionate about–and that will show on every single page. Those are two very different sort of books. If you love reading YA, exclusively read YA, but try to write the GLAN, you’re not writing what you know. You’re probably not even writing something you truly care about.

And if you find the story you’re writing dull and uninteresting, any reader will probably feel the same way. 

If someone has read your work and says something along the lines of “you should stick to writing what you know…” 

What they’re really saying is that something isn’t resonating as true. That somehow, it doesn’t feel quite real. That they don’t think the characters’ emotional reactions are what they’d be in real life. Or that Indiana Jones is supposed to be a renowned archaeologist, but he doesn’t seem to know much about archaeology??? 

When they say this, they’re not telling you to go get a degree in archaeology or that in order to write that romantic scene, you must fall in love with someone, walk along the Seine with them, and then write what about what you felt in that moment. 

They’re letting you know that there is a disconnect somewhere between you and the writing. That they can tell you haven’t put enough of yourself in this story. That the circles don’t overlap as much as they should in the venn diagram between the knowledge, emotions, and interests the story requires and the knowledge you possess, the emotions you’ve felt, and the interests you invest in. 

When somebody says “write what you know,” ask yourself:

  • if you’ve really done enough research on this topic–if you actually want to write about this topic enough to do the required research 
  • if there’s another emotional well you can draw from to understand how a character might be feeling, how they might react to a circumstance
  • if this book is one that you yourself would pick up from a library shelf. 

And make sure there’s a core of truth within those all those lies. 

i think the reason why so many of my fave books are ya is because really good ya always revolves around well-developed characters that have understandable motives & actions whereas so many adult fiction novelists are trying to write the next Great American Novel & get so caught up in their own pretentiousness & incessant need to imbue “meaning” into their work that their characters & plot & overall arcs end up somehow both messy & boring.

fanofmanythings  asked:

106 for stony!!!!

106- You believe me, don’t you? 

 (ok, so I tried to write fluff for this, because I do so much angst. I apologize for the result, and the length of time i took to answer this, thanks for the request!)

It was Bruce who carried Tony in, just scooped up in his arms. Steve looked up from where he was sitting and sketching on the couch, in a fear which turned to confusion as he noticed that he was apparently fully conscious and unharmed, which turned to concern as he realized that he was giggling, and- trying to pet Bruce’s hair?

“Tony?” he spoke cautiously, “are you alright?”

He was expecting a sarcastic reply, a ‘no, I died when I realized I had to work with you’ perhaps or  if he was hurt a ‘of course, Steve, I always go around with [insert injury here]’ What he was not expecting was for Tony to turn his head to look at him, as though noticing for the first time that he was in the room and to open his eyes wide, as if seeing him for the first time.

“Captain America!” He poked Bruce several times in the arm. “Look, it’s Captain America. I love that guy.”

The biologist rolled his eyes before looking at Steve who was now convinced that Tony had gone insane. “We got hit by some sort of gas” explained Bruce. “Didn’t affect the big guy, but Tony- he got hit by it badly. Combination some kind of laughing gas thing and a truth serum concoction.” Steve could almost see the pain from using such inaccurate terms radiating from the doctor. I’m going to take him down to the lab and analyze exactly what it was.”

However it looked like Tony disagreed with that statement, as he pushed himself out of Bruce’s arms before half tumbling half falling onto the couch next to Steve, staring up at him with big brown eyes.

“Hi, Steve. You look pretty today.”

In spite of himself, Steve felt his heart miss a beat for a moment before he answered. “Hey, Tony. I think you may be a little, uh, high right now. You should probably go with Bruce so you can figure it out.”

“I don’t want to go with Bruce.” Tony pouted and Steve had to hide a smile as he continued. “I want to stay here with you. I like you, Steve.” He smiled before adding quickly, “I mean, I do like you, Bruce, huge fan of everything you do. But you’re not blond.” He laughed. “And Steve, is very very blond. He’s also big. And has blue eyes, did you know he had blue eyes? I really like his blue eyes.” He turned back to Steve who’s mouth was quickly snapping shut.

