american wolfdog

There’s one thing that’s been vexing me for a while, and that’s the fact that when I see photos of wolfdogs on the internet - in 99% of cases these are wolf crosses living in the US, the dogs are kept in a fenced area otuside the house, and on a leash or a chain.

Now, I find this set up cruel for any kind of dog, but I especially can’t understand why would anyone think that the best solution for an animal so dependent on their pack such as wolfdogs, would be to keep them away from their pack - their owners - for the most of their lives. I do understand some of you can’t keep your dogs indoors with you (trust me, it’s not a hygiene issue - I hoover & wash the floors every day, and Kira isn’t allowed near the furniture; and of course she’s been home trained ever since she was a puppy…some people are just bloody lazy and rather than being bothered by training their dog not to destroy stuff and to do “their business” outside only, they just chuck them out, do what you want…), and of course the dog doesn’t give a fig about whether they’re indoors or outdoors, they just want to be where you are. I’m not suggesting letting your dog sleep in your bed or eating off your table, just give them a tiny portion of your place where they can watch you and where you’d stroke them and play with them much more often because you’d be constantly reminded of their presence. So if you spend a lot of time with your dog in your garden, that’s perfectly fine, it’s just that I can’t see many people doing that, and especially, when the dog is on its own outside no one has to bother about it, right?

Garden, yard, whatever, is a great idea so the dog has somwhere to play with you, somwhere they can run about freely, but spending day after the day in the same garden is no different from spending day after day in a flat/house/garage/younameit. Especially, on a fucking chain. If you care about your animal, invest in a proper fence. In my country, people who keep their dogs on chains are considered tyrants. We all know wolfdogs are masters of escape, and so all the wolfdog owners I know have spent their time and money on fencing their gardens.

People still believe this bollocks that dogs are the happiest outside. Nope. Dogs are the happiest where their pack is (with perhaps the exception of Caucasian shepherds). So, fair enough if you have a pack of huskies, or wolfdogs or even wolves, they’d be happy to spend their whole lives outside (though let them in and they may all change their minds :D ), but if you have a one, solitary dog, especially a wolfdog, then don’t keep them separated from you, with a fucking chain around their neck as if you were terrified of your own animal.