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Underappreciated Lana Del Rey Songs

From her discography; not a criticism; my opinion


American is such a charming, sweet song, and it’s unfortunate that it is on an album of strong songs (Ride, Body Electric, Gods and Monsters, Yayo, Bel Air, Cola). It is weaker in comparison, and does have more of a filler-track feel when played with the record but when it’s played alone it is just as emotional, proud and heavenly.

Bel Air

Much like American, it does feel weaker compared to the other singles and the sexual storm that is Cola, as it does sound much more quiet, calm and gentle. Yet there’s a real strength to the song when listened to on it’s own, like American, and it’s possibly one of her more emotional. The music itself and her angelic vocals are too pure for this world.

Cruel World

Ultraviolence is often praised for the singles, yet Cruel World is often overlooked (or at least I never notice any attention being put on it). It’s possibly Lana’s best song made, with incredible instrumentals, a stomping rhythm and the increasingly more crazy vibe. Lana gets the emotion just right and, honestly, I think it’s length and perfect messiness has kept it from being cherished as much as the singles and the other songs on the album.

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There were a few great deals this week at the Long & McQuade store in Brampton, Ontario (near Toronto, Canada):

1) Pretty Gretsches all in a row

2) Lovely used Rickenbacker 620 for $1,300 CAD ($1050 US)

3) New American Vintage ‘59 Stratocaster in Sherwood Green.

4) New thinline American Deluxe Telecaster.

5) Used Gretsch for only $1500 CAD!


some goodies seen whilst at our regular “Thursday Night Guitar Shopping” trip, at the Long and McQuade store in Brampton, near Toronto, Canada:

  1. Lovely Sonic Blue American Standard Telecaster.  Note the “binding” on the neck which isn’t actually binding, but a channel cut into which the rosewood fretboard is inserted, leaving a rim of maple around the fretboard.  Clever!
  2. Holy!
  3. Used 2013 SG “Original”.  I think it was $1,350.  New it would have been around $1700 - $1800.  I think.  :D
  4. Left: Gibson USA (i.e. NOT Custom Shop) all gold ES-335.  Middle:  BB King “Lucille”.  Right: Cherry ES-355.
  5. I want so badly to like Gretsch.  This was intersting until I picked it up and found it weighed somewhere between 9 and 40,000 pounds!  But seriosly, It was definitely over 9 lbs…which I think is ridiculous in a semi hollow!
  6. I LOVE this this style of American Deluxe Tele, but I was sure it had been discontinued.  This one was new…so maybe they aren’t discontinued??   

Insider, Live at Stephen C. O'Connell Center, Gainesville, FL - September 21, 2006 

Stevie had joined the tour, Ryan notes, so by this point they had Insider down. She would turn her mic sideways and watch Tom and match the phrasing-she’s a pro-and this is just a great performance of a great song; I liken this to ‘fine aged wine’ period of Tom’s career. You can sing a song at a certain age and it means on thing, and you can sing it 20 years later and it means something else entirely.” (…)

Are you listening? Are you listening?
If you’re listening (Whoa oh oh oh oh)
If you’re listening, are you listening?
Sing it back (Whoa oh oh oh)
If you’re listening, are you listening?
And I’m still running away
I’m still running away (Whoa oh whoa oh)
Won’t play your hide and seek game
(Your hide and seek game Whoa oh whoa oh)

I was spinning free (Whoa oh oh oh oh)
With a little sweet and simple numbing me
What a dizzy dance (Whoa oh oh oh oh)
This sweetness will not be concerned with me
No this sweetness will not be concerned with me
No this sweetness will not be concerned with me