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Actually, that’s super unlikely! American zoos and European zoos have very different ethics regarding life cycles and animal management. Marius was from a EAZA zoo, where they prioritize allowing natural breeding behavior and accept it means culling animals they can’t place. April is at an American facility, and the ethos set forth by AZA (that most non-AZA facilities in the country follow) is that animals are not allowed to successfully breed without a guaranteed placement.

The Animal Adventure park is a small facility looking to expand its giraffe herd, and has no reason to euthanize this calf - not only do they have plenty of time to add extra areas to the exhibit before he is fully mature, but it would be utterly stupid and short-sighted for a business to kill an animal that they’ve made so instantly recognizable.

EDIT: sounds like they’re going to move him to another facility to prevent accidental inbreeding. This is a reasonable option, when planned ahead of time with a facility ready to take him.

Haunting images reveal the human zoos where spectators would gawp at Black and Asian families caged in enclosures just 60 years ago


The horrific reality of America and Europe’s human zoos has been uncovered in a shocking series of snaps. Here, a young Congolese girl is handed food at a Belgian exhibition in 1958.

Children were not spared the savage treatment. This child, believed to come from Asia, was exhibited in Chicago in 1891.

Among the more tragic tales was that of Congolese man Ota Benga. He was finally released when public opinion turned against his cruel treatment.  But Ota struggled to adapt to American life and committed suicide six years after he was released.

Filipino men were required to perform dances for gawping spectators during the grim exhibitions.

Native Americans were pictured as zoo attractions at St Louis’s World Fair in 1904.

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Chris is taking an anthropology class this summer and their teacher was talking about her bonobo research.

Apparently they aren’t allowed in American zoos because their reaction to anything (people smiling, aggression, fear, anger, happiness) is to start having sex.

Team Bonobo.

Hear me out

Let’s have a game actually set in the continent of Africa THAT ISNT EGYPT *gasp* and let’s have Nancy intern on a wildlife refuge center because that way we can hang around cool animals like giraffes and elephants and shit where those animals actually flourish instead of living in captivity in gross American zoos #yes

Throw me some ideas for non-Eurocentric ND games, we need more of them since I can think of a grand total of like two that aren’t set in white westernized Eurocentric countries. I vote

- maybe like Kenya that’s a good place for a wildlife refuge game and it’s in one of the few African countries most people can actually name
- India??? Nancy hangs out in Bollywood?? @jamilathebeautiful what about this idea
- please god somewhere in South America let’s have her hang out somewhereeeeeeee in South America. Brazil is literally massive why hasn’t she gone there yet? What can Nancy do in Brazil let’s learn Brazilian Portuguese
- literally why hasn’t Nancy gone to Nepal yet on a mountain climbing expedition I do not understand why she hasn’t done this yet
- Definitely something in China because it’s so culturally and historically rich? Any ideas because all I’m coming up with is something around the ancient zodiac legends idk (Nancy goes and works at one of China’s panda nurseries?????????????? Omg can you even imagine I would squeal the whole time)
- Nancy is going to Antarctica to help out a scientist with her research on global warming/climate change/melting ice caps/rising sea levels and she is also going to hang out with penguins. fight me

Idk clue crew these are just my ideas let’s brainstorm new game locations because it makes me happier to think about how I would make these games than I feel when I think about mid


The Oregon Zoo has a history of feeding their predators raw carcasses, which is pretty awesome - and unique for American zoos. Others who have tried this method of feeding have received so much backlash from visitors, who seem to think that it’s too ‘violent’ or gross to watch, that they had to cease doing it. 

We like to think we’re a bit more progressive in the Pacific Northwest, but even so, I heard a few people complaining that it was “Barbaric!” and “Disgusting!”, saying that “This is entirely inappropriate for children!” and things of that ilk, even though there were HUGE placards outside the exhibits warning, “RAW FEEDING IN PROGRESS; VIEW AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!" 

As for the kids - I sat by the viewing window for at least half an hour, watching crowds of several dozen youngsters walk past and watch the lions as they ate. I heard comments such as, "Wow! Coool!” and “Ew, you can see it’s spine!” but not a single child looked at the scene before them with disgust and wanted to immediately leave. They were fascinated. They watched these animals with wonder and excitement, and put up a fuss when their parents got grossed-out and wanted to continue on before they did. 

Thing is, raw feeding is not only healthy and natural for captive predators, it’s also mentally stimulating for them, and greatly educational for visitors who aren’t too squeamish or sheltered to understand it.

“See how he chews with his head to the side?” one father told his young son,. “He’s got teeth in the back of his mouth that work like scissors cutting paper." 

"Why don’t I have teeth like that?” the boy asked his dad, making a chomping motion with his own jaws. His dad laughed, and told him, “Well, it’s because you’re not a meat-eater like they are. You eat plants, too. They don’t."
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Top 10 Awesome Facts About Germany

“In this video we’ll take a look at the history and traditions of Germany.”


Tv Series You Must Watch:

- MTV Scream
- Scream Queens
- The 100
- Zoo
- The Mindy Project
- Under the Dome
- Grimm
- Bobs Burgers
- Gravity Falls

- Continuum
- Gotham
- iZombie
- Heroes Reborn (Heroes)
- Teen Wolf
- Bates Motel
- American Horror Story
- How to get away with Murder
- The Flash
- Arrow
- Awkward
- Young & Hungry
- Younger
- Faking It
- The Awesomes 
- Jane the Virgin
- Futurama
- Supernatural


A devoted captive breeding program has been created to help save the mountain chicken frog.  They were first successfully bred at the London Zoo, with the resulting froglets being released into the wild.  It’s hoped that these captive breeding programs will help bolster the frog’s dwindling numbers.

Have you heard? This awesome image, made for me by @zooophagous, is going to be a bumper sticker. I will be selling them to benefit the American Association of Zoo Keepers, Zoo New England chapter. I’ll have to save up a little money to have the stickers made, but they should be ready by the end of next week. I’m thinking 5 bucks each or 6 for 5 dollars, shipping included. I’ll mostly be selling them irl at AAZK events, but since I first imagined this here on tumblr I thought I’d show you first, and give you a crack at them if you’re interested.