“Tony, maybe you should come with me, and then talk to Steve afterwards allright? You’re a little, well, drugged right now, and perhaps we-”

“You don’t believe that I’m telling the truth?” Tony gave him a hurt look. He turned back to Steve. “You believe me, don’t you? You know that you have beautiful blue eyes. You know that I like you.” Completely ignoring Steve’s astonished expression and the way his heart had started racing he reached over and grabbed Steve’s sketchbook, looking at the picture he had been drawing.

“This is Iron Man!” He looked back up at Steve, full of adoration, “You drew a me!”

Blood rushed to his face and Steve had uncomfortable feeling that he might actually be blushing.

“Well, I draw a lot of the avengers, I mean, the suit is very aesthetic, and-”

But now Tony was flipping through the rest of it.

“You drew more mes!” He looked up from the sketchbook. “They’re good mes, you make me look good!”

“Well you do look good.” He said it without thinking, Tony’s instant rambling honesty bringing out his own. “I like drawing you.”

Tony’s eyes grew even wider and he set down the sketchpad. “You-you like drawing me?”

Bruce cleared his throat. “As much as I enjoy seeing you two finally talk about the feelings the rest of us know you have, I think I should probably take Tony down so he can perhaps talk about this when he has a bit more control.”

He came over, and picked Tony up who seemed to have trouble walking, and brought him down, with some light protesting, to the lab.

Tony found Steve three hours later after the gas had worn off.
“So, you like drawing me?”

“Like I said, I do draw all the avengers-”

“That’s not what I asked.” A trademark smirk creeped up across his face. “I said I liked you, and you said you liked drawing me. I don’t go back on what I say even if I do say it under some form of weird gas that makes you feel light and bubbly.”

“Well, I mean….” Steve tried to articulate his feelings and failed miserably.

“Steve? I’ve already done the awkward part of stating my feelings, and I’m not about to spend another half hour of awkwardness now.”  The captain opened his mouth to point out that he was the only one who actually had to feel the awkwardness at the time but shut it quickly as Tony continued. “So will you go out with me? I promise, this is me asking. No weird laughing gas involved.”

Steve smiled. “Yes, Tony. I like drawing you. And I would love to go out with you.

And if a small “fucking finally” was heard from where Bruce was standing, where they thought was out of earshot, the two ignored it.

Write A Symphony

Pace back and forth neurotically
Launch yourself into the upper atmosphere
Fall down some stairs

The sun’s rising
The sky’s red, purple, and gold
Footateps pitter and patter outside my door
My phone’s alarm has been going off for the past fifteen minutes
I fall back asleep and drift aimlessly

God dammit
I need to find something to believe in
Maybe start a cult
Maybe pick up some groceries on my way home from work
Pick up a bad habit or two
Sing a song to the trees

I should learn about what it takes to become a doctor
To become a ghost
Become a soft violin weeping through the night
Maybe write the next great American novel
Write the same word over and over forever and hire someone to mop up my drool

The ground’s shaking
My legs are weak
Figurative language is getting ready to fly south for the winter
Graveyards are humming in unison across the country
My shadow’s running in circle like a stupid child

anonymous asked:

How about a Riverdale one-shot with established Betty/Jughead? Betty got over Archie before summer and started dating Jughead during the summer, and they're still a couple when the show stars. You may have to change the episodes a bit. I hope that's okay with you.

Here you go!!! I only did the first episode because it turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be. But I hope you like it!!!

“Juggie!” Betty couldn’t help but yell as soon as she entered Pop’s and spotted her beanie wearing boyfriend. She had loved her internship, but she had missed him like crazy. Jughead’s face lit up when he saw her. He stood up and gave her a huge hug and a quick soft kiss. Betty knew that he wasn’t crazy about PDA. She would make sure that they found some alone time soon to really show each other how much they were missed.

“Betts, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” Jughead said once they sat back down. “How was the internship?”

“It was amazing Juggie.” Betty clapped her hands in front of her in excitement. She had called him almost every night, so Jughead knew pretty much all of her stories, but she couldn’t help but gush some more about how incredible her time had been.

“I’m so happy for you.” Jughead said after she had finished talking. He reached across the table and took her hand, lacing their fingers together.

“What about you? How’s your great American novel coming along?” Betty asked, not failing to notice the happy smile that crossed Jughead’s face as he began to talk about his writing.

“It’s going well, although I’m pretty sure most of the town will be displeased at the way they are portrayed.” Jughead said with a small chuckle.

