Five weeks without Lily of the Lamplight, six weeks without Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart, twelve weeks without La Patisserie de la Rose, Sixteen weeks without Bésame Mucho, ten weeks without American Dreams in an English Village


George DeValier and Butterfish… I don’t want to pressure you two or anything. You have no idea how much I admire the both of you and your stories. I believe that if it’s taking so long for you to update there must be a reason, and I hope everything is okay and all. But hell, I’m getting sick because of abstinence here. I mean, if you keep updating each fanfic from three to three months, we’ll have what, four chapters per year?


Where did all those years go?” I asked again, this time in a whisper, and I reached up to pull off his glasses. He let me and watched as I placed them on my stomach before grabbing him by the cheeks, pulling him down close to me.
“A lot has happened since then, hah?” he mumbled, his breath slipping across my lips.
I closed my eyes and nodded.
“Moving houses, changing schools.”
“New friends, strange parties,” I added. I slowly opened my eyes again and blinked at the sun.
Alfred smiled down at me. “But the same guy.”
I felt a warmth spread in my body at the sight of his grin, and I laughed, “Yes. The same guy.
—  LAST chapter of ‘American Dreams’ is up now - go read it!

I have just finished an AMAZING fan fiction called American Dreams in an English Village and I have to say it is one of THE BEST FAN FICTIONS EVER AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.
Its by the wonderful writer, Butterfish.
His tumblr: Buttermyfish
And Butterfish
AND OF COURSE THE FF: American Dreams in an Englsih Village

It is a long fan fiction of 31 chapters, if you’re looking for a nice read, and it can be a bit sexual at times but it isn’t bad at all. Even if it seems a bit long for your tastes I must say I believe it is worth it!

American dreams in an English village

Final chapter

I loved this whole story! I really did and right now I’m almost crying as it has reached it’s end.

I have no words, really. All I could do was to say ‘thank you’ for the author, Butterfish.

I just… I’ll just leave for now.

American dreams in an English village [WARNING SPOILERS]

Fanart for chapter 11 of Butterfish’s “American dreams in an English village” ;___;

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abwuh abwuh it’s such an amazing fic I apologize for my terrible shit
I should have been studying but hnnnnngh


As the title says, this list has fanfictions where APH England is the main character. If you are here searching for fics with that characteristic (APH England as the protagonist), I hope it will be useful. This one only has USUK and UKUS fanfictions.

  • If you are a writer and see your fic here, and don’t want it to be here, please, tell me and I will remove it. Also if you want me to add another link on it.
  • If some of the links don’t work, please, tell me so I could fix it.
  • I like to read angst, drama and hurt… (I’m a weirdo, I know) so some of them are on those lines, I warn you. Not all of them, there are fluff and things like that too. If you are very conscious or sensible to some topics, please, check the warnings and disclaimers of the fics, if they have.
  • I love long things C: and I love long fics too, so the stories posted here are at least 10,000 words count.
  • All the stories are COMPLETE.
  • The numeration of the lists doesn’t mean anything about the quality of the fics (all of them are great!). Is beacuse is more easy for me to have a control of the fics posted, no other reason. So just ignore it.
  • If you want to read the second part of this USUK list, click here.
  • If you want to read some FRUK fics, click here.
  • If you want to read some FACE/ACE family fics, click here.
  • If you want to read some other fics with APH England and another partner (not USUK nor FRUK) and also some fics without romance… or the ones I didn’t know what to do with them, click here.
  • I’m up for recomendatios!

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shoujokay-deactivated20160607  asked:

Do you have a fic rec? (usuk maybe?) nwn

OH OH I’m sorry I’d reply privately but I forgot to post that I have an official ficrecs page (/w\) where I list in every fanfic thoroughly enjoyed. I still have yet to organize that under a list and add a ton more, but hey, hope that’s sufficient enough! ouo

for now,

(i know u asked for a fic rec but i kinda got out of control /sWEATS)

Forever been recommending PennyLane, and will never stop doing so, because her fics are amazing. Personal favourites of hers..

Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall (in which Arthur is a bookstore owner with an abusive boyfriend, and Alfred happens to pass by during a rainy day, and ohmygod it’s brilliant.)

and Cuckoo in the Nest (in which Arthur is a famous novelist running away from the media because of a scandal, and Alfred co-runs a company accommodating people(?), do read it.) 

There’s also Parapo, who wrote Temporarily Yours. (in which Alfred is a rich boy pressured by his parents to marry a distasteful girl, which he narrowly swerves by kissing his waiter- Arthur- in front of his parents and declaring he’s gay. Their relationship ensues into a paid, fake courtmanship, and it’s pure entertainment, pure gold.)

con’t under the cut

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Like a Good Neighbor - USUK Stories

Amewica asked me about finding a neighbor USUK fic and I discovered that there are tons of them!

Tumblr-Inspired Oneshots

Help! My Neighbor is Really Hot

The Ones You’ve Already Read

einsamkeit-png  asked:

Im so happy that you’ve read American Dreams in an English Village because it’s my favourite fan fiction and I find it incredibly underrated.

I’m sorry for answering so late!
Lol I’m pretty sure it’s the 2nd most favourited USUK fic on but you’re right. It’s incredible. American Dreams in an English village honestly… Shaped up my general view on Hetalia. I think it was the first time I read fanfiction with so much emotion. 

anonymous asked:

i'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'm new to the fandom and just wanted to know if there are any required fanfics to read and such ^^

Required? Well, at this point I’d say you don’t have to read them, but getting an idea of what they are about would probably help if references to them ever come up.

Anything by this guy: George deValier

And Gutters.

Those are the two main fanfictions I saw everyone reference when I joined the fandom. There was also American Dream in an English Village, but I think the hype for that one was only prevalent while it was still unfinished.

EDIT: Oh, and the Iceland x Fridge fic. Just know it exists.

You heard-” I started stuttering, but Stuart was so into speaking that I didn’t even have to finish my sentence to spark a reply in him.
“About you being kicked out, yeah.” He licked his lips, looked towards the field, and then turned to me again. The crowd was slowly getting louder; Alfred was heading towards the goal with the ball, and the closer he got, the happier everyone seemed. No one was paying us any attention. We were as if invisible. Perhaps that was why Stuart dared to add, “And about you.”
“No, you. The two of you. You and Alfred.”
“You heard about-” This time Stuart didn’t interrupt me, I just stopped myself before speaking the words. My mouth was wide open, and I was staring at him, but he didn’t look at me in disgust. He was viewing the field with a smile on his lips, and the look in his eyes calm. “You…”
“I knew already, man,” Stuart said. “Most of us did, I mean… You can’t hide something like that.
—  Chapter 30 of ‘American Dreams in an English Village’ is up..