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Need help with dog tethering

Hey dogblr! So I’m planning on acquiring the starting dogs for my yard soon. I’ll be breeding Lurchers, with foundation breeds being APBTs and Whippets. I judge conformation for both and have worked both, as well as many hunting dogs. I’m not here to argue with folks about my breeding choices.

I need to know about tethering!! I have a sturdy fence, but I still plan on tethering my dogs the old fashion way and rotating them for exercise/indoor/play time when they aren’t working.

Issue: I’ve never chained dogs before and can’t find any resources on it. I know you’re supposed to use swivels so the dog has a free range inside their area and won’t get tangled or anything. I just don’t know about what kind of chains to use. Weight, length, what to use to snap onto their collars (sturdy 2" flat collars).

I’ve measured and a good chain length for my yard would be about 15 feet. I’m just not sure about what type of chain. The dogs would be in the 30 to 50 lbs range.

Can anyone help? Please reblog to spread the message!

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Can I maybe ask Brandon sth? Does your dog sometimes show kind of jealous behaviour towards laiken? my dog and my dad don't get along that well, he (the dog) thinks he has to defend my mum. And what's his breed, a pittbull terrier? What is your opinion on sterilizing dogs, so you see any ethical problem with that? Thank you in advance, have a good time in Melbourne 🤗

“I don’t see a jealousy thing, really. Because when Laiken’s over he likes her, because he likes females. But he gets upset when I leave him alone in the house which makes me feel bad because I wish the three of us could be together all of the time.

He’s an American Bulldog. Purebred.

I’m a big believer of getting your dog neutered for their health.”


american bulldog by Chuck
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one green eye, one blue. what a great face!


American Bulldog by Tomas Nelsing
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Wanted to capture the feeling of fall, and my dog helped me as she often does.

In a crime series,  a serial killer was holding a woman hostage,  but did not realize the woman had an american bulldog.  The dog threw him on the floor,  and the woman took his gun,  disabling him by putting a bullet in both of his shoulders.  This was deeply satisfying to see. 

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