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I had paragraphs of comments to say to this, but in the end, let me state three things - as the title says, this is a little homage to Butterfish’s masterpiece, American dreams in an English village (I never know what to capitalize, lol). You didn’t really expect me not to draw anything, did you? ;D Next, I’d like to apologize for butchering this beautiful scene with my completely inappropriate drawing style - I did my best OTL;; And lastly, this part of the story was chosen specifically because it was short (coughcough) but at the same time left the biggest impression on me.

Okay, I should stop here before this’ll get novel-sized again. Thank you!

Where did all those years go?” I asked again, this time in a whisper, and I reached up to pull off his glasses. He let me and watched as I placed them on my stomach before grabbing him by the cheeks, pulling him down close to me.
“A lot has happened since then, hah?” he mumbled, his breath slipping across my lips.
I closed my eyes and nodded.
“Moving houses, changing schools.”
“New friends, strange parties,” I added. I slowly opened my eyes again and blinked at the sun.
Alfred smiled down at me. “But the same guy.”
I felt a warmth spread in my body at the sight of his grin, and I laughed, “Yes. The same guy.
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“I’m here with Alfred,” I said. Evan spluttered:

“With that asshole!” I felt my cheeks darken even more and something in me started boiling. I took in a deep breath.

“At least he never ripped my jeans off while I was passed out!” Evan rolled his eyes and sighed. He looked like I was bothering him with nonsense.

“It was just for fun. I was horny! Jeez, Arthur, get over yourself, you’re not that great looking. Not anymore at least. Come sit with us, right? I’ll hook you up.” He smiled at me suggestively, reached out and then grabbed my hand. I stiffened and parted my lips to say something, hesitated and shook my head. He tugged at my hand again. “Come on.”

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American dreams in an English village [WARNING SPOILERS]

Fanart for chapter 11 of Butterfish’s “American dreams in an English village” ;___;

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abwuh abwuh it’s such an amazing fic I apologize for my terrible shit
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American dreams in an English village

Final chapter

I loved this whole story! I really did and right now I’m almost crying as it has reached it’s end.

I have no words, really. All I could do was to say ‘thank you’ for the author, Butterfish.

I just… I’ll just leave for now.

Was it Alfred?” Dad asked and turned around. He was holding his bag now while standing by the front door.
I blinked: “Alfred?”
“I thought he was a good guy.” Dad shook his head and took in a shaken breath. I could tell he was in distress. He didn’t know what to say and do, and that’s when I realised that he was blaming himself. Dad was blaming himself for driving me into Alfred’s arms. It seemed so stupid I felt like hitting him for even considering it.
“Alfred never did anything!” I assured him and fisted my hands by my sides. “If anything I forced him to come out! Oh yeah, and by the way – his parents didn’t mind.”
“But I do!” Dad shouted and hammered his bag backwards into the door. It was almost forced open by his shove and I stepped away in surprise. Dad was rubbing his eyes and trying to calm himself down, but it wasn’t working. “I care!” he yelled. “And I won’t be seeing you ruining your own life!
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You’ve come a long way.” Mom leaned back and looked at me with pride in her eyes. I could feel it tickling my skin; Mom looked at me as if she really thought I was someone special. “When you started dressing like you didn’t care, I thought: that’s my son. That’s Arthur, finally letting himself be. I so wanted you to tell me everything that was happening. I thought, if he tells me what’s going on with those boys, what he’s up to, maybe I can understand. But I lost my chance.”
She looked away and I shook my head. “No Mom,” I said and smiled as I grabbed her hands across the table. “You just took it.
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I have just finished an AMAZING fan fiction called American Dreams in an English Village and I have to say it is one of THE BEST FAN FICTIONS EVER AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.
Its by the wonderful writer, Butterfish.
His tumblr: Buttermyfish
And Butterfish
AND OF COURSE THE FF: American Dreams in an Englsih Village

It is a long fan fiction of 31 chapters, if you’re looking for a nice read, and it can be a bit sexual at times but it isn’t bad at all. Even if it seems a bit long for your tastes I must say I believe it is worth it!