For everyone that keeps asking “Is American Gods coming back?” “Are you making a second season?” “When do I get to see Jinn and Salim (aka the only ship that matters on television) again?” and “What snack pairs best with this teaser trailer?”

It is.   We are.   2019.   Red Vines. 

Black Gods and Goddesses [Greek] - Part 2

HEPHAESTUS - God of Fire, Metalworking, and Sculpture (Chadwick Boseman)

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ARTEMIS - Goddess of the Moon, Hunt, Wilderness, and Virginity (Tessa Thompson)

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APOLLO - God of Medicine, Music, Archery, and the Sun (Stromae)

DIONYSUS - God of Wine, Theater, and [Religious] Ectasy (Kendrick Lamar)

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DEMETER - Goddess of Agriculture, Fertility, and the Harvest (The Viola Davis)

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Hermes - God of Thieves and Travelers/Messenger of the Gods and Guide to the Underworld (Donald Glover)

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MORPHEUS - God of Dreams and Sleep or CRONOS - God of Time (Morgan Freeman)

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TERPSICHORE - Muse/Goddess of Chorus and Dance (Beyonce Knowles)

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Part 2 of Black Gods and Goddesses [Greek]

There’s probably going to be Part 3 and I may edit this one. I’m a little unsure of Hermes. I think Glover would be a good Pan, God of Wildnerness and Fertility 🤔 You can find Part 1 on my Dashboard or under the tag #blackgodsandgoddesses


This guy gets it. I like him. He’s getting angry. Angry is good. Angry gets shit done. You shed tears for Compé Anansi, and here he is, telling you you are staring down the barrel of 300 years of subjugation, racist bullshit and heart disease. He is telling you there isn’t one goddamn reason you shouldn’t go up there right now and slit the throats of every last one of these Dutch motherfuckers and set fire to this ship!

American Gods 1.02 “The Secret of Spoons”

Fandom Aesthetics


Chunky neutral knits, toasty fireplace burnishing auburn hair, deep heather, slightly raised kilts, the smell of fresh cut herbs, hands stroking white cleavage, soft mussed up beds. Heart on sleeve, familial, deeply committed, creative, ROMANTIC. Feels, feels, feels.

American Gods

Quick, bright colors, global icons, the modern wrath of ancient Gods, sparking mythic hammers, fluid, portable moons. Flames in amber brown eyes, pastel petals showering down. Higher planes, angles, cutting edge, cerebral, Philosophical, very visceral reactions. Woke.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

A peek of stocking, a naughty, frothy cocktail, pink feathers, a perfect wiggle, diamante sequins and wry one-liners. Exotic men in satin bathrobes tumbling out of a boudoir. Clever, elegant, eloquent, kick-ass women.

Black Sails

Simmering under the surface, a ship cutting through the waves, blood on the water, leather pants, skin of two women naked in flickering candlelight. Barely contained violence, Spanish gold in the sunlight, a vintage well-loved book. loneliness, thwarted connections, a rollicking good time; Sensual, emotional, gay or bi, real, and questioning the status quo.

Ripper Street

Dark, tangled back London streets, half-glimpsed streetwalkers in shadow, a corset flares in jewel tones,a lost girl with blue ribbons in her hair wandering the twisted streets with a broken mirror,  the leg of a blue plaid suit. A field at dusk in purple tones. Cerebral, perceptive, devoted.


Metal, ice, fire, swords flashing, toxic green wildfire exploding…strength, singed, bitter smell on a battlefield, brutal cold, A haze of Smoke left from Dragon-breath, shaggy black furs, silver-white braids, restless stallions, shadows hiding little birds. Productive, driven, large, active, creative.

Alias Grace

Deceptively quiet with sharp bones, an intricate quilt, a slicing axe, mud on the bottom of a worn nightgown, a window that should have been opened. White sheets slung over trees in the dark, a bloodstained pink dress, a faded red petticoat smelling of old sachets.Shadows of fathers in doorways. Roses. Profound, female, literary.