“And how am I portrayed?” Betty asked

“You’re just going to have to wait and find out.”

“Come on Juggie, please?” Betty begged

“Nope, no one can read this until it’s finished, no exceptions. Even for my beautiful girlfriend. But I will say that you are probably the person I had the most difficulty remaining objective about.”

“Aw” Betty smiled. Jughead prided himself in his ability to remain separate and objective about the town while writing. So the fact that he was admitting that it was hard to remain objective about her was one of the sweetest things that he could say.

“Hello” the two looked up as a girl approached them.

“Hi” Betty glanced in shock at the beautiful, dark-haired girl. She glanced at Jughead, unable to keep her insecurities from rearing their ugly head. Jughead was looking at the girl with slight curiosity, but nothing more. Betty mentally kicked herself for doubting him.

“I’m Veronica Lodge, I just moved here.” Veronica offered her hand to shake. Betty let go of Jughead’s hand and took the new girl’s.

“I’m Betty Cooper,” Betty replied, glancing over at Jughead who had started typing furiously. “And this is Jughead.”

“Jughead?” Veronica asked with a laugh

“Jughead Jones, the third.” Jughead added, giving Veronica a small smile before returning to his writing. Betty saw Veronica mouth his name and sent her a knowing look.

“What are you writing Jughead Jones the third?” Veronica asked

“I’m writing about you” Was Jughead’s simple reply

“Uh, he’s writing a novel about this town and some drama that happened over the summer.” Betty hurried to add, realizing how odd it sounded.

“Oh” Veronica looked like she was going to say more, but Pop came out at that moment with her order.

“Do you want to join us?” Betty asked

“Oh no, I should get this food back to my mom. But I’ll see you tomorrow in school right? It’ll be good to have some familiar faces.”

“Absolutely, I’m the one giving you your tour tomorrow.” Betty responded with a laugh.

“Perfect” Veronica gave them both a bright smile and then headed out of the door.

“Archie, that’s amazing” Betty said when Archie played them his song.

“Yeah, I thought we’d have to pretend to like it, but it was actually really good.” Kevin added in the way that only he could

“That was you?” Veronica asked as she joined them. Betty had introduced her to Kevin and Archie in the hall during the tour. She hadn’t missed the way that Veronica and Archie had looked at each other.

“Yes” Archie responded, blushing slightly

“Well, color me impressed.” Veronica said before turning to Betty. “So, where is that brooding boyfriend of yours?”

“Um…” Betty hesitated, sending a look at Archie who refused to meet her eyes. She still didn’t know exactly what had happened, but she did know that things were incredibly tense between Jughead and Archie at the moment. “He’s probably off writing somewhere” Betty answered vaguely, knowing that Veronica wasn’t fooled for a second.

“Uh huh…”

“Alright…well I have to go talk to Ms. Grundy about music classes.” Archie said and quickly picked up his things and bolted.

“What was that about?” Veronica asked when he was out of earshot

“Jughead and Archie are best friends, they have been for years. But over the summer they were supposed to go on a roadtrip, but Archie cancelled and didn’t give Jughead a reason…and then he apparently avoided Juggie for the rest of the summer. I was away at and internship so I’m still trying to figure out what happened.” Betty said with an unhappy sigh

“We’ll figure it out Betty” Kevin assured her. Betty gave him a small smile just as Jughead slid onto the bench next to her.

“Hi” he gave her a small peck on the cheek and then helped himself to half of her sandwich.

“I didn’t know all of that” Jughead stopped walking. Betty stopped beside him and looked at him curiously.

“All of what Juggie?”

“That you tried out for cheerleading and that Cheryl called you fat.” Jughead could barely contain his anger.

“It wasn’t really a big deal” Betty looked at her feet.

“Yes it is,” Jughead cupped her face in his hands. Betty looked up and met his eyes. Jughead felt a sudden want to punch Cheryl in the face for putting that sad look in Betty’s eyes. “Betty Cooper, you are a knockout, and anyone who doesn’t see that is an absolute moron.” Jughead said firmly, relaxing when she laughed.

“Thanks Juggie”

“Unfortunately, this means that I am going to have to break up with you”


“Yeah, I have a very delicate reputation to protect and if I am known to be dating a cheerleading, it will until my who mysterious aura.” Jughead stepped back, keeping a straight face.

