At this point I’m kind of hoping Blaire Wilson gets a storyline of being just a simple farm girl and raising a lamb and a pig as a 4H or Girl Scout project. Just something quiet and peaceful and where she gets to be a kid and have fun and enjoy her childhood. No “I have to sell my beloved animals to single-handedly save my family farm from financial ruin” or “I’m raising this adorable piglet to earn money to buy my own farm even though I’m ten”. 

I’m hoping for this because I feel like it’s tough for me any more to get interested in some of the Girl of the Year stories. To me it seems like at this point, the characters are so often feeling compelled to save the world or make a difference on such a huge scale, in ways that no longer feel very realistic, relatable, or appropriate. 

Saige’s story illustrates what I’m talking about. All she wants is art classes back in school every year rather than every other year, and eventually she is forced to hold a press conference, something she flat-out does not want to do (and seems pointless in the end, honestly). Kanani has to run her family’s business to raise money to save an endangered species. Gabriela has the burden of saving the community arts center put onto her heart. Grace literally starts her own business at nine years old (!!!). Luciana has to start her astronaut training sooner rather than later or else she won’t be the first kid on Mars? 

I don’t think it’s wrong to tell girls that they have strength and that their voices matter and that their ideas are valuable, because all that is completely true. Society actively tries to silence and demean young girls, and outspoken girls are the perfect way to counteract that. And I think it’s important to teach girls that their actions matter and that they absolutely can make a difference in the world, no matter how small and powerless they feel. But I wonder if by presenting nearly every Girl of the Year as having an endless amount of bravery and and perseverance, that this idea has started to drown out the voices of girls who aren’t ready to take on adult responsibilities so early in life. 

Because those girls are just as valid and important as the girls doing great things. They don’t have to prove anything, especially not their worth. They don’t have to be Great and Outstanding to still be considered useful in the world. Nobody does. Ever. The idea that only “valuable” and “dynamic” people matter hurts everyone, but to me almost seems anti-woman? It invalidates all the work women have historically done to keep households running, bring up children and animals, and raise crops that feed whole communities. Work that women have done for millenia without being recognized or praised for it.  

So if all you can do is raise a little lamb for 4H and maybe shear her fleece and maybe make a little knitted hat for someone’s new baby, then that’s wonderful and beautiful! And if someday you feel compelled to be the first woman on Mars, then you can and you should move toward that dream because how cool would that be? But….. you have your whole life ahead of you. You don’t need to achieve all your dreams before you’re even a teenager in order to still be appreciated. In the meantime, enjoy your childhood for as long as it lasts. 

sweet-manakete  asked:

I think the reason the modern girls stories seem so absurd is because Mattel is trying to make them interesting. Conflict that's realistically too much for a kid to handle is a big part of kids books. But Mattel fails to understand is that big stories don't work because the girls are meant to be relatable. Small scale stories work much better in that case. Even something as simple as Blaire learning the value of hard work and responsibility by helping on her family farm would be a great idea.


- Mod Samantha

I’d also like to take this opportunity to talk about Tenney and how unrealistic her story is. This “reach for your dreams and you’ll achieve them” idea is good and important to teach girls, but should a child be encouraged to go into the music industry? At twelve? When she should be focusing on her education? 

The music and entertainment industries are not kind to children; it exploits their labor and profits HUGELY off of it. So many kids who have become musicians or actors end up being the sole breadwinners for their families, which I believe is so wrong and so very dangerous. Tenney’s story really shouldn’t be set up as a good example of following your inner star towards your goals. It’s okay to reach for your dreams but if that results in having a career at twelve, then I think it’s okay to hold off a little until you’re older and more capable of handing the results of your achievement.


Meet Molly | An Outfit for Girls

Meet Molly is a full body outfit available in 30+ swatches that mix and match various colors from the Cottage Garden Palette. In hindsight, I wish I would have made the top and skirt separate so you could mix and match.

Thank you @saurussims for your lovely beret.

Known Issues: There are clipping issues in game. When the sim is sitting hands slightly clip through dress. When doing certain activities, such as situps, legs majorly clip the dress.


Day 7 - Favorite psycho
Tate Langdon💀


Meet Kirsten | A Mini Set for Girls

Meet Kirsten is a set of three items for girls plus a bonus hat for toddlers.

Meet Kirsten Dress [Download]

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Kirsten Hair [Download]

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Prairie Bonnet [Download] 

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