A sweeping Cornwall Moor at sunset, crashing foamy waves, long red hair, picked yellow and blue wildflowers, a Redcoats outfit, black curls framing fathomlessly deep brown eyes and an unbearably endearing crooked grin, open skies, intimate smiles in a simple, wood-floored sunny kitchen. A turquoise 18th-century country dress. Romantic, aesthetic, passionate, fervent.


Wildly ornate gold halls, decadent salon parties, elegant smirks, long blonde curls, crushed velvet breeches, lace cuffs with metallic threads shimmering. Silky words, flowing fountains, flower drenched gardens. Long haired ethereal nymphs just out of sight. Frustrated power. Animated, open-minded, kind, friendly, lovers of beauty.

The Crown

Blue sash, running Corgis, set shoulders in determination, faded glory, tension, taut short sentences, overwhelming, dank churches, closed stuffy rooms with heavy furniture. Quickly burning cigarettes, frantic phone calls tearing through wires, stiff upper lip. A heavy jeweled crown throwing off balance. Proper, polite, thoughtful, knowledgeable, reliable.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Fearless, loud, red dress, Shabbat dinner, a vintage mic, fresh brisket, odd suspenders, a spinning record player, a rotary phone, in bed. A hyper bride. A claustrophobic cab. Upper West Side streets. Funny, unconcerned with social dictates, powerful, alive. Pissed off.

Penny Dreadful

A dark stairway, a scuttling scorpion, a cross on a white wall, deep night, poetry, intangible threads everywhere, a quiet dance in the abandoned sewers, a dark moon, an empty gallery of paintings, the pale shadow of a vulnerable monster, the singed smell of the real monster, a graveyard. Dark, mercurial, profound, literate, grieving, obsessed.


Beautiful, rustling skirts, horse rides on green landscapes, thin, flowing white nightgown, Cream colored straw bonnet with violets, A soft Germanic accent, Canopy beds with sheer curtains, shining ringlets,  a piano playing. A greenhouse with fragrant, rare plants, Classy, thoughtful design, lovers of vintage & Victoriana.Small, but lovely.

Stranger Things

Parallel Suburban streets, empty swimming pool at night throwing blue shadows. staticky walkie-talkies, Blue plaid blankets on bunk beds, gaming dice, flickering Christmas lights, a trickle of blood from a small nose, falling backpacks, a menacing hovering presence, cold fluorescent lab corridors. Excited, engaged, open, communal.

Black Mirror

Whirring metal, wastelands, shattering glass, ticking technology, Digital displays, android eye rolling & watching all. Frail human hope pervading all things. Soulless white interiors. Deep, evolved, anxious, rebellious.

Peaky Blinders

A gray tweed hat, a cigarette hanging from tight lips, a boxing ring in slo-mo with sweat spraying the air, bluest eyes under thick charcoal lashes. A cool blonde in a white suit passes by the corner of your eye, sparkling fringes, elegant lines, hoarse, husky voices Rolled white shirtsleeves, smoking guns. Minimalist, Cheeky, snarky, smart, confident.


A lace fan over a low cut bodice, women’s rolling laughter, the smell of food and stale perfume, last night’s champagne and dirty sheets. Pretty golden hair in a ribbon, flushed freckled skin, steaming, filthy streets, doll-like girls in pastel dresses High powdered hair, dusty and hard. A heart-shaped mole playing at the end of sweetly smirking lips. A masquerade mask, a red dress to fight a battle. A weak dandy in too much brocade. A battle won that still feels like a loss. Black Hearts under manners too well-honed. Strong, smart, opinionated, tasteful, feminist. A little bawdy. 


And tell me a little bit about this bromance growing between you and Ricky Whittle? Oh, you know, there’s just a lot of love between– when you have a man as large and as lovely as Ricky Whittle, it’s hard to keep your hands off of him, is basically how it goes.