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I have NEVER been so incredibly embarrassed, ashamed, and disgusted at a fandom than I am right now. 

I know it isn’t the entire fandom, but at this point, I don’t even know who’s a real fan anymore.

You should be ashamed for leaving this impression on all of American Army and getting the hi-touch and fan interaction completely CANCELLED for the rest of this fucking tour because you guys couldn’t even behave yourselves and act like DECENT HUMANS. They cancelled the last 2-3 songs of the concert in New York because they thought the boys were in so much danger that they couldn’t even stand on stage for 10 MORE MINUTES because of all the stupid shit you guys thought would be funny on twitter. Guess what? You ruined it for the rest of us, for the three cities that are left that haven’t even gotten the chance to see Bangtan touch ground before a decision was already made. People paid extra money for that option and fought for those tickets, god did they fight for them, and you ruined it for them

I paid over $200 dollars and spent EIGHT HOURS fighting for these VIP+ tickets. I’m flying into California from Colorado just to see these boys for the first time in my life, hoping that I could shake their hands and look them in the eye to tell them thank you for all that they’ve done for me, but because this fandom can’t even act like mature adults, you’ve ruined this dream for hundreds and hundreds of actual fans who appreciate them. I am literally near tears as I talk about this because of how upset I am to get this one time chance taken away from me for something so many of us didn’t even do.

And I am so, so incredibly furious right now and even more embarrassed at the impression this gave off for the whole of international army here in America. Because of you who ruined this for us, they may not ever return, may not want to return, and god knows they’ll remember this impression till they die. They’ll remember you as the place they couldn’t even finish up a concert because people were sending them DEATH THREATS.

And no, don’t even think this is just the people who sent death threats that are only at fault. To those of you who decided to blow up the issue about Namjoon so fucking much that you made it seem like we should start a war or something over it, you contributed to all this heat. Had we dealt with that situation maturely, this would not have encouraged so many people to feel so much “hate” and make it into a joking matter. That shit is not funny, and it never was. And now we’re the ones getting the punishment. So thank you to all of those that started all the drama. Thank you for messing this up for us.

I paid so much money and effort for a VIP+ ticket, saved up even more for a last minute plane ticket to Los Angeles, only to get this option taken away from me. I may never get to shake these boys’ hands again in my entire life. And I’m even more sorry to the boys because this fandom is so shit that fake ass fans couldn’t quit contributing to the death threats joke to the point that it escalated and got every other tour date’s fan interaction cancelled. I can name a handful of idiots from twitter that joked about the death threats like it was nothing, and all I want to say to the ones that caused all of this is fuck you.

So many people made posts warning about this beforehand. We warned that this would get things cancelled if anything was the least bit threatening. Did any of you listen? No. It’s so embarrassing that Jimin even posted on the fancafe right after as if saying he just wants to go home because he doesn’t feel safe here. You guys couldn’t even make him feel safe for a few hours, are you fucking kidding me? The fact that things got cancelled because you couldn’t control yourselves over SOCIAL MEDIA is beyond ridiculous. 

I honestly have no idea how much more I can take of this fandom. If anything else happens from this point on, I guarantee you I will leave. I am so emotionally stressed and sick of dealing with overdramatic people bringing issues that shouldn’t be as serious into such an uproar and making us pay the price. It is not fair for any of us here that are just trying to appreciate Bangtan for what they give us. I am not here for the fake fans that pick out every little detail and call it a “serious problem” only to actually make it one. 

This fandom needs to grow the fuck up because your behavior and actions are disgusting. If you don’t even realize how wrong it is to be joking about death threats, you need to send your ass back to the first grade right fucking now. 

You’ve cost us our money, our time, and our dreams. Don’t even call yourself army after today.

Melissa Stockwell: Was the first female American soldier in history to lose a limb in active combat and was the first Iraq War veteran to compete in the Paralympic Games as a swimmer in 2008 • Was one of four athletes featured in a documentary called “Warrior Champions” • Completed her residency in prosthetics where she fit other amputees with prosthetic devices

Australian, American and Canadian soldiers practice advancing firing drills at the Kabul Military Training Centre range in Kabul, Afghanistan during Operation ATTENTION on October 30 2013.

Photo: Sgt Norm McLean, Canadian Forces Combat Camera