“Juggie!” Betty yelled with a laugh and snatched his hands before he could take another step.

“I’m serious Betty, this is the end of us.”

“I can’t stand you” Betty laughed again, but tugged his hands so they were standing close together once again. Jughead wrapped his arms around her and joined in her laughter.

“No you don’t.” He said and planted a kiss on her lips.

“So Archie doesn’t have a girl or anything does he?”

“Nope” Betty said as she and Veronica walked along the track in their new cheerleading uniforms

“I’m thinking of asking him to the dance.”
“Oh Ronnie, you should. That would be perfect.” Betty gushed. She caught sight of their redheaded friend and nudged Veronica.

“Hey Archie!” Veronica shouted and Archie jogged over to them.

“Hey you two, nice outfits.”
“Thanks Archiekins. Will you go to the dance with me?”

“Uhh…I don’t know Ronnie, I’m not really in the headspace for a dance.” Archie looked to Betty for help, but she simply gave him a smile and a shrug. She hadn’t know Veronica for long, but she did know there was no arguing with her.

“Come on, you won’t let the new girl go unescorted will you?” Veronica pushed

“Of course not.” Archie said with a sigh.

“Perfect. You and Jughead can pick Betty and I up at my place.”
“Oh…” Archie hesitated

“Veronica I’m not going with Jughead” Betty hurried to say.

“What? Why not?”

“Um, dances aren’t really his thing. I was just going to go with Kevin.”

“Okay, well in that case I’ll be there” Archie said and jogged away. Betty glared over her shoulder at him, annoyed that he didn’t seem willing to try to mend things with Jughead.

“No, this is not happening.” Veronica said

“What isn’t?”

“This…all of this drama. I swore it all off when I left New York City. We are going to get Archie and Jughead talking and then we are going to get Jughead to come to the dance with you.”

“Veronica that’s not necessary.”

“Oh but Betty dear it is, I just want to have a group of friends without all of the in fighting that there was in my previous groups.”

“Okay, I’m all for mending things between Arch and Juggie, but I’m really okay with Jughead not going to the dance. I like him just the way he is, and he’s not really the dance type guy.”

“Well, we’ll focus on Archie and Jughead for now…” Veronica said pulling Betty along

And that was how, later that night, Archie and Jughead ended up locked inside of Betty’s room. Veronica and Betty shut the door, telling them to deal with their issues and then headed downstairs for a cup of tea.

“Do you think this will work?” Betty asked with a grimace as she heard the boys begin to shout. She hated to see the two of them fight. Both of them meant so much to her and they had all been friends for so long.

“Kevin said that they were best friends right?”

“Yeah, since I can remember”

“Then they’ll figure it out.”

“How are you so sure?” Betty said, gesturing upstairs where the yelling continued.

“Because best friends fight, but if they’ve been friends for that long than they are obviously close and one silly fight isn’t going to undo years of friendship.”

“I wish I knew what it was all about” Betty said

“When they are ready, they’ll tell you.” Veronica said “So, while they are distracted, how about we plot our next scheme”

“Veronica if you are talking about getting Jughead to the dance-”

“Yes that is exactly what I’m talking about” Veronica interrupted her. “If you can look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t want to go to the dance with Jughead then i will back down.”

“I…” Betty tried, but she couldn’t honestly tell Veronica that.

“That’s what I thought. And have you told Jughead how you feel?”

“No, I don’t want him to feel like I’m pressuring him into anything.”

“B, that boy is crazy about you. Anyone can tell that. He only has eyes for you and I have no doubt that he will do anything for you.”

“Exactly, I know if I ask him then he will feel like he has to go. I was sort of hoping that he would ask me on his own. But if he doesn’t want to go, that’s okay with me.” Betty shrugged. She would love to go to a dance with Juggie. To both get dressed up and slow dance together, but she really didn’t mind going with Kevin. She knew exactly who Jughead was, and she didn’t expect him to change.

“Okay Betty” Veronica dropped it with a disapproving look.

“Hey, do you hear that?” Betty asked, noticing that the yelling upstairs had stopped.

