While fighting for the US during WWII, Joe Medicine Crow became the last war chief of the Crow tribe by completing the 4 required tasks: touch an enemy without killing him, take an enemy’s weapon, lead a successful war party, and steal an enemy’s horse. Whenever he went to battle, he wore his war paint under his Army uniform and a sacred eagle feather under his helmet. Source


The evolution of the warrior.

From top to bottom: 

Greek warrior - 600 BC.

Roman Centurion - 100 BC.

Persian warrior - 6th century. 

Viking warriors - 10th century.

Samurai warrior - 16th century.

Continental Army soldiers - 1775 / The American Revolutionary War.

German Wehrmacht soldier - 1940 / Second world war.

U.S Army soldier - Korean war / Vietnam war.

U.S Army soldier - Afghanistan war / 2014. 

Polish special forces / GROM - 2014.

Honestly Polynesian bodies are being farmed by the US army. American Samoans are denied the right to vote, many are not even guaranteed citizenship upon being born in American Samoa, which is only seen as constitutional due to the blatantly racist laws that are over 120 years old [x]. The US Armies top ranked recruitment station is found in American Samoa, this is due to the youth viewing the Army as the only escape from the economic down fall in American Samoa.

The army has found fertile ground in the poverty pockets of the Pacific. The per capita annual income is $8,000 in American Samoa…

The army’s minimum signing bonus is $5,000. Starting pay for a private first class is $17,472. Education benefits can be as much as $70,000. [x]

This really isnt a surprise though, because during WWII the population of US Armed forces outnumbered the local population, and military training would be given to boys only 14 years old. Following this, the young Samoan forces would assist in the battles of the US and sent out from their now over run country. The US has always seen Polynesia as a farm for their resources, from their early “blackbirding” to their more recent thirst for Army recruits.

Similar situations are currently happening in Guam, where the US government refuse to acknowledge the people as full citizens, funding to veterans are at a record low, and army recruitment is at an all time high.