american war crimes

Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, the United States had helped create the very man it was now trying to kill
—  Jeremy Scahill, Dirty Wars

The federal government claimed $18,000 of my income as it’s own last year.  It took me 6x60 hour work weeks to earn that amount of money.  A single Hellfire missile costs $110,000, so I had the “privilege” of purchasing 16% of a weapon of war that very well may have killed a child, created an orphan, destroyed a hospital, given innocent villagers PTSD, created a terrorist, fostered hatred towards Americans, facilitated a war crime, increased the bonus of a military/industrial CEO.  God bless the USA.


March 16th 1968: My Lai Massacre

On this day in 1968, during the Vietnam War, between 350 and 500 Vietnamese villagers were massacred by American troops. The soldiers of the ‘Charlie’ Company killed and mutilated hundreds of unarmed civilians, many of whom were women and children. The massacre took place in the hamlets of My Lai and My Khe of Son My village, and was supposedly due to the belief that enemy soldiers were hiding in the area. The incident was initially downplayed by the army, with General Westmoreland congratulating the unit on their “outstanding job”. However, once the true nature of the horrific masacre was revealed, it sparked outrage both in the United States and around the world. The brutality of My Lai was a major factor in increasing domestic opposition to the Vietnam War, with mounting protests putting pressure on the government to end what many saw as a futile war. 26 US soldiers were charged for their involvement in the incident, but only one - William Calley - was convicted and found guilty. Calley was given a life sentence for killing 22 villagers, but only served 3 and a half years under house arrest; he made his first public apology in August 2009.

Imperialist monsters!

A rant by the person I got this from:

It has long been preparing a text on sanctions against the DPRK. The fact that they often have no idea of ​​the readers of the fundamental facts. Hence, in the minds of not understanding the basic conditions and there are some naive myths (like the so-called "more efficient capitalist economy” or the so-called “love” of employees to the DPRK is cash foreign currency in the calculations). However, the destruction of myths - not such a complicated case, if we approach the problem in good faith, relying on its own strength and benign scientific basis.

Today found a significant Unfortunately, the previously missing text friend [info] chekhlan, written specifically on the subject of sanctions. In general, this colleague, I must say, truly identify the issues, giving a good “educational program.” After reviewing it, everyone will understand that the war crimes the U.S., which during the Korean War officially killed several million people, are continuing and now - in the form of conscious bringing North Korea (a country where 80 percent of the area are unsuitable for farming mountain) and starvation. They hope the United States, applying sanctions against the DPRK, the hunger will ever be caused by the inability to obtain food through the supply of goods to international markets.

Illustration guard material is taken from the exposure of war crimes in the U.S. Army in the city of Sinchon. Other pictures of the exhibition - click here.

On the sanctions. Inside Look

There is an interesting firm in American finance ministry, said Office of Foreign Assets Control, which translates into Russian as the Department for Control over foreign assets. As the name implies, this structure is completely engaged in certain activities: before it was called the economic strangulation of Washington objectionable, politically correct now called the struggle against international terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and money laundering. The essence remains the same, the main challenge OFAC unchanged since its inception in 1820 - the fight against the enemies of the United States economically.

North Korea is known to be an enemy of the United States and a longtime enemy, so that it crushed in the economic sphere rather methodically and most importantly effective. You can argue about the causes of long isolation of the DPRK to blame the country’s leadership, ideology, etc. But it is worth to think about one simple question - how can it be drawn into the world economy state, which simply can not make any bank transactions?

Anyone, absolutely anyone a dollar translation of the DPRK will be immediately arrested and, at best, returned to the sender’s bank. This is a medical fact. Can you read carefully both sanctions resolutions on North Korea - there is none of that, there is a clause prohibiting transactions related to the purchase of prohibited items by resolution, but about a total ban on any kind have been settlements with North Korea there is nothing there, and could not be. We humanism, sir, you know. But the snag is that most of the international payments made in dollars, but it’s not the national currency of the world community, as well of the country - the United States. And it is enough to apply only domestic law, to reliably drive the DPRK in financial isolation.

