Reported on February 8th, 2017, this orange alligator was spotted in Hanahan, South Carolina. Much like the alligator of the same color that was photographed in 2011, there are a few causes that could have made this creature the color it appears. Jay Butfiloski, the Department of Natural Resources’ Alligator Program Coordinator, believes that the alligator might be this color because of where it was residing during the colder months. He said “[It] might be iron oxide that has discolored it" after it had been living in a rusty pipe. Others believe it could be because of the high amount of clay deposits in the area. However Butfiloski does not deny that this could be a new color mutation entirely.


About 3000 of our followers came from the day a post about crocodilian resting posture that we commented on ended up on The Best of Tumblr Facebook page. People were pretty amazed that it was as common as we said.

Here’s photos from today’s trip around Audubon’s beautiful facilities in New Orleans. Basically ever gator we saw was just chilling in the same posture. The baby at the Insectarium was super unpleased that I kept getting in his face to get his photo, but the leucistic adult gator at the aquarium was super chill about it.

Has anyone else seen this?

I have never and do not plan to in the future order from Backwater Reptiles due to things I have heard/seen about them, but this is just atrocious to me.


Let me just start with the size of an adult

- American alligators grow to about 10-15ft in length and weigh around a half ton

How many people are capable of taking care of an animal with this potential size? These guys need a lot of space, and not just that, a lot of water. They are also carnivores. They need meat.


Backwater will sell you “alligator food pellets” for 12.99/lb. 

But hey, apparently alligators are just like dogs. 

“I just want to thank you for my amazing alligator - “LillyGator” Your customer service was fantastic and it’s comforting knowing if I ever do have a question, y'all always reply. You made good on your promise, and I received the most beautiful, healthy, alligator. She lets everyone handle her, she eats fantastic, knows her name and is doing great both on leash training and being trained to respond to a dog clicker. I purchase the pellets from you, and Lilly does great on them. She is just amazing!!! I have and will continue to recommended your site to many others and have absolutely nothing but good things to say about your company.”

I’m not even going to get into all the things wrong with treating animals like other animals and the effect it can have on their health. 

Before posting this, just for kicks, I looked up “backwater reptiles alligator” on Google, and lo and behold, there are unboxing videos. I watched videos of kids STILL IN SCHOOL unboxing alligators. I’m sorry, but I cannot see a child having the resources to take care of something like this. Alligator enclosures (as a MINIMUM) need to be three or four times the animals length both in width and depth. The little 10inch alligator is cute now, (let’s say it’s female and gets to ten feet) but what are you going to do with her when she needs an enclosure that is at least 30ftx30ftx30ft? I know that wouldn’t fit in my backyard.

I apologize for this rant, but this just seems incredibly irresponsible to me.

Always remember you are a guest in their home. This bull gator, who I estimate was a hair over 12ft, reminded me that of that fact recently. 

American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, FL

Mama Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

Female alligator are very protective of their young. Mama will guard the nest during incubation and will carry her hatchlings to the water where she will stay close by them and protect them from predators.

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, GA