“Let’s go see if these idiots have figured it out yet” Veronica linked her arm in Betty’s as they headed up the stairs. They leaned their ears against the door but couldn’t hear anything inside. Betty took out the key and unlocked the door. Jughead and Archie were both lounging on her bed, looking just like they had a hundred times.

“Oh thank god” Betty said, jumping on the bed and hugging both of them. They laughed and hugged her back. “I hated seeing you two fight” Betty said pulling away.

“We did too” Archie admitted

“So you guys have everything figured out?” Veronica asked. Jughead and Archie exchanged a look.

“It’s a start” Jughead said finally.

“Good enough for me” Betty said, wrapping her arms around Jughead and kissing him on the cheek.

“Well this calls for a celebration. How about I go pick up some takeout from Pop’s and we can watch a movie or something?” Veronica offered.

“Oooh food” Jughead nodded appreciatively.

“Good, I’m glad you like the idea, because considering half of the food will be yours, you are coming with me to help me carry it buster.” Veronica said to Jughead

“Oh no, I’ll go with you Veronica” Betty said, standing up in alarm.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll go” Jughead stood up and started walking out the door.

“No really, I’ll go. You two should keep talking.” Betty pleaded. Jughead stopped and looked between Veronica and Betty. But Veronica slipped her arm in Jughead’s and practically dragged him out of the door.

“We’ll be back soon” She threw over her shoulder. Betty gave a sigh and sat back on the bed. She knew exactly why Veronica wanted Jughead to be the one to go with her.

“So why didn’t Betty want me to come with you?” Jughead asked almost immediately after they left the Coopers.

“Wow, you don’t beat around the bush, do you?” Veronica said with a laugh.

“No, so why?”

“Because she is an amazing and incredibly selfless person.” Veronica answered with a sigh.

“What?” Jughead had no idea where this conversation was leading

“Jug, Betty wants to go to the dance with you, but doesn’t want to tell you that because she knows you hate dances and she doesn’t want to force you into anything.”

“What?” Jughead said again, his mind spinning. “But I asked her about and she said she was going with Kevin. She didn’t seem that interested.”

“That was an act for your benefit. She knew that if she said she wanted to go you would’ve felt obligated to take her.”

“I would’ve taken her if I had know, of course I would. But obligated isn’t the right word.” Jughead shook his head. “Making Betty happy makes me happy. I’d do anything for her, plus she puts other people first always, I feel like it’s my job to make sure she gets put first.” Jughead was upset at himself for not noticing that Betty wanted to go to the dance.

“That’s what I thought. It’s why I told you even though she didn’t want me to. Because I could tell that this is how you would feel.” Veronica stopped walking and looked at Jughead.

“Thanks for telling me Veronica” Jughead said softly. “I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out myself.”

“Don’t beat yourself up, Betty’s a good little actress when she wants to be.”

“You have no idea…” Jughead said

“What do you mean?”

“Betty’s been putting on a brave face since she was little, I think it’s almost more of a habit now then a conscious decision.” Jughead thought about all of the times Betty showed up to school with a smile on her face, only to tell them later that something awful was going on at her home.

“Let’s make a pact, Jughead Jones the Third.” Veronica said, looking at him seriously.

“A pact about what?”

“A pact that we will make sure that Betty starts putting herself first and make sure that she shares her feelings instead of burying them inside.”

“Deal” Jughead said, sticking out his hand. Veronica took it and shook it firmly with a nod of her head.

“Good.” They dropped hands continued their way to Pop’s

“You know you are already helping her.” Jughead said after a few moments. “Her mom hates that she is cheerleading, but she is standing her ground, I think partly because of your influence.”

“Good for her” Veronica said with a happy smile.

“Veronica?” Jughead said hesitantly


“How do I ask Betty to the dance?” Jughead felt slightly embarrassed, he had never asked a girl to a dance. He had no idea how to go about doing it and didn’t want to mess it up. Betty was too important.

“Oh have you come to the right place little Jug.” Veronica said with a laugh.

“Betty?” Jughead asked softly later that night. The movie had ended and Veronica and Archie had made their exits. Jughead and Betty had remained cuddled on the couch in comfortable silence for a while after.

“Hmm?” She murmured, sinking further into his arms.

“I always thought that one thing we were really good at was being honest with each other, even when it was hard.” Betty shifted, sitting up so that she could look at him.