The aims of the United States is quite certain - of course this does not prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and economic isolation of the country and undermining the socio-political situation in the DPRK, it would be difficult to understand the purpose of total sanctions literally applied them to unilaterally against Pyongyang. And here’s the scene appears on OFAC. The reality is somewhat not like some of our comrades have revised seen the TV and re-read the New York Times, in fact, not even enough reprimand, and a hint of the U.S. Treasury to virtually any non-government from arbitrarily arbitrarily sovereign state company that hour also gave a salute, and stopped all kinds of contacts with the DPRK. For 5 years I’m here, a situation seen any time and not two.

The latter case generally surprised, now the largest Danish bank refuses to take our orders, since they are paid for through Vneshtorgbank DPRK. Evrovye transfers among other things. Prior to that, they even referred to the European Commission decision, and now just wrote, saying the U.S. Treasury will not allow it.

By the way, my account in PayPal is blocked, only for what went into it with the North Korean IP. When I had hinted about his diplomatic status and illegality of such actions, politely hinted that against me, OFAC may start a private investigation, and all sorts of Vienna Convention and the UN Security Council resolution of absolutely no interest. That’s the rule of law.“

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The Tribunal should produce the first charges by any nation against Bush and Blair.  If the charges are found, then Malaysia will place formal criminal charges before the World Court at the Hague, and that would prompt a vote for arrest warrants from the Hague. This is serious business.  

No one has opened up 911 yet.  Opening up 911, would lead to discovery of whether Israel attacked the USA on September 11th, 2001 or not.  When that fact is established, the claimed legal grounds for the American War on Terror evaporates as do the claimed legal grounds for all the Bush/Obama Wars against other Nations, which have taken place since that 911 False Flag Attack Engineered by the Shadow Government (CIA/NSA) and the Mossad.

The Wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Syria, Jordan, and what appears to be on the Menu with Iran, would then all be illegal wars and acts of criminal aggression and crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.  Yes, Obama would be included.  Note, these are mostly nations where there is no Central Bank owned and controlled by the Rockefellers and Rothchilds, which means these families would be named in the International War Crimes Trials to follow.  When you add China and Russia to the strength backing Iran, we see the first real backdrop for World War Three (yes with nuclear weapons) or global revolution and world peace.  


GERMANY. Nordhausen. April 1945. Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp. A series of posts for all the Nazi apologists and Holocaust revisionists/negationists. [Part 1 of 5]

(1) (2) (3) Hundreds of bodies clad in grey and white striped prison uniforms are laid out in rows at Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp. This is what US troops found after they took control of the camp.

(4) Dying prisoners.

(5) A Polish boy and his father bury the corpse of the boy’s grandmother who died at Nordhausen.

(6) National Archives description: “These two staring, emaciated men are liberated inmates of Lager Nordhausen, a Gestapo concentration camp. The camp had from 3,000 to 4,000 inmates. All were maltreated, beaten and starved”. April 12, 1945.  

(7) (8) (9) Supervised by American soldiers, German civilians from the town of Nordhausen bury the corpses of prisoners found at the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp in mass graves. The Allies insisted that the male citizens of Nordhausen bury the dead. Although the German civilians denied knowledge of the conditions in the camps, the Allies suspected they were fully aware of the situation. The camps and tunnels were less than two miles from the town of Nordhausen.

Photographs: United States Army Signal Corps/Library of Congress/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Mittelbau-Dora (aka Dora-Mittelbau, Nordhausen and Nordhausen-Dora) was a German Nazi concentration camp located near Nordhausen in Germany. It was established in late summer 1943 as a subcamp of Buchenwald concentration camp, supplying labour for extending the nearby tunnels in the Kohnstein and for manufacturing the V-2 rocket and the V-1 flying bomb. In the summer of 1944, Mittelbau became an independent concentration camp with numerous subcamps of its own.

There were no sanitary facilities except for barrels that served as latrines. Inmates (the majority of them from the Soviet Union, Poland or France) died from hunger, thirst, cold and overwork. The prisoners were subject to extreme cruelty. As a result they often suffered injuries, including permanent disability and disfigurement, and death. Severe beatings were routine, as was deliberate starvation, torture and summary executions. Common causes of death also included tuberculosis, pneumonia, starvation, dysentery, and trauma.

