“I researched hand movements, I went back and I watched Ian McKellan as Magneto because I really wanted to see how he was able to find nuance within it […] It’s strange that you ask that because actually learning how he moved his hands was one of the most important elements in making Michael for me.”

Green Light

↳ au.Michael is a camboy whose quickly climbed the ranks, and you’re his best friend lending a helping hand as a cameraman. It’s completely and utterly platonic - until it’s not.

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  • pairing: camboy!michael langdon x reader
  • rating: r (sub!michael, lots of masturbation, praise kink, toy use, edging, voyeurism, v. mild cumplay, my favorite trope: friends to lovers)
  • 5.1k [1/-]

a/n: @ritualmichael has gotten so many messages about camboy!michael and i fell in love. 

Part 1 | Part 2 

Being friends, best friends with Michael is something you’ll never not be grateful for.

The pair of you were inseparable, friends since the tender age of 13 when you met on the first day of high school. You thought you were nervous until you saw Michael - poor kid looked like he was two seconds from throwing up the moment he sat down at orientation. You couldn’t blame him after learning he was home-schooled his whole life.    

You can still remember how your nerves simmered down when you shook his hand, catching him by surprise as you introduced yourself, getting to see him smile at the prospect of his first friend -

Making the decision to sit next to him that day was one of the best you’ve ever made.

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