Every time I see some pop linguistic article about Aramaic that’s like “WATCH: Iraqi Christians pray in Aramaic, the language of Jesus” I just imagine some other article like “WATCH: American family converses over dinner in Germanic, the language of Clovis I” because that’s the kind of time depth and distance of relation we’re talking about with the Modern Aramaic languages and the dialect of Aramaic spoken by Jesus, which is extinct and doesn’t have any living descendants, much the same as the dialects of Frankish spoken by the Franks which migrated to Gaul rather than staying in their Low Countries homeland.

nihilagis  asked:

How was your time in the USA?

It was amazing. All the @goattrain cuddles I could ever want, a lovely goat family that made me feel welcome, my first ever American Christmas dinner, experiencing the most luxurious movie theatre ever and just overall experiencing new things. 

Oh, and I also managed to find a clothes store with a bunch of clothes for short curvy women. So for the first time in my adult life I could go clothes shopping and actually find clothes that I didn’t have to alter after coming home. 

Not to mention that I had the opportunity to meet both @zashimel again and see @bashscript for the first time.

So yea, good times and I can’t wait to go back! But until that happens I got some stuff I need to take care of back home, :)