In early April 1945, as US troops were advancing, the SS decided to evacuate most of the Mittelbau camps. In great haste and with considerable brutality, the inmates were forced to board box cars. Several trains, each with thousands of prisoners, left the area through 6 April for Bergen-Belsen, Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück (other concentration camps). Others were forced to walk through the Harz hills towards the northeast. Those unable to keep up with these death marches were summarily shot by the guards. The worst atrocity occurred at Gardelegen, known as the Gardelegen massacre. More than 1,000 prisoners from Mittelbau and Neuengamme subcamps were murdered in a barn that was set on fire. Those who were not burned alive were shot by SS, Wehrmacht and men of the Volkssturm.

Overall, although no reliable statistics on the number of deaths on these transports exist, estimates put the number of prisoners killed at up to 8,000.

As most of the camps of the Mittelbau system were completely evacuated, there were not many prisoners left alive to be liberated by the Allies. Only some small subcamps, mostly containing Italian POWs were not evacuated. The SS also left several hundred sick prisoners at Dora and in the Boelcke-Kaserne. They were freed when US troops reached Nordhausen on 11 April 1945. There were also around 1,300 dead prisoners at the barracks.

War correspondents took pictures and made films of the dead and dying prisoners at Dora. Like the documentation of Nazi atrocities at Bergen-Belsen, these were published around the globe and became some of the best-known testimonies of Nazi crimes.

The protective-custody camp leader, SS-Obersturmfuhrer Hans Karl Moeser, was sentenced to death by hanging. In his trial statement he said:

“The same way, with the same pleasure, as you shoot deer, I shoot a human being. When I came to the SS and had to shoot the first three persons, my food didn’t taste good for three days, but today it is a pleasure. It is a joy for me.”

In total, even conservative estimates put the number of people who did not survive being sent to Mittelbau-Dora at over 20,000. Thus, around one in three of those confined here did not survive.

Today, the site hosts a memorial and museum.

another report of massive death carried out by US airstrikes in mosul, this time 100 people killed in a single day in a single neighborhood of mosul. there will be no sorrow, no attention, no grief for the people of iraq. when people in the west are victims of terror, the tragedy is immense. when the people of iraq are the victims of terror, the tragedy is deserved. the iraqi’s who are pummeled daily by american bombers get what they deserve according to the american narrative.

everyday we hear stories of death from iraq carried out by airstrikes. everyday a new press release from airwars or amnesty stating 3-6 people have been killed in airstrikes. and then every now and then the bombing is quite brutal and 100s of civilians lose their lives. every time civilians are killed the white house releases a statement “it’s a great tragedy, we are not targeting civilians, it’s truly unfortunate”. these claims are not challenged by news media or liberals, it’s accepted as fact. despite civilian deaths occurring everyday liberals and news media refuse to even entertain the thought that the US is targeting civilians. american delusion is appeasing war crimes and the constraints of american empire is proliferating propaganda that war is a natural reality of eastern society.

Vietnam War: “The Tactical Guide For the Korean Soldiers: Kill Them All, Burn Them All, Destroy Them All.”

Mad Minutes ->

A Korean film crew visits the site of a civilian massacre that occurred thirty years ago, during the time when Korean soldiers were fighting the Vietnam War in support of the U.S. army. As they recall the war, tension created by the camera and undying anger resonates in the testimonies of survivors and bereaved families of those killed. The crew also listens to ex-Korean soldiers, now peace activists, and together they confront their country’s past as perpetrator of violence towards the Vietnamese people. While reflecting on those absent from the screen, and silently protesting against ever-present wars in the world, the film explores the path towards peace and coexistence for the future.
Also known as Michin Sigan.

Korean War: “… US commanders repeatedly, and without ambiguity, ordered forces under their control to target and kill Korean refugees caught on the battlefield.”

BBC History: Kill ‘Em All: American War Crimes in Korea ->

Declassified military documents recently found in the US National Archives show clearly how US commanders repeatedly, and without ambiguity, ordered forces under their control to target and kill Korean refugees caught on the battlefield. More disturbing still have been the published testimonies of Korean survivors who recall such killings, and the frank accounts of those American veterans brave enough to admit involvement.

anonymous asked:

but why the flag burning?