“Is this about what Veronica told you?” Betty guessed. Jughead moved so he was also sitting up and looked at her intently.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you wanted to go to the dance?”

“Because I didn’t want to force you into doing something that you didn’t wanted to do.”

But you didn’t even give me a chance Betts” Jughead pointed out

“Because if I told you that I wanted to go then you would feel like you had to take me. So I figured that if you really wanted to go then you would ask me.”

“I tried, but you said you were going with Kevin”
“That was you asking?” Betty asked with a raised eyebrow

“That was me trying to see if you wanted to go…” Jughead leaned forward and took her hands. “Look Betts, I really don’t care what we are doing, as long as we are together.  You telling me that you want to do something is not forcing me into anything. Seeing you smile and making you happy is what gives me happiness. And if my amazing girlfriend wants to go to a dance, then I’m going to take her to that dance.”

“You really want to get dressed up and listen to loud pop music and be surrounded by sweaty teenagers all night long?”

“No, I want to see you in a pretty dress and I want to hold you close as we dance and I want to see the jealous looks of every other guy in the room because they aren’t the ones with you.”

“You really want to go to the dance?” Betty reached up and brushed her hand along his cheek, her eyes filled with hope.

“I really want to go to the dance.” Jughead said, leaning down to kiss her softly. “Betty Cooper, will you go to the dance with me?” He whispered against her lips. He felt her smile and his stomach did a little flip.

“I would love to Juggie.” She said and pressed her lips back against his.

“Jughead relax, you look great” Archie said, grinning at him. Jughead’s hands dropped from where they had been straightening his bowtie.

“I feel ridiculous.” He said, tucking his shirt in for the tenth time.

“Jug, stop.” Archie said and knocked on Veronica’s apartment door.  Veronica swung the door open almost immediately. She was in a dark strapless dress.
“Hey boys”

“Wow…” Archie’s jaw was practically on the ground. “Ronnie you look amazing.”

“Thanks Archiekins, you are looking pretty dapper yourself. You two Jughead.” Veronica said giving him a wink. She stepped aside so that Jughead could look past her and see Betty. Jughead felt his heart skip a beat. She was wearing a gorgeous pink dress and her hair was down instead of up in its usual tight ponytail. Betty came up next to Veronica and looked Jughead up and down.

“God, my girlfriend is beautiful” Jughead said, causing the group to chuckle and Betty to blush. She came up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“And my boyfriend is handsome.”

“Alright, you guys are making me sick with all of this sweetness. Let’s go” Veronica took Archie’s hand and pulled him away. Jughead laughed and offered Betty his arm. She hooked her in his and they headed off to the dance.

Jughead held Betty close as they swayed to the music. His fingers brushed her side where there was a piece of her dress cut away. His thumb ran along her bare skin. Betty sighed and leaned her head against his chest.

“Thanks for taking me Juggie” She mumbled against him.

Why I’m Writing Marco and Marty

(Some kvetching, some oversharing, some meandering) 

Hey, gang!

Today’s MM will be posted in the late afternoon, I suspect. Feeling sick today so I am catching up on sleep. Gonna try to make a concerted effort to get back on schedule this weekend, but I also wanted to say a few words on what’s been going on in my life. 

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anonymous asked:

opinions and theories based on the newest ep of riverdale?

i’m glad i’m being asked about it, because i wasn’t sure if people are enjoying me exploring the show a bit more. it was a great episode, first of all. probably the best yet. riverdale has a lot of issues, but tbh all shows do, and i’m really impressed with the direction riverdale is taking. 

skeet ulrich is 💯 and he made the episode, really. i was mildly bored by FP’s struggles being the highly cliched “high school were the best years of my life” but after consideration, it felt in-line. but let’s start with the dream. 

visually and aesthetically it was great, but it was framed to emphasize jughead as an outsider, which is kind of what this whole episode was about. riverdale very clearly has a problem with wealth disparity, but most of the main characters come from very privileged backgrounds. 

even as dysfunctional and abusive as, say, the blossoms and coopers are, they still are a ribbon of americana. they’re still 2.0 white picket. so what i like about riverdale is the way it uses it’s very wholesome poodle-skirt background to subvert the darkness that licks at the corners of small towns. jughead dreaming about being engaged to stepford betty, carving the turkey at norman rockwell’s table, was to highlight the way he feels as though he doesn’t belong—in life or, especially, in riverdale. 

and yet, jughead is a character who clearly craves the american dream, in the most pedestrian, suburban sense of the term. he’s obsessed with old film, with americana, with the great american novel—but he’s at odds with his own upbringing and the tragedy of it. 

FP was a great highlight to that—jughead learning that he was a big man on campus, a football star; the all-american golden boy he is trying to understand via jason blossom’s death. 

this could easily be me reading too much into things because i do that, but in my analysis of the show, i think with the novel, jughead is not just trying to explore the death of the american golden boy thematically, but also his desire for the american dream, contrasted with his own father. 

regardless, riverdale is essentially an exploration of the idealized american suburb. but using murder as a foundation for the show plays up fact that it’s bleeding out; the murder isn’t a catalyst, it’s a flashlight. all it does is highlight the pre-existing tensions between class within riverdale; using jughead as the narrator—and thus telling the story of privilege from the perspective of a homeless, emotionally abused kid (perhaps physically as well)—is a successful mark of that. 

i wish the show would be a bit more overt with it, and would explore racism in the suburbs in the same way that they seem to be exploring classism but it is still a teen soap on a commercial network. gotta start somewhere. 


of the dream sequence bit where he “stabs archie in the back,” i think that was an obvious bit of foreshadowing of the tension mounting between the two friends over betty. like how jughead struggles with his semi-suppressed dreams of idealized americana, he also can’t quite shake the self-imposed guilt that he believes archie and betty are supposed to be together. jughead can’t have the white picket fence fantasy without also inserting himself as archie, a golden boy with a good father and a safety net. 

in other words, he doesn’t feel like he deserves betty, both as a person and what she represents. the implication i have from how quickly jughead acted on his feelings is that he’d been carrying them for a long time, but it was seeing the struggle of betty’s life that made him realize she wasn’t that perfect image. unlike archie, he saw how much weight she was carrying. 

she was as suppressed as he was, in search of the same meaning and knowledge that he was, and i imagine it really shook up his world view as the outsider. for all it’s problems in the rushed execution and background information of erasure, that’s what i like about that ship; they’re two sides of the same coin. 

as far as theories, i don’t know, i really don’t trust hermione. is it just me? i feel like she set hiram up tbh and is trying to slowly take over the company. part of the way she said “anything for alice cooper’s girls” reinforced that for me…why not say “anything for veronica’s friends”? hermione has never had a positive interaction with alice, and we don’t know how far their history runs, but i imagine it’s not great. if she’s the big bad for the next season, i think it would be a great twist. 

additionally, regarding jason’s jacket in FP’s trailer—i think it’s more likely connected to the drugs in the car than anything, which would probably be a direct trail to him and the serpents. the serpents are all red herrings though; as demonstrated by sheriff keller and jughead, it was only a matter of time before the police started blaming things on the kids from the “wrong side of the tracks.” 

jughead noting that the police were trying to scapegoat him and mentioning paradise lost was a really subtle frame for the whole episode (and would’ve been a great episode title, but perhaps a bit obvious). i was proud of him for knowing his rights and how things get out of control. 


-veronica can be so mature, but when she’s acting out, it’s from such a sense of vulnerability that it’s very sad and moving. veronica is absolutely a character who was raised in a world that didn’t encourage a typical childhood and clearly grew up too fast, so it was important to showcase. i love camila’s portrayal, she’s doing a great job. 

-reggie taking a selfie while searching for a missing girl was hilarious and terrible

-did i mention i love skeet ulrich 

i found a fictional story i wrote when i was 13. it’s 250 pages. and it’s hilarious.

THERE’S A LOT OF CAPS AND !!! explanation points when people talk !! and everything is so emphasized in italics and there’s a lot of rambly inner dialogue where a character literally comes to 30 realizations about the scene within a thought 

(there’s also a love triangle between a girl who can control water, a ‘tree dweller’, and a prince with purple eyes. yeah. I KNOW.)

in honor of the 90th anniversary of The Great Gatsby, why not stop quoting lines Fitzgerald probably plagiarized from his wife anyway and spend some time googling how Fitzgerald plagiarized from his wife and was a massively abusive dick in general (intentionally [seriously he had a SYSTEM] triggered her schizophrenic [possibly bipolar] episodes, made her have an affair so he could research it and then put her under house arrest when she tried to leave him, blamed her for literally everything that went wrong with his life while at the same time personally striving to crush her dreams of writing and dancing, absolutely refused to grant her a divorce despite her YEARS of petitioning for one, and many other easily google-able horrors)

also consider that it’s just kind of a shitty book like jfc Gatsby is based on HIM Gatsby is a self-insert he is Gatsby and Daisy is his wife/another woman who pissed him off and there is literally a scene in this book where the narrator YELLS TEARFULLY THAT THE AUTHOR’S SELF-INSERT IS THE BEST AND ONLY DECENT PERSON IN THE BOOK

I mean can we just stop calling this the great American novel please this man is a fucking embarrassment

I’m posting in response to asks and messages in my inbox.

To start I don’t believe David is dating/banging MP. I believe there is a connection between them but it is either through work or family.

Regardless of what these new pics suggest, I don’t see a romantic relationship here.

I base this on several things:

  1. She doesn’t stay with DD during the week. I doubt she flies back to Malibu to sling smoothies all week just to go back to VC for some cuddle time on the weekends.
  2. David somehow has avoided being ‘caught’ dating anyone for 7 years only to let a 24yo out their relationship on SM. I don’t buy this and believe DD thinks nothing about her posts because who would actually think they are a couple.
  3. She’s immature. This isn’t a person that graduated early from college at the top of her class and is working to find a cure for cancer or write the next great American novel. This is a person that likes to party with her friends, work out, live off someone else’s dime and post the lot of it on SM. This doesn’t sound like DD cup of tea to me but…to each their own.

All this being said, I changed my theme back when all this started. I’m upset that David, having worked hard to better himself and his image, would allow this rumor to grow legs. He is a 57yo man with influence and putting his head in the sand is unacceptable to me. Along with the recent events in Hollywood, I seriously wish DD or his people would consider how this could impact his reputation. Just look what happened to Gillian and she wasn’t with a boy toy.

I can hear it now, I’m in denial. Maybe so but David Duchovny is no saint, he knows a thing or three about sex and could have as many women/men that he wants. I just don’t think he wants a 20 something girl that probably doesn’t swallow or know where his prostate is located.

This is my take on this. Yours is probably different….🤔

What Writers Can Learn from National Novel Writing Month.

It’s October 1st, and that means that it’s Pregame Season for National Novel Writing Month. What better way to kick off that season than with another entry in my What Writers Can Learn Series? This time around, I thought I would do something different. I’ve written about Sense8 and Batman, but why not write about the lessons writers can learn from National Novel Writing Month itself?

So here are five important lesson I’ve learned from National Novel Writing Month. Hopefully you can do a better job of implementing them than I do.

Write Every Day

When you have to write an average of 1,667 words every day for a month, it can make a huge difference if you don’t write even just one day during the month. With that in mind, you either develop this mentality or spend part of your month writing a pile of extra words.

This is an important skill even when you don’t have a 50,000 word goal to meet in just 30 days. Every writer needs to work on writing every day, even if it’s just a sentence or two.

Be Creative

During National Novel Writing Month, your story is going to go through some changes from what you first expected. This can be a problem for the planners, but that doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Let your creative juices flow. Come up with something unexpected to keep your story alive. Don’t worry about the plan that you had. Sometimes that plan has to change.

Let Your Story Flow

Your story will have a rhythm and flow of its own. Listen for that rhythm. Follow the flow. Let the stream of your story guide your way. Don’t follow it blindly, but be aware of your story as you write.

You will also want to keep your eyes open for themes and symbols as you proceed.

Dream Big!

You are already making a grand dream. 50,000 words in only 30 days is an epic undertaking, and you need to be a dreamer. However, as a writer, you need to understand that there is not much to writing just 50,000 words. As a writer you will write so many more words in your lifetime. Dream about those words. Let them fill you with passion as you work through the many stories that will fill your mind in the coming years.

Be greedy for those stories.

Keep Writing

The most important lesson you can learn from National Novel Writing Month is to never stop writing. No matter how many words you have to write, you can always reach that goal. Whether it is a paragraph for school or the next great American novel. You can reach that goal. Never stop writing.