• What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: how can the big teams in F1 not see the potential in drivers like Hülkenberg and Grosjean? They have proved themselves so many times but are just fucked over by Bernie. Do I need to start my own F1 team to provide good enough cars for them? But where will I find the friendly staff like at Force India and Red Bull? Is it even possible for a team at the top to have happy staff? How long will it be until there is justice? But if I come into the sport will I be shit because Bernie doesn't like me? Team Justice will be our name and the drivers faces will be on the cars to scare of competitors, but is that even legal? Will the FIA hunt me down?? HOW CAN I SUCCEED AS AN F1 TEAM IF BERNIE KEEPS PUSHING ME AROUND??

Dear everyone who thought today was boring, please see below:

  • Romain’s start
  • Adrian’s crash
  • Mark’s overtake
  • Romain’s fastest lap
  • Heikki’s new nose
  • Rocky’s stress
  • Valtteri’s overtaking Esteban
  • Fernando overtaking EVERYONE at T1
  • JB overtaking Dan
  • Nico H overtaking Fernando
  • Mark catching Romain
  • Dan overtaking JB
  • JEV crashing with Esteban

So boring.. yes.. and by yes I mean FUCK NO!