Well, since you asked anon, let’s make this a resource post for the atrocities committed in the name of this flag: 

Feel free to add any other reasons to have every bit of contempt for the American Flag and everything it stands for! Burn away! 

obama deported 3 million ppl. now that it’s gonna be trump doing the deporting, will white liberals finally start taking it seriously? what about american war crimes abroad – will white liberals finally put money into a unified opposition to our foreign policy now that trump’s gonna be the one killing kids with drone strikes? will liberals remember guantanamo exists now? will people stand up and actually support the next chelsea manning? will white people finally start pushing back against the distribution of military weaponry to cops? will all the clinton stans out there make a coherent effort to abolish the electoral college? or what??

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also, can you really equate boycotting adam driver with boycotting gal godot? like, activism against the US military has forms and methods of opposition that aren't necessarily a boycott, and many many people have used those methods to counteract and bring attention to american war crimes. like a boycott doesn't necessarily have to be the form of action all across the board right? it depends on the type of action that victims want to take & ask others to support right?

ofc it’s not the same thing and you can’t equate different struggles with each other. but especially on the site that hosts yfip & constantly talks about how x celebrity is trash and you shouldn’t consume this or that media, you can’t deny the parallels and feels that there’s SOME double standard.

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How do you feel about clones? Especially how they were humanized in spin off material both Legends as well as TCW?

That’s an interesting question! I think the clones are one of the reasons people should lay off George Lucas— they add a real layer of depth to the prequels that wasn’t exactly stated in the movie but I think was easy enough to read into all the same. 

For one thing, the clones, Jedi, and Chancellor make and interesting counterpart to the droid army, Sith apprentices and Sith Lord. Out of those six forces, who actually has real agency? Sidous/Palpatine, who is the same terrible fucking guy (you could make a case for Dooku, I guess, but given how badly he gets screwed in ROTS…)

First: clones and droids. Canon can be kind of erratic with how droid sentience is treated— mostly its for laughs, like that deleted scene where Anakin and Obi-Wan have a hearty lol after destroying a room full of them. The thing is, we know droids have enough self-awareness to be cognizant of their own mortality (is it mortality when they’re robots? Is that the right word? What I mean is, they know their consciousness can be destroyed). Given that all the battle droids are the same model and seem to have the same personality core, no one really cares when they’re killed

The thing is, I’m pretty sure people are thinking the exact same thing about the clones themselves. 

Clones are manufactured, given artificial life, programmed, and set out for one task. They’re the droids of TPM clothed in flesh, and that flesh causes revulsion in us. Suddenly all the same ethical nightmares inherent in a droid army become so much realer and closer when its actual organic beings being thoroughly dehumanized. 

The most interesting example of clone characterization/possible window into their views on droids sentience is that one arc that I can’t remember where a clone is caught taking droid fingers as trophies and stringing them on a necklace. The other clones find this repulsive— which doesn’t make so much sense, in a universe where droids are regularly destroyed, scrapped, and cannibalized for parts, until you realize its almost assuredly a reference to American war crimes committed during the Vietnam War. The original trilogy was written in response to the war and similar themes play out in the prequels— a legislative body incapable of providing any real oversight or action (alright, that could be any time in American history), a charismatic but manipulative and amoral head of government, a war that takes children who never understand what it is they’re fighting for and grinds them into so much meat. The clones are children— artificially aged but still only a few years old at best. They have no context of the Galaxy outside of what they learned (or were fed, rather) on Kamino. They have only their programming and Republic jingoism (what would actually happen if the CIS aligned planets were allowed to leave the Republic? Would it be…bad?). No one cares about their lives, and none of them actually understands what it is they are supposed to die for. 

Which makes them an interesting foil to the Jedi, as well— Jedi are similarly indoctrinated since birth, trained to be lethal just out of toddlerhood, whose entire identity is composed of being peacekeepers who preserve the Republic. I don’t doubt that the Jedi have an extensive knowledge of cultures and politics spanning the Galaxy, but given they they are never allowed to act on anything but “the will of the Force” (which, as the war drags on, becomes “Things the Chancellor says” or “whatever is expedient”), does it actually matter? An army of drones lead by living weapons. Fucking yikes.  

I don’t feel like that’s what you were asking at all— uhhh tl;dr TCW is fucking great, George Lucas is really